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More from the Dolce & Gabbana store opening party in Korea

And I thought the previously posted photos of Seunggi with the Dolce & Gabbana duo was Aww!  This is even more Awww!!  The smile and doe-eyes melt my heart~~!  And OMG at Seunggi with D & G…  with his new album!  Aww~~~ the candid laughter and smiles between Seunggi and Stefano and Domenico during this brief captured moment is SO totally WHY everyone can’t help but to like Seunggi!  Really loves it!

OMG, this daebak encounter captured in a 1-sec moment @0:47 in the brand’s official party event clip says it all!  Less is more… for sure!!!  Actually, the song “Slave” fits the concept of your typical sexy but playful Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign!

(videos: dolcegabbanachannel)

More photos of the gorgeous actresses from Seunggi’s CFs and music videos~~!

Lee Minjung. Kim Sarang. Kim Sunah.

See more behind the scenes photos at W Korea: Dolce & Gabbana’s Cocktail Party

Being a bigger fan of  D&G’s glossy ad campaigns than their collections, I’m loving the mix of sexy and sweet playful items for Spring/Summer 2012.  Very Haute!

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Ann,
    Yours is where I get my fashion fix. Thanks so much.

    SG is too precious. Hook should really milk that picture / scene to the max! And D & G are so accommodating too. Perhaps moved by some one’s youthful exuberance?

  2. I know~~~ love how D&G are smiling, laughing big with LSG and his album. LOL. wonder who’s idea it was to pull out the album! Official W Magazine layout photos described Seunggi as singer, rather than actor. Sincerity’s always been impt, but that’s really valued more and more as top in society these days!

    Fashion fix – Ha! I have to freak out and create my own fashion fix as a fan since Captain Hook appears to be blind!!!! I’m still fuming over the ridiculous image and concept up on the official website. I really think she needs to go in for her yearly eye exam!

    II wish I was a big fan of some female star too so I could ooh and aww over her outfits and styles! How is it that the 3 girls that LSG has in his phone (SMA, HHJ, MCW) are incredibly well-styled (for the most part, as much as Korean Codys can!), but Hook+cody can’t do this for LSG on a regular basis??!!!

    But, it’s usually fashion style girls that go for the sweet, smart, uhm-chin-ah guys like Seunggi for the long-run!!!! So WE can control his style! LOL.

    • Here I like LMJ’s outfit the most. I think she’s done the rarest thing even among established fashionistas, that is to have her own style. You sense HER when you look at the clothes she wears. She knows what she’s going for.

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