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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi: 5-min Music Broadcast, EP 2

Episode 2.  Nov. 8.  Comedian Choi Hyo Jong does a Gag Concert parody, instructs students on how they can become like Lee Seunggi~ “It’s not very hard!”  Just simply requires being school president (middle and high school), garnering the attention of veteran singer Lee Sun Hee, not having a cellphone for 5 years, and singing practice all the time!  LOL!  Plus, more live-singing from Seunggi, and the one thing he hopes “Because We’re Friends” will convey to listeners… Aw~~

(video: Beedance07) Thx Beedance!

Since Seunggi can’t promote much on other popular variety shows like Gag Concert, I guess they were going for that vibe.  Hope there’s more screen-time with Seunggi the singer and his thoughts on the album later on.

What would it be like if Seunggi were to really surprise show-up on Gag Concert?  Something like this~~~?!  DAEBAK!  Would’ve been great to see Sugeun on EP 2.

Sugeun: Since Jiwon would be here, Lee Seunggi is also over there…
[Shocked audience gasps and peers over, in unison!]
Suguen: No, I was just kidding.
[Disappointed audience sits back down, in unison!] Hehehehehe!

English: LSGfan, Video: Tryp96

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  1. as always anne, thanks for the transalation!!!

  2. Thanks soooo much.

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