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2nd annual Gaon Chart K-pop Awards – Lee Seunggi [2013]

Congrats Seunggi~~~~!!!!!!

February 13, 2013. Gaon Awards.  Lee Seunggi.

BSB: We will announce the final award, the singer for the month of December. Who will that be?
Presenter: I’m presenting but shaking… Ahh~ this is a person I really like.
BSB: Yes, all women like him.
Presenter: Did you see who it was?
BSB: Yes. hehehe (Aw, Bae Soo Bin…)
Presenter: And not only as a singer, but also shining as an actor and active on both fronts.
BSB: I’ve filmed with him before… (shouts of LEE SEUNGGI!) As an actor, he’s also a very skilled friend.
Presenter: The 2nd annual Gaon Chart Kpop Awards, Singer Award for the month of December, is Lee Seunggi!

MC: The honor of the Gaon December Month Award goes to Lee Seunggi. Known as the Ballad Prince, Lee Seunggi’s song ‘Return’ received tremendous love from the mass public for its perfect healing music of moving melody and gentle soothing vocals.  He ranked #1 for with 110,364,099 points.  Let’s listen to Lee Seunggi’s thoughts on winning…

LSG: Thank you. I wasn’t able to be at the Awards Show in person last year so it’s great to be here together this time. Actually, I didn’t anticipate this album in a big way but mainly wanted to do music that I liked, so thank you again to all our fans who loved it. And for putting in a lot while making the music… Hook Entertainment’s Rep, Kwon and all the others, executives, our managers… thank you again. And to Lee Sunhee sunbaenim, I want to say thank you again here. And lastly, while making this album, becoming a great music sunbae and good friend, I’ll share this honor with the skilled Epitone Project.

English: LSGfan; Video: kpopstreamonline01

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Congrats to 22nd Seoul Music Awards 2-win Lee Seunggi!

[January 31, 2013] Congrats to our multi-entertainer Seunggi!  What a great way to end 2012~~~ the daebak 5.5 Album and Return, so loved by everyone and critically praised!  And an even better way to start 2013~~~ winning both the Popularity Award and Bonsang!  Catching up on all the Seoul Music Awards videos now!  Will post the English translation in a bit, but first off… how can you not love this guy???!!!!

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Lee Seunggi: 5.5 album production story with Epitone Project

This was prior to the album’s release on Naver Music – in Seunggi’s own words.  Reading it now, a month since the album’s release and all the overwhelming love for the album and songs from the public masses… makes all of this way more sweet.

November 2012 Music Special
Lee Seunggi. 5.5 Album [Forest]
Production story of working together with Epitone Project

English: LSGfan via Naver Music

Sensitive musician Epitone Project and Lee Seunggi’s fantastic healing music – Lovingly embraced by the mass public for his sweet voiced ballads, singer Lee Seunggi plans to stimulate the sensitivities of the mass public again with his 5.5 mini-album this winter. Even before the mini-album was released, the joint collaboration with singer-songwriter Epitone Project gathered a lot of buzz, anticipating the coupling of these two musicians.

Two young musicians who wanted to create great music that could be listened to repeatedly. Lee Seunggi and Epitone Project’s healing music. This will stimulate and warm your sensitivities this winter…

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Billboard Korea news [December 1st week]: Review/Analysis

LSG cut @6:35~~~ Analysis of all 4 tracks from 5.5 album

Return – the title song is a string arrangement that introduces the story behind the album.  It starts off with lyrics, ‘the mysterious end of that season, I think, did I really love you?’ and the music video stimulates one’s senses with his much matured voice.

Forest – an autumn track featuring poetic lyrics and hymn chants, and simply listening to his voice makes you feel like you’re taking a stroll in a forest.

Words saying I love You – Lee Seunggi WROTE the lyrics and COMPOSED this track. The bass and the brass in the middle of the song go together quite well.  The song is pieced together with his clean voice, which quietly makes your heart beat.

Invitation for Me – this last track was written by Epitone Project on behalf of Lee Seunggi. Unlike the other other songs, it tells a bright and hopeful story.  The string arrangement certainly stands out in the song.  The song is filled with his clear, exciting and uplifting voice.

Lee Seunggi’s 5.5 album ‘Forest’ is stirring up a lot of interest as the tracks’ compassion and the matching photo essay were released together. 

(Yes, cut of Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’, ending with Seunggi’s MV!)

English/Video: KoreaBillboard

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Seunggi sings, talks at Epitone Project concert [2012.12.08]

* Updated with more photos *
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Epitone Project concert [December 8, 2012]
Talk time with special guest, Lee Seunggi

English: LSGfan, Audio: Tryp96

LSG Happy to see you, I’m Lee Seunggi. (EP and LSG laughing at the awkwardness!)
EP: After seeing each other in sweats in the studio all the time… this is weird! (Ha)

LSG: This is the first time Epitone Project’s Cha Sejung and I have appeared in public together, looking like entertainers. (LOL) So I’m still getting used to it. After seeing each other early in the mornings, not looking so good(!), it’s nice to appear together like this, after mainly meeting mainly to work. So, congratulations on your concert!
EP: Thank you (applause!!!)

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