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Lee Seunggi officially appointed as Honorary Ambassador for 18th South Korean presidential election campaign

[October 31] National Election Commission (NEC) headquarters.  Ceremony to commemorate the NEC’s official launch of the 18th Presidential Election public service campaign, promoting clean, fair elections and instructions for voting.  Seunggi was officially appointed and awarded as the honorary ambassador for the 18th Presidential Election online campaign.  NEC Deputy Secretary General Moon Sang Bu and top senior executives from the big three online portal sites (Naver, Daum, Nate) also attended the event.  Seunggi’s top image as Korea’s resident upstanding, uhm-chin-ah star is perfect for this clean, fair election campaign!  So proud of him~!!

Arriving in pin-striped power suit with skinny black tie and bright corsage. Hehe, sorta nervous stepping in to official government offices!

So happy to be there!  Smiling, laughing, giving fan service, being his usual self!

But also knows when to be SERIOUS~~~ Game face on!

Honorary Ambassador Seunggi, joins NEC Deputy Secretary General and the top executives of Naver, Daum, and Nate for ceremonial activities.  Kinda funny, he’s participated in official activities like this so much now, it seems like no biggie now!

Seated up front and introduced by NEC Deputy Secretary General…

That look on NEC Deupty’s face is PRICELESS~~~~!!!!

He can’t help it~~~  Who can blame him?!?!  Aw, all this makes me smile!!!

Honorary Ambassador receiving his official appointment and award…

Aw, showing respect for the NEC Deputy~~~~

and squatting down a little so he’s not towering over him!  Haha.

Love how Seunggi sincerely appreciates stuffs all the time!

No matter how big or how small.  SO important!  A definite MUST~~~!!!!

OMG, is he holding a press conference??!!  Is HE running for president?!  HA.

And really…

I didn’t want to ruin the moment…

but seriously…

Wae~~~ Wae~~~ Wae~~~

Dear Hairstylist~ my mom’s asking for her ajumma perm big hair rollers back!!!


And Hook’s response to fan outcries about LSG’s hair purgatory was…????

That he’s growing it out for his drama role.

That is totally the lamest rationale ever!!!

Um, you can have longer hair AND it not be some ajumma perm-do!

Case in point… these awesome photos of long hair LSG that are hawt~!!!!!

(Hook… Breaks my heart every time.  This shouldn’t be.  Huhu)

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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4 Responses

  1. And his off-length pants. WHY

  2. if he is candidate for the PRESIDENT i will VOTE him …. HA

  3. Dear Ann,
    Did you see the news clip? It was like a few words from him and then laughter from the (mostly female) audience. This went on seemingly during his entire speech. Did you know what he said (that’s so witty – I can only assume)?

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