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Zipel Smart Lady CF & Making, set to David Choi music

Why was Seunggi coming down the stairs of this house in this CF?  Is he supposed to be married to this “smart lady” in the pea-green dress?!  CF came out a few months back but the recent perfect springy weather made me think of this.  Love this CF.  Makes me miss Seunggi’s typically perfectly coiffed gentle hairstyle…

Zipel Grandstyle Fridge, Smart Lady 30 sec CF

[To my smart lady~]
Is Lady worrying about where to place this?
Lady should do whatever she wants to.
To my Smart Lady~ Zipel Grandestyle 840

(Zipel videos: leeseunggi01)

BTS filming of CF
Who is this pea-green dress smart lady that she deserves to get 2 forehead kisses?!

Omg, not sure if this is a BTS photo or a screen capture but it’s too funny and yet so cute at the same time!  Seunggi is SO hilarious without even trying to be!  Love these images… that is, minus the pea-green smart lady.

Seunggi looks so handsome in this suit and his hair looks perfect!  Hair stylist and Cody~~~ bring back the flat iron asap please!

Liking these much better…  mainly ONLY Seunggi in the frame!

Seunggi sings I’ll Give you Everything
The song Seunggi chose in the Zipel wedding event contest and fan meeting.

Samsung showing love for buzzed about Korean-American musician David Choi, using his song in the Zipel CF~ Cool.  Take a listen below~ By My Side

Too bad, David knew nothing about it… On the day the Zipel CF was released, Davidchoimusic tweeted a link to the CF video saying… “I would have never guessed that I would have a song in a Samsung refrigerator commercial in Korea (한국) lol”

Does Seunggi listen to David Choi’s music?  He also used the song “Something to Believe”  in this video sketch for the 2009 MBC Gayo Daejun, where he showed off more of his hidden rock-hard body, followed by piano playing Will you marry me!…

(video: SEUneol)

Would love to see Seunggi and David Choi meet up!  Love David Choi’s story.  Check out his site if you don’t know about him.  Omg, reading it is sort of cathartic!  Like many of us Korean Americans or Asian Americans can probably relate on some level…

David Choi~ Something to Believe, davidchoimusic.com

Love CF-related stuff!  CF filming, BTS photos.  Love the set!

Woah, posted these previously. Love these life-size-like photos!!!!

Videos: As indicated, Images: dcLSG, SamsungTomorrow

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3 Responses

  1. Pea-green smart lady should be photoshopped off those photos ASAP! Anyway, lucky her. I envy her to bits. I miss Seung-gi’s hair, too. Although, I’m happy that his hair grows fast.

  2. hi….does anyone know the title of david choi’s song that were use in lee seunggi’s samsung “smart lady” cf????

  3. Omg word press blogs look amazing and super polished on iPad! Playing with new toy at free wifi starbux, waiting for friends on this gorgeous day, listening to David choi! Woah the pix of seunggi esp the life size ones are daebak!!!! amazed by quality and layout! I’m new to iPad…. If you haven’t yet Check out WP blogs on iPad!

    Even pea green smart lady can’t spoil a perfect saturday!

    Edit —- didn’t see your comment.
    Song is By My Side. Great song!

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