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Win Win obsessed with rival Strong Heart & MC Lee Seunggi!

On the Nov 8 broadcast of Strong Heart, MC Seunggi opened with his “112 Rule” for dealing with the cold and loneliness.  Very cute and heartwarming, just like the the MC!  SNSD’s Yoona was making a return to the show that day, so I’m sure he was excited! Haha.  A few weeks later, on the Nov 22 broadcast of Win Win, comedian Choi Hyo Jong (25) was the guest.  (Yep, the guy from Seunggi’s MNET 5-min Music Broadcast Ep 2.)  He did his popular Gag Concert corner about choosing Win Win on Tuesday nights.  It was hilarious, but also sorta sad.  If I were the MCs of Win Win, I’d be thinking~ Do we always have to bring in Strong Heart and MC Seunggi (and previously, Hodong)~~?!  The 2 promotional approaches for TV ratings…

SBS Strong Heart – MC Seunggi’s 1-1-2 Rule for Tuesday Nights

Awwwww~~~!  Makes you just want to smile big and laugh along!!!

So how did Win Win follow up a few weeks later…

KBS Win Win -Intro of Guest + Tuesday night program choice skit

To hint at their guest for the day, the show opened with these funny screencaps.  Seriously, you’d think Lee Seunggi was really going to be the guest that day! Ha!

A rising popular gagman, Choi Hyo Jung hit the pinnacle of his popularity recently when a Grand National Party (conservative) politician decided to sue him for a recent Gag Concert corner skit in which he joked about how to become a politician.  One of the main reasons for the higher than usual ratings for Win Win that day.  KBS is run by the government, and the current administration is with the Grand National Party…

He did his popular Ae-jung Nam corner that deals with sensitive topics, for Win Win…

[Question- I’m Kim Namjoo. There’s a lot of fun programs at 11pm on Tuesday nights.  I’m not sure which program to choose. Ae-jung-nam, please decide for me.]  CHJ- This is a very touchy matter! There are a lot of fun programs on Tuesday nights, 11pm. So I broke this up into categories and we’ll reveal them one by one…

-My entire family needs to watch together. Then it’s Win Win.

-You watch alone. Then it’s Win Win. It’s good for watching alone.

-I like it when a lot of people come on. Then it’s Win Win. (LOL) There are 4 MCs here. There’s only 1 over there. (Picture of Seunggi flashed in caption!)

-But I’m an Lee Seunggi fan. Then it’s Win Win. (MCs ask Why??!!)  Why? Because you have to monitor rival programs too. You have to let Lee Seunggi know, it was like this, this is what they did so try this! (LOL)

-I like current event programs. Then it’s Win Win. Why?! Similar to the M** program, there are current events related news on this program, like today!

There’s one exception. Lee Seunggi’s direct family members are excused. (LOL). We can’t do anything about bloodlines.

Then he posed some sensitive questions about the MCs.  More LSG…

CHJ- If Win Win’s #1 is Kim Seung Woo, who is the #2?
(MCs all joke they never thought he was number 1.  Sugeun says he considers himself the top guy!)
CHJ- #1 is Kim Seungwoo.  #2 is Lee Seunggi (LOL)

MCs crack-up, wondering is this heartwarming or insulting?!  They were all expecting to be #2.  But this does seem kinda insulting to them.  If I’m Kim Seungwoo, who’s way older than Seunggi (as are other MCs minus Kikwang), I’m thinking would they please keep Seunggi’s name and Strong Heart at a minimum!!  But I guess, you got to compete for ratings…!

With Hodong’s departure and Seunggi MCing along, Win Win made some big moves to compete for a higher viewership.  Not only against Strong Heart, but since the most popular talk show, Hodong’s Kneedrop Guru ended, all the other channels are trying hard to become THE talk show now.  With the addition of MC Tak Jae Hoon, Win Win now has 2 veteran MCs, namesake veteran actor, and Kikwang who sits there and cutely smiles and laughs a lot!

Seeing it this way, Seunggi doing Strong Heart as solo MC at 24 years old thus far is pretty freaking A-MAZING!!  Yes, the show and MC Seunggi’s management of talk from all the guests can still improve… but no doubt, he’s working his a$$ off~~!

There’s a lot of expectations and responsibility!  It was inevitable and unavoidable when Hodong departed. And no doubt, I totally feel for him and wish things could be easier for him.  But I love that people trust him.  And I actually love that he takes everything like a REAL GUY… responsibility, pressure, expectations, criticism, ups and downs (even water in the face punishment! Hehehe).  And of course while getting LOTS of LOVE and SUPPORT from fans and the Nation~~!!!!

What respected veteran comedian and actress Lee Kyung Shil said to Seunggi…

Hope Hodong’s doing okay… My mom says time always heals things.  Totally agree!

(Images: Naver, SBS;  English: LSGfan)

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6 Responses

  1. Lee Seung gi is no match for the veteran MC’s but the fact that he is staying strong and gaining a lot of respect I’m all thumbs up….
    with high competitions during their time slot…he’s doing a great job better than expected….

    Well done Seung gi….

    • I would like to disagree with ur opinion there, why do you think LSG is no match to these people…I think if he were to be compared to YJS I would glady agree…not them, :)

      and thinking that win win which is heavily scripted as compared to SH MCs ad-libs n spontenousity, I like SH even more…SG will improve overtime, no doubt about it… :)

      but its good to watch WW sometimes, but I mainly watch it because of Su Guen is there, haha, 1n2d forever~

      • I also don’t understand the reasoning behind the no match comment (any justification?). Besides, it’s all apples vs. oranges stuff. But in the recent SH, I found SG’s holding his own more and more. He cuts in when the talking gets bogged down or dull, and he is not intimidated by clout or reputation to probe or ask tough questions. I also wonder if he’s trying to influence the direction / flavor of the show. Inviting YDH Band is a brilliant idea.

  2. i agree that Seunggi is no match to those veteran MC yet im so proud of him doing a good job in hosting & i think thats the main reason why they (win win) couldnt get away with Lee Seungi every tuesday. the pressure may inevitable for him i hope hell still have time to take care of his health.

  3. i truly hope SH remains on top! i wish with all my heart that seunggi ends this trying, yet triumphant year with a bang! he’s went through a lot, he deserves humungous rewards.

    Anne, if it’s not too much, may i request for a translation of his guerilla date interview? pretty please??? There was a lot of article that came out about it, but I trust your translations more. Sorry, do i sound like a major kiss ass and a moocher? it’s because I am- the latter only, hehehe.

    Thanks anne, as always!

  4. I was about to cry on that part where they were talking about Hodong. “When he returns…” definitely waiting for that. And I’m sure Seung-gi is anxiously looking out for his hyung’s comeback as well. Thanks, Ann!

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