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Shin Mina talks Lee Seunggi and Lee Junki similarities

Shin Mina is still my all-time FAVE Seunggi Drama Partner girl-crush~~~~  She is ALWAYS so gracious, sincere, and sweet when asked about Seunggi… even 2 years out!  While, in the midst of filming the ending of her own drama!  I haven’t watched her drama yet (not a saguek fan, which of course will change when Seunggi’s new drama hits!), but whenever I see her, I always first think the amazingly adorable Hoi Couple and the sweetness that is Daewoong-Miho (Seunggi-Mina!)…

Wahhh~~~ SOOOO many memorable scenes from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!!!

And of course…  Mina’s impeccable fashion taste, breezy chill-back style, honest straightforwardness, insecurity and confidence mix…  on full display ih her fashion shoot and interview in Star1’s November issue…

the only 2 questions that mattered to me~~~

Her thoughts on fashion shoots AND her thoughts on Lee Seunggi – Lee Junki…

Q: You’re super busy with filming right now, so what does it feel like to take off the hanbok and return as regular Shin Mina?

Although I have to immediately return back to the drama filming set, doing a photoshoot is always enjoyable work.  Maybe because I debuted as a fashion model, but I feel like I’ve come home whenever I come to the studio for a shoot.  Getting fashion make-up done is fun too, and I like trying on new clothes too.  It’s always happy and enjoyable work that I’ll get to take on another demeanor.

Q: If you were to compare Lee Seunggi, whom you worked well with before in a drama and currently, Lee Junki?  There’s the fact that Lee Junki is older and Lee Seunggi is younger than you.

Both are good actors.  I don’t feel like there’s any comparison in terms of them being older or younger.  During Gumiho, since Seunggi didn’t address me as noona but called me by my character’s name Miho, honestly, I never felt that he was younger than me.  In similar fashion, during the early part of this project, I came to naturally call Junki, oppa. I used to always be the youngest on set but these days, there are a lot of people who call me noona and unni.  It makes me think ‘I’ve become older.’ It was comfortable since Junki was an oppa. The two are similar in that both of them are always bright and full of energy on the filming set.  Since drama filmings are always busy and hard stamina-wise, I’m the type to get easily exhausted.  However, while some of it may be due to them both being male actors, but they are always cheerful and full of life. They are actors who are positive and give good energy.  Lee Junki in particular, is a very particular person. He always looks like he’s happy.

English: LSGfan via dcSMA

Love this girl inside and out!  She is definitely my BFF style!

Now, this IS what you call a REAL fashion shoot~!!!

My faves~~~~

Great clothes AND shoes!!!!!

My other fave~~~~

Great makeup!!!!

Images: dcSMA

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14 Responses

  1. I love Shin Min Ah too. She has such versatile looks. She can look like the sweet girl next door one min and a sultry, sexy seductress the next. Amazing!

  2. Dear Ann, thanks for the new post and I hope everything is fine and all is well with you.
    This is a beautiful woman in a beautiful shoot. Really miss her. MGIG will soon be aired in a popular TV station in mainland China. Way to go, Hoi-Hoi Couple!

  3. ‘Shin Mina is still my all-time FAVE Seunggi Drama Partner girl’ yeah, me too! .. and maybe as life partner too? hua…but i just love her style and sincerity..

  4. Ann, love for sharing this… I agree with all the comments above,, SMA really looks stunning! I always had this curiousity eveytime i looked at her, asking myself ” what makes this girl looks soo good?” forgive me and I know a lot of you will disagree with me ..but she’s not the type of beauty that makes me awe at first glance.. (I never knew Her before not until she was paired with Seunggi in MGIG!).. hehehe… yet she could make you totally addictive with her natural and versatile looks..her sweet & sincere personality will even make you love her more.. and I think that’s one BIG similarity how i fall head over heals with Seunggi.

  5. Reblogged this on Shin Min Ah INTERNATIONAL FANS and commented:
    Awesome post from LSG Fan … must read!

  6. MGIG was the first Korean Drama that I addicted to in 2010, and it’s Shin Mina who brought me to Lee Seung Gi and Lee Jun Gi. Before I did not know these two actors and now I’m after them addictively. Shin Mina has the magical touch!

  7. ann thank you for translating. actually was expecting you to translate this. it’s been 2 years since they’ve worked together. and even the thought that seunggi will play like a ‘gumiho’ character or whatever supernatural it is puts a smile on my face. :)

    i like it when min ah was honest that she didn’t find seunggi younger. that is one point seunggi! haha. i still hope to see them work again together! HAHAH or maybe min ah as a voice over on seunggi’s album. or just see them again together somewhere for ..work. ha!

    thank you for translating ann. HOI HOI

  8. EVERYONE will forever love our adorable Hoi Couple! No one can deny their chemistry. We will never forget them. I’m still totally for a MGIAG part 2~~~ Daewoong and Miho and their cute little Hoi Hoi kids. At least we’ll be satisfied knowing they finally got to jakjiki! hehehehehe.

  9. shin min ah always looks good with all the actors that been pairing with her..but the most suitable & lovely partners is lee seung gi because they always look comfortable to each other and maybe like each other also..in MGIG their chemistry so real..hope there will be another drama project for both of them…

  10. Thank you for “THIS” lsgfan ! :)
    And maybe Seung Gi also still thinking of gumiho too, isn’t his next drama will be a male version of gumiho too? just sayin’ hehe~

  11. how i wish that instead of Yoona, Shin min ah should be the one dating Seung Gi oppa. -_-

    • Like (Y) :D

    • I totally agree with you dear. I’m an SNSD fan so it’s not like I’m just hatin’ YoonA or something however, urgh screw it Miho is just more suitable for Seung gi! I am actually an avid fan of Joon Gi and he remains at the number one spot in my actors bias list and I believe that the best chemistry he’s ever had with a co-actor is with SMA but I’ll still give SMA to SG haha. Sang mi, even though they’ve already worked twice, still doesn’t make the cut I think or it’s just uri Joon lacking the experience in the romance field hahaha but yeah, I loved Satto and Arang!! I loved Daewoong and Miho too!! I love both Joon Gi and Seung gi too!! hell yeah! Seung gi is totally ruining my bias list! this guy is freaking growing on me~ very awesome just like uri joonieee~ <3

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