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Lee Seunggi – Lee Seojin for November’s Vogue Japan

Hyung-Dongseng bromance for this month’s Vogue Japan.  Seunggi always looks so great in simple, stylish, mono-color, tailored (neck exposing elongating) tops and pretty side-part hair… and his trademark megawatt charming smile!  So sad that Hook+Cody+Hairstylist are the only ones on the planet who don’t get it.  Huhuhu.  So natural, simple and stunning in black top…

Very cute brotherly love….

but probably super AWKWARD between the guys~~~~~~!!!!!

And, oh no…….. Cody~~

please stop suffocating Seunggi’s neck area with unnecessary stuffy collaring!!!!

May have to fault Vogue on this.  Based on the BTS video of the fashion shoot, so many hot smoldering shots of Seunggi in this white suit starting @0:49!!!! Wahhh.  Omg, @0:37~~ LOLs.  Hahahaha.

(video: LSGMilky1022)

So much laughing and smiling throughout the shoot~~~!  I like I like.

Images: Vogue Japan, As labeled

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