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Gagman Kim Joon Hyun and Lee Seung Gi’s cute-funny chemistry in Perioe CF, plus Win Win talk

Awesome year for Gag Concert’s Kim Joon Hyun (32).  He’s Korea’s most buzzed about comedian right now.  And unlike most fat gagmen who are seen as hilarious, but not attractive per se, he’s shown a more manly, charming, cute side.  He’s also from a well-to-do family (always impresses Koreans!)  His father was behind several well-known variety shows as PD for KBS.  And Kim Joon Hyun attended one of the top prestigious, pricey high schools in Korea.

I wasn’t into Seunggi’s previous Perioe CF with that gagwoman lady.  Wanted a more non-comedic CF version next, but Koreans just love the LOL funnies!  And Seunggi and Kim Joon Hyun DO have great chemistry/contrast in this Perioe CF!  Ha…

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Ha Ji Won talks kiss NG and attentive Lee Seung Gi [Win Win]

*** UPDATED with full episode video ***

Prior to Jiwon’s recent Happy Together appearance, she guested on KBS Win Win, which aired on April 3.  In addition to The King 2 Hearts, she’s been promoting her film “Korea.”  Win Win’s Seunggi obsession is nothing new, but I was surprised some of the LSG-related talk made the cut since KBS and MBC were both airing new dramas.  So what funny Seunggi questions did Sugeun ask?  What Jiwon said…

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2011 KBS Entertainment Awards recap: 1N2D and Seunggi

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Win Win obsessed with rival Strong Heart & MC Lee Seunggi!

On the Nov 8 broadcast of Strong Heart, MC Seunggi opened with his “112 Rule” for dealing with the cold and loneliness.  Very cute and heartwarming, just like the the MC!  SNSD’s Yoona was making a return to the show that day, so I’m sure he was excited! Haha.  A few weeks later, on the Nov 22 broadcast of Win Win, comedian Choi Hyo Jong (25) was the guest.  (Yep, the guy from Seunggi’s MNET 5-min Music Broadcast Ep 2.)  He did his popular Gag Concert corner about choosing Win Win on Tuesday nights.  It was hilarious, but also sorta sad.  If I were the MCs of Win Win, I’d be thinking~ Do we always have to bring in Strong Heart and MC Seunggi (and previously, Hodong)~~?!  The 2 promotional approaches for TV ratings…

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1N2D members talk about [Strong Heart] Seunggi on Win Win

Sort of ironic.  November 1, 2011.  SBS Strong Heart aired part 2 of its 100th episode with Hodong-less, solo MC Seunggi, and over on KBS Win Win where Sugeun is one of the MCs, Taewoong was the guest and joined by 1N2Ders, Jiwon and Jongmin.  Talk about Seunggi was sort of inevitable, but Win Win and its MCs seem to never shy from mentioning Seunggi (and Hodong) and Strong Heart on its show or via captions, despite being rival shows, often joking that their tv ratings are not as high!

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