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Seunggi promotes 5.5 album/concert, talks dancing, dating, cooking, Dragon Flight [SBS One Night 2012.11.21]

* Updated with complete English translation/Recap *

Ah, love this interview!  Reporter Jiyoung is such a fan!  He was so sweet to her!  And Seunggi~~ how can you not love this guy??!!  So adorkable (and not coordinated!), but totally all REAL guy too!  Whoa, thumbs up to Cody!  Especially love the hoodie and jeans look!  Recap of the interview~~ Read English translation~~

Video of LSG interview cut at our lovely and amazing Tryp96.  Here’s the Preview cut…

Our guest today~ Crown Prince Lee Seunggi~~

LSG: I’m preparing for my annual concert. I think it needs a dance performance, but since this body won’t follow along, I feel like I haven’t gotten any better. So what can I do to make the dance performance cool? Ace reporter Jiyoung-shi, please help me.

Ha Jiyoung’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ rushed to meet Lee Seunggi.

JY: I’m ‘Tell me Your Wish’ Ha Jiyoung. Lee Seunggi sent out an S.O.S. to us, so I came here to help him. I really want to see you!

(Omg. LSG walks up behind and surprises her!)

LSG: Excuse me! (LOL) You’ve been well?
JY: So happy to see you. Your face continues to be so good looking. What’s going on?
LSG: I’ve always been like this… (Hahaha)

LSG: It’s really cold out so why don’t we go inside to talk.
JY: You must be cold?
LSG: I’m wearing short sleeves inside. Trying to be stylish…

(they enter Hook Entertainment building)

LSG:  Here, right this way. I prepared a date space just for the two of us (OMG!)
JY: Seunggi, you really put some thought into this…
LSG: You can call this the  ‘promotional room’ (LOL concert posters!)
JY: Usually most rehearsal rooms have other singer posters too.
LSG: Not with me. It’s where I’m rehearsing. Why would I have posters of others?! (Ha) I want people to know that I’m having a concert and that my album is coming out.

After 1 year and 2 months, Lee Seunggi is returning with a mini-album. He worked with sentimental musician Epitone Project and plans to move women even more with his healing music.

LSG: Planning this album was altogether very straightforward… No matter what, let’s make music that women like. Guys don’t have to listen to it. (Ha) Simply, let’s make music that women will like.

JY: I want to hear a song.
LSG: It’s best listening via CD! (LOL)  It’s an album that was recorded with optimal sound quality. It hasn’t been released yet so people may think it’s not all that…
JY: How about lip-synching then?

(Ack~~!!! LSG lip-synchs line from his gorgeous song!  Reporter Jiyoung loving this!)

JY: Shall we see do that one more time.
LSG: But you can’t remove the music~~~!!

Recently Lee Seunggi displayed his variety wit on Running Man. Everyone was saying that the ratings was the Lee Seunggi effect with Running Man taking the #1 tv ratings in its time slot, and #2 in the history of Running Man.

LSG: (asked whether part 2 episode will overtake the #1 ratings place in Running Man history…) There’s still one more episode left, so we’ll see then…
JY: How was it?
LSG: I have a lot of training so.. (Ha) It felt great to be filming so close to home. To film in the Seoul area is really helpful.
JY: Were there any protests from 1N2D?
LSG: Nah~ they don’t say things like that.
JY: So they cheered on your guest appearance?
LSG: There wasn’t cheering either. (Ha) No complaints either. (Love how LSG just straightforward, not making a big deal or issue about it!)

Time to ask some questions of Seunggi~
Lee Seunggi is currently __________.
I am worried about ______________.

LSG: Album sales (Aw, half joking – half serious!) This time there’s also a photo essay with the album… So it’s a limited edition. If limited edition copies were to remain, that would be really embarrassing! (LOL and Aw~) There should be clamoring~ of there’s no more of Lee Seunggi’s album?! But if the sales person says Lee Seunggi’s album are all spread all along that wall… (LOLs! Aw, Seunggi… if only Hook knew how to promote a 25-year old top star, ballad singer! *sigh*)

Seunggi is envious of ___________.

LSG: Anipang. (Jiyoung – LSG game simulation! So cute.) Ready~ Go~! My top score in Anipang is about 280,000 points. Seeing that other friends were getting way higher points, I decided to change games… to Dragon Flight  (Hahaha). With Dragon Flight, no matter what, I’m usually first or second place on the smartphones. I usually get over 110,000 points. My eyesight is deteriorating though! But when you can see the ranking, it feels great! (omg, he’s SO competitive! Seunggi, you are SUCH a typical Korean guy!  Loves it!)

JY: Your wish to us was about dancing. (Ha). Yeah, I think it’s an issue too!

The one thing that the perfect Lee Seunggi is lacking is dance. Since his debut it’s been like that so I can see why he may be worried…

JY: But you plan on dancing today?!
LSG: Yes (omg, LSG loosening up dance moves. *cringe* ha)

Gets ready to dance… While loosening up his body, choreographer enters.

JY: what do you think of Lee Seunggi’s dance skills?
C: He’s good! Good at serious and good at funny stuff too. He may be better than most idols. (Whoa~~~!!! LSG freaking out!  They’re like no way!)
LSG: Come on, that’s too much! (Ha, even Jiyoung agreeing!) Okay, I’m sorry but we’re going to have to pull out and do this after I’ve prepared a little more… like 15 years later… (Hahahaha) See you then…

Lee Seunggi’s Gangnam Style~~ Let’s check out his dancing.  He seemed very burdened… (Ha, omg!) Soon he went for it and was out of step! Even watching from the back, I felt embarrassed~~! (haha)

JY: Let’s settle things and how about we make perfect song together…
LSG: We won’t be able to make that today (LOL)
JY:  Aw, I’m so disappointed. That’s why I rushed here. Wrapping up Gangnam Style practice.  You can all see, since I’m dancing next to him, Lee Seunggi was much more confident!  Like Lee Seunggi’s wish, you can check for yourself if he can do a perfect dance performance at his concert.

After the dance time, we had a sweet time together.

JY: Do you have dating plans for this chilly winter? Don’t you want to?
LSG: I’ve wanted to date since 4 years ago… up through  now.  As I’m working, there are people that are favorable and catch my eye, but I think, naturally, I went back and forth liking them. Whenever there is a good person, of course I’ll have to date.

JY: Acting, singing, variety. Anything else you want to start?
LSG: A year ago, I began learning to cook regularly.  Even learning how to bake.
JY: Really?
LSG: I went to baking classes with my mom. And the teacher said this is the first time he saw this kind of thing, a son and a mom coming to learn together (Awww~~~)

PD: By any chance, are you interested in doing movies?
LSG: I am interested but many people think I’m purposely not doing them.  I do want to do movies, but I haven’t come across a good fit with the scripts I’ve read.
JY: So if you were to find one, you would do a movie?
LSG: Of course. Whenever there’s a good project.

9 years since his debut, from Nation’s Younger Brother to Crown Prince, sincerely maintaining his place over time, unstoppable as he approaches 26, we anticipate his next new start.

JY:  What are your plans for the end of the year?
LSG: First off, I want to wrap up my concert and album well. I also want to travel briefly somewhere.  I just want to live in an awesome and exciting way.
JY: Having met after a while, this has been Crown Prince Lee Seunggi

MCSooyoung: Lee Seunggi speaks in such a bright, thoughtful, clear way. He’s really great. He is a heartwarming guy that warms your heart just by watching him.

English: LSGfan; Images: Naver, Tryp96

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