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Seunggi and Minjung transported from urban city life to New Zealand’s snowy slopes [2011 F/W Kolon Sport CF + Making]

*** Updated with (awesome!) 15 sec. CF version cut for TV ***

OMG.  Love it!  So mysterious, then refreshing!  Makes me want to hit the slopes now!  Was totally anticipating this CF after Seunggi-Minjung’s recent interview!  Shouldn’t Seunggi at least hold Minjung’s hand?!  He did make the move first!~  transporting them from urban city life to the snowy mountains of New Zealand!  This is even way better than the awesome 2010 F/W CF from last year. OMG, the way he looks at her!…

(videos: leeseunggi01/Kolon Sport)

But I usually love the Making Films way more than the CFs!  Some interesting music choices- ‘Tik Tok’ by Kesha ft. P Diddy.  ‘Mercy’ by Duffy.  And ‘Something to Believe’ by David Choi.  Seunggi and David Choi need to just meet up!  Previously, he tweeted about his song ‘By Your Side’ showing up in the Samsung Zipel CF with Seunggi.

LOL, I’m imagining whether Seunggi “woke up in the morning, feeling like P Diddy!”~~

More behind the scenes of CF and photo shoot filming (Y-Star news)

CF filming on location in New Zealand.  Minjung and Seunggi busting out laughing!  Love it.  Seunggi jokes that their expressions are more like~ “It’s really cold, so let’s go home, let’s go back down the mountain.”  They start filming again and both crack up again! Seunggi composes himself saying~ “Okay, I won’t laugh anymore.”  Hehe.

Photo shoot back in the studio.  The PD is explaining the concept he wants Seunggi and Minjung to express.  Ha, Seunggi so detail-oriented and probably WAY too analytical about it!  While free-spirited Minjung’s like ok, whatever. Why do I have a feeling that it’s not easy for the real (not actor) Seunggi to man-handle girls!~~

(video: 1004Dimple)

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2 Responses

  1. You know what? After seeing all the breathtaking scenery and gorgeous presentation in this CF, I so miss the actor Seung Gi! His encounter with LMJ, though only just a brush and lasting merely seconds, totally fires up my imagination, and longing, like crazy. Couldn’t he play a cold (or cool) metro guy SOON? Love his intense gazing. Love his expressionless, calculating looks…all captured perfectly in this great CF. Wow!

  2. ME TOO!!! Miss his intense looks from Brilliant Legacy! I’m always biased b/c I knew him as actor first, so I usually rank that above singer/MC. I will support his Strong Heart MC thing 100%, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel some twinge of sadness seeing all the other guys and girls he’s worked with or been connected with in some way furthering their acting careers…

    I’m in love with this CF. I think I’m going to hit the ski slopes early this year!

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