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Suited up in Gucci, Seunggi so chic and cute for Zipel CF

Such daebak gifs!  The power of a nice, tailored suit!  Gucci always fits so perfectly and look great.  Seunggi looks so fabulous.  Huhuhu.  GIFs spam from the awesome Seunggi-Psy featurette.  Hope there’s lots more of this to come…

omg, i’ve been so GIF-obsessed~~!!!

Boyband-er Seunggi~~~!!!

Nice wink~~~

How guys SHOULD take a seat at the table… when suited up in Gucci!

The 3-step dance.  Hehe.

All 3 together. Looks like he’s about to crack up laughing.

Aw, so cute patting the fridge. The Zipel fridge always get so much love. Ha.

LSG: I’m a guy who knows something about Asak.
PSY: I’m a guy who likes Asak. (Ha)

Such daebak expressions.

Met-al~~~ Met-al~~~ Met-al~~~ Psy is so funny!

More at SamsungTomorrow

Images: Samsung, DCLSG, As labeled

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