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Farewell to our forever Strong Heart, MC Lee Seung Gi [ENG]

MC Lee Seunggi~~Thanks for all the laughs and tears! (Thx Hodong too!)

(video: beedance07 )

Right before MC Lee’s last recording…

(video: kangsimzang)

Strong Heart Photodiary production team’s goodbye to Seunggi…

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Strong Heart: TV Ratings, 2010.03.02 ~ 2012.04.03

MCs Hodong-Seunggi highlights! (video: rapport2010; Strong Heart Forum)

Now that MC Seunggi is officially released from Strong Heart MC duties, goodbye to this weekly Strong Heart TV Ratings tab page!  Similar to the 1N2D TV Ratings tab-to-post, this too becomes stored away as a regular Strong Heart post entry…

The ratings indicate Strong Heart was already showing signs of wear, even when Hodong was still with the show.  But MC Seunggi was a total pro and kept the show afloat until production team could find new hosts, even though the show was NOT set up to be hosted by a single MC, let alone some 24-year old dude!  Plus, Seunggi also remained even though he was planning to leave the show way before Hodong’s sudden departure.   That’s the MAJOR difference between being a happy “member” versus a true “MC” of a variety show!!!!

So hope the K-press and Strong Heart affiliated handlers, who will probably make a PR comparative case for the newly revamped show’s buzz, ratings, and new MCs veteran Shin Dong Yup (41) and Lee Dong Wook (30)…  hope, there’s no short-term memory and they remember all what Seunggi (24 at the time) did and went through.  Best wishes to the new MCs and Strong Heart!

Farewell Strong Heart MC Seunggi video [ENG] coming soon…

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2011 SBS Entertainment Awards recap-Strong Heart Seunggi

Happy New Year!  Happy 2012!  Congrats to Seunggi for another amazing successful year!  How does he do it?!  I seriously admire him even more now!  I was sad he didn’t get to a new drama like he planned to, and that we didn’t get to see him at any of the drama awards, but I’m more glad that the things he DID focus on (MCing and Singing) turned out DAEBAK!  And that the year ended on a super high and happy note with the celebratory 2011 SBS Entertainment AwardsStrong Heart (and Running Man) ruled the night!  Seunggi won the Top Netizen Popularity Award for the 3rd consecutive year, and won the Best Excellence Award and was a Daesang Award nominee for the 2nd straight year!  Boom, Teuk, Juri, Shindong, and the program itself won awards!

Okay last 2011 Recap~~!  It’s sorta long!  SBS Entertainment Awards.  A fan compiled 2 videos of ALL Seunggi moments from this awards show (video montages, name mentions, speeches, presenting awards, just laughing and enjoying)!  It’s awesome.  He looked stunning too!  I’ve translated or summarized both parts.  Thank you to tiam062 for compiling the video cuts! YT has since deleted the videos :(

Part 1 [LSG cut]

Part 2 [LSG cut]

(Videos: tiam062)

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Wondergirls Sohee + Seunggi talk things out on Strong Heart

From the Strong Heart broadcast with the Wondergirls [Nov. 29, 2011]

(Videos: SBS,  English: LSGfan)

VIDEO – Sohee’s version of her make-up-less gym encounter with Seunggi

S- Recently, I was very embarrassed. Unlike my make-up appearance for stage performances, I usually wear very little makeup. And when I go to the gym, I go even more comfortably. But that day, I woke up late, just washed my face and went with my face all swollen. Swollen to the point that even my instructor was shocked!
Boom- Like a big mandoo?! (LOL)
LSG- Her face is turning red now… like kimchi mandoo. (LOL) Just teasing!

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Seunggi and Yoona bat their eyelashes on Strong Heart

[Nov 8, 2011] Yoona finally returns to Strong Heart for her 3rd appearance, which of course means giddiness all over Korea about Seunggi re-uniting with his ideal type! Hahaha.  (Airens, no hating please.  It’s not like he’s going to date or marry Yoona.  Key word here is “ideal type!”)  Anyway, how can anyone not be giddy watching this~!  They’re both SO adorkable!  Plus, they were totally egged on by EVERYONE…  This seems way more natural than awkward but cute Sulli hair stroking on Inkigayo~!

[Guests just finished reprising their old sitcom eyelash-batting act]
Boom- We all want to see Yoona and Seunggi act this out too!  (Everyone’s excited! LOL.) This is a great thing! (Omg, Boom is the best wingman ever!)

Guest- Seunggi, you should stroke Yoona’s hair once (since she said THAT makes her heart beat! Yoona giggling and cracking up is LOL! Seunggi’s like no way…) Stroke her hair and start; it’ll be less awkward…

LSG- How could I… (immediately strokes her hair!) Take care of me okay?!

(Everyone freaks out and even more giddiness over eyelash-batting! Ha!)

English: LSGfan,  Video: strongheartsbs

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