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MNET Mcountdown Top 10 [2012.11.29]~~ #1 Lee Seunggi

LSG: Mcountdown viewers~! Wow, I don’t know how long it’s been since I won #1 here. Thank you so much and I’m so happy. I’ll always work hard to see you on Mcoundown next time. Thank you~~~ (kiss~~!!)

English: LSGfan, Videos: Mnet

The rest of the top 10 for the week~~~

1-Lee Seunggi, 2-Ailee, 3-Lee Hi, 4-Juniel, 5-Noel
6-Kim SungKyu, 7-Son Dambi, 8-Kim JongKook, 9-B1A4, 10-Hyuna

Since Hook Entertainment doesn’t believe in press releases(!)… despite the big MNET Asian Music Awards is taking place on Nov. 30!~~~  glad to see the MNET love for Seunggi, even though he hasn’t performed on the weekly music shows! 

Love that he focused on concert prep and didn’t do any big promotions, nor music shows this time.  (thinking about LED truck promotional concept last year… *cringe*) 

Being selective… doing Running Man and Gag Concert, more for fun and less about direct album promotions.  And only doing Sketchbook, the only real about-the-music show left… which I cannot wait to watch!!!  MC Yoo Heeyeol was probably so super giddy excited to see his fave Seunggi again! Ha.

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9 Responses

  1. Awwww…. So proud of him!!!!

  2. @lsgfan : I think for Hook didn’t want to do any press release in a big way must have something to do in the past.(related in what happens in 2007 or 2008…Im not sure the exact year). But I must agreed to their strategy….always makes a different moves everytimes they launching something ‘new’.
    It was hard for Seung Gi those times…from plagiarism music to suddenly drop his host in one of major tv, then join the 1N2D.
    And they banned him to do come back stage….not appear again on tv as a singer….geez, I really sad those time, the way they did to this young Seung Gi. All newspaper, all tv news….geez., spread everywhere…
    I believes that were related to some big players in music industry who didn’t want Seung Gi becomes big and threaten their Idols places…It was a huge scandal, that includes ‘money’, Tv directors to reporters….
    The great things is Seung Gi really talented and captain Hook strategy is admirable.
    I remember that those time Seung Gi have to do a road music concert performance, almost everyday, not mention his Uni, and also took guitar class, piano class, dance class, singing class, 1N2D……whoaa…it was a very very handfull, and he’s only 21…
    The strategy that Hook choose a 1N2D in National TV Network, to gain Seung Gi fame are really beyond imagination, but successful.
    Changes his images as a Ballad Singer and let people knew him as himself, a very talented admirable young manand be known as variety and acting…..let the musician Seung Gi step back….
    anyway, He just put his 1000% of himself to turn back all those bad issues that created by this big player done and proof himself that he is a ‘Genuine and Talented Artist’.

    • Thanks Iva for this lot of information. I had no idea what Seunggi had gone through those years before his 1n2d days. Poor boy! But this makes me respect him even more, for not giving up and fighting back! Now I understand what he meant when he said in one of his interviews that at one time in his career, he had wanted to give up. It must have been this period of time.

      And now I understand why he’s still sticking with Hook. They had helped him thru a difficult time and thus he’s grateful to them and has decided to remain loyal! What a man! He’ll make a good husband – will stick with u thru thick and thin and fight for what he wants!

      Seunggi fighting! Saranghaeyo!

    • Thanks for the information too~
      Hook is a long term planner~

      I only know little about the ban… entertainment industry is really dark and cunning huh… BUT

      Seung Gi oppa’s brightness shine through the dark! :)
      Onwards to future’s myraid possibilities~~~

    • wah! goosebumps… this is how our Seunggi gone thru…
      Saranghaeyo Seunggi! Fighting!!!

    • Oh, now I understand why in an interview he said he wanted to drop his career as a singer after 2nd album released. I always thought that he had a smooth career since beginning but it didn’t seem so. I’m glad that Hook’s CEO truly loved & treasured him thru all these years, I think she puts most of her investment in him among all, but still respects what he wants to do.
      To think how he gained such enormous fame in the jungle of idols and crazy kpop these days, just singing ballads alone, is really a big phenomenon. I hope he continues to shine without meeting any more hardship.

      • Although it pains me to know that he had gone thru such difficulties, in some ways, I’m glad, as it has probably toughen him n made him what he is today.
        It also showed us and his critics the fine stuff that he’s made of. A lesser person may have given up or not have been so successful.
        This is how I feel when my kids go thru difficult times. I’m sad n my heart aches, but when they come out stronger, I realise that it’s for their good.
        Seunggi must have also had super-duper support from his family n loved ones to have pulled thru this difficult time.

    • Thanks, Iva. I didn’t know about this and this seems to explain a lot. Like that comment about dropping his singing career that you guys already mentioned. And why SG joined 1N2D in the first place, considering in the beginning, he doesn’t seem to fit the mold or age range of the other cast members. And also why he always seemed so enthusiastic about promoting his new songs on 1N2D and why he doesn’t complain when he’s asked to sing on the show. Or why he’s very concerned about…not so much image as his good reputation. And maybe yeah, this is why Hook has really…unusual…strategies when it comes to SG, even though some of us fans (me included) may not like some of these strategies.

      Gotta admit, though, that Hook’s big gamble of putting him on 1N2D was the Best.Strategy.EVER, and that they’ve managed his career extremely well since. It allowed him to gain the popularity and clout that he needed to get his music career back on track, and now he’s one of the most influential celebs in Korea…at 25 years old. Take that, all you horrible industry sharks! o_O

  3. Oh, thanks for this important background information. Shame on those politicking biggies against a young and vulnerable boy then. This in turn a blessing in disguise for Seung Gi to learn to defend and work hard at such a tender age. Thanks to a lot of Seung Gi fans who supported him – through thick and thin.

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