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Seunggi talks Epitone Project and his 5.5 mini-album songs

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Give twitter@epitoneproject some love!  He tweeted about Seunggi’s album release!

And just a few snippets from the Loen Entertainment Coming Soon Interview~~
(Loen said it was going to upload English subtitles in a few hours)~~

(video: LOENENT)

Seunggi listened to Epitone Project a lot while he was filming The King 2 Hearts which calmed him a lot.  And so he approached Epitone Project (Cha Se Sung), a very popular indie singer, about working together on the album.

Seunggi actually received the CD from fans 2-3 years ago but honestly, didn’t pay much mind to it and wasn’t drawn to it.  But then other fans gifted him with the CD again later on, and he decided to give it a try and really liked it.  And the people around him, especially the women, such as Ha Jiwon, said they really liked Epitone Project.

As Epitone Project has been able to carry forth a sentimentality that resonates with women, Seunggi wanted to impart that kind of vibe in his own way.  And Epitone Project didn’t hesitate about working together.  (Actually news reports said Epitone Project was really surprised that Seunggi wanted to work with him).  Seunggi said that together they thought a lot about the album and worked on it.

The song ‘Forest’ was written specifically for Seunggi and to match his vocals. It came about after they were sitting around and Seunggi said ‘Hyung, I really want to do the MV this time set in a deep forest…’

The title song ‘Return’ was a song that Epitone Project already had written/composed, and when Seunggi heard it, he loved it right away, especially the lyrics.  So he asked if he could have the song.

The song that Seunggi wrote/composed himself, he feels he’s still lacking a lot, but is happy that it can be included in the album.  He was thinking about a drama OST when writing this song… (I’m expecting Seunggi to be part of the OST for his 2013 drama!)

English: LSGfan

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  1. so nice oppa seung gi ♥ I love this album ♥.
    succesful oppa ^^..He’s the best.
    pd: Yoona like “epitone project’s song”. too ^^…jjejejeje :D.

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