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Seunggi and fans share hugs, kisses, tearful goodbyes [1N2D Viewers Special]

September 25, 2011.  1N2D Viewers Special, Part 4.  Final installment of the 3rd and final Viewers Special.  Really touching stuff!  Heartfelt moments.  Tearful goodbyes.   1N2D Performance.  And Seunggi cuts full of LOTS of Aws, Hugs, Kisses, Tears~~

1N2D members’ version of ‘Love Twist’

(Video: Tiam062,  English: LSGfan)

LSG: There’s a song all our members together prepared. It’s a song everyone from our little kids to the elderly will enjoy. Please dance together with us and enjoy. Everyone ready?! Our members will present “Love’s twist.”
(Guys enter acting all gangster, particularly Sugeun! Ha!)
SUG: What’s the deal!  KHD: Music please!
Hodogng’s posse vs. Sugeun’s posse: Battle of Pride!
(Very cute performance by the 1N2D boys!)
KHD: Everyone~ Thank you! Be happy!
Ending with a grand bow!
KHD: Thank you! Though we were lacking, we wanted to do a good job for you. We gave our best. Please look upon us kindly as~ ‘Our friend. Our oppa. Our child. Our grandchild.’ Please think of us this way. Hope this will be a memory deep in your heart you will never forget. Crying out together!~ Viewers Tour #3! 1 Night~ 2 Days~!

(All other videos: Tryp96, English: LSGfan)

Uncle Seunggi! ♥

It’s Uncle Seunggi!!
LSG: Did you have a fun time? Give oppa a kiss. (Ackkkk!~)
(When fanphotos first surfaced, I gawked in not-a-good-way at his hair!  But seeing the tv broadcast, and him walking around in his PJs with no powdered-face, ready to sleep like any normal person~ I loved it!  Since it was real.  He obviously wasn’t trying to look dolled up!  However, for public events, can we please see a celeb-styled Seunggi!!!  Stars should look like real stars at high-profile public events!)

Noonims ambush a sleeping Seunggi

The team leader is still sleeping.
NOONIMS: Feel so bad waking him up. Seunggi-ya~ Wake up~
Who… Who is this? (LOL~ Seunggi’s adorable hair and expression!)
(Omg, Noonims hugging Seunggi, fixing his hair, massaging his shoulders! LOL!)
Using the excuse of waking Seunggi up… More an ulterior motive?
NOONIMS: 1 Night~ 2 days~ (Ha, making half-asleep Seunggi do~ Il-bak~ E-il~!)
Even despite the sudden ambush, Leader of Noonas, Seunggi, considers them…
LSG: Did you all sleep well? (Awwwww!)

Uncontrollable tears

(Teary-eyed members grateful for 1N2D trip, remember their families and loves ones)
LSG: Come on, why are you all being like this? (wiping away tears. Aw~)
As someone’s child, as someone’s parent. Usually tough times for those in 40s.
LSG: This… This is 1N2D… How can I describe this…
NOONIM: This is the first time I’ve had such a meaningful trip. (sobbing into towel)
LSG: Let me use this towel too! (Awwww~!)

40s team roots for beloved leader

(Rooting for their beloved leader, Seunggi!)
TEAM: 40s! Seung-Gi! 40s! Seung-Gi!
AJUSSHI: You guys are doing great!

More adorable hugs and kisses with little kids! Ackkkk!

JHM: Say goodbye to Seunggi hyung.
LSG: You have to always be healthy. Understand? And study hard.
(Fanboy is ready to fist-bump but LSG puts up hi-five first! Hahhaha.)
MOM: Ha-eun, you too.
LSG: Ha-eun, come here.  MOM: Give him a kiss.
(Awwwww~ at the way he hugs her. Love the way Seunggi always hugs everyone!!)
LSG: Give me a kiss (Ackkk!~ Why only little kids-ajummas always get to kiss him?!)
LSG: How come, now that it’s time to leave, you’re like this to oppa?
JHM: Ha-eun! Are you going to be like this me until the end?! Come here~
(Seems Ha-eun was very much the tease to all the guys! LOL! Litttle boyfan runs over to give Seunggi hyung a kiss too! Omg, I’m dying over the Awwww!~ Too cute!!!)
LSG: Take photos with Hyunmoo hyung now.
JHM: Come on kids, come over here… Kids! (LOL)

Even 40s hyungnims can’t help but to “fangirl” over Seunggi!

LSG: Get home safely (bowing for last goodbye but…) Huh?
The 40s team bursting into tears.
NOONIM: Thank you so much. Be healthy.
LSG: Okay. I won’t forget you. (Aw, another hug!)
NOONIM: Thank you. Really, I won’t be able to forget you.
LSG: Please don’t be like this.
ALL: Il-bak~ E-il~!
(Seunggi then gets hugs and much love from the hyungnims too!)
HYUNG1: Seunggi (hyung?!)
LSG: Doctor, you put in a lot of effort…
HYUNG2: First time I’ve ever “fangirled” (been enamored with or fallen for) a guy!

1N2D themed ‘Let’s Go on Vacation

KHD: Our 1N2D show is a travel/trip show isn’t it?
LSG: That is correct.
KHD: So~ Let’s go on vacation!
LSG: Is everyone ready? [YES!] Not loud enough. Ready? [YES!]
(1N2D themed remake song~ Let’s go on vacation.  Usually, I can’t stand it when he chooses to sing this at non-1N2D related performances.  But I absolutely love it when he sings this for 1N2D-related events!  Aw, all the ages totally enjoyed it!)

See entire episode (HD) over at~  Tryp96.wordpress.com

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8 Responses

  1. omg…i haven’t watched it yet and im about to cry! Thanks so much anne for the translations. you are the only blog that does this and for a newly minted die hard 1n2d and seunggi fan, it is such a blessing to finally know what is going on about these vids i’ve been gawking at for the last hours or so. so thank you thank you!!!!

    i am usually a hollywood fanatic but by accident i discovered seunggi and 1n2d and it a new experience for me. He is the first celebrity i know who’s like this. i am in awe and really amazed. i truly hope the whole nation will support him during these times.

    thanks again anne, not a day goes by without me peaking for your vids and updates and thoughts.

    bless you!!!

  2. So many great moments in this episode…now I don’t remember why I sort of dreaded it just a day ago…

    “Let’s go on vacation” was a totally inspired performance. Every note was uttered with true heart. The motive moves were completely natural and made you want to dance with him.

    “Love’s twist” is another 1N2D classic. Gosh, I teared up thinking they might not have another chance to perform it ever…

    When the ajummas saw a sleeping SG on the floor, I absolutely knew how they felt. All those hands, hugs, caresses, elbowing for better positions, complaining about monopoly…and SG with half closed eyes and dopey smile and just let them go all over him…How can you not love this guy? Or this show?

    The morning mission negotiation was terrific too. Hats off to the writer(s) who came up with the idea. And just adore every team leader was so dead serious about it (when SG heard about the solution to his team, he jumped up so quickly he almost lost his footing). And then seeing HD holding hands with SG and Sugeun (as if they were his lifelines) and looking humble…omg, cry, cry, and cry some more.

    1N2D, what to do when you are gone?!

  3. Just… How do I move on from this. Waaaaaa!

  4. Did you guys notice~ when Hodong is doing the final ment, thanking the viewers. I think the grand powerful music score is the one that KBS always uses when they award the Daesang Award at the annual entertainment awards and the confetti falls. Felt like a tribute to Hodong, in 1n2d’s usual understated way.

    I really pray Hodong is doing okay, that he stays strong and resilient. This finale felt bittersweet. Like he had already sort of separated himself from the members…

    • KHD has done a good job during these 4years or so.. i believe the production team wanted to show their appreciation too. Since they can’t have a farewell episode for him, this is the best they can do. It shows the strong bonding the 1N2D members and the production crew have for each other. During KHD press conference to announce his retirement, i read that the 1N2D members & some of the PD were with him to give him morale support. This is what we can brotherhood & true friendship.

      But still cannot get over that KHD is no longer in 1N2D…. sob! sob! He is not only a big brother to the other members, but he is also a big brother to most of us… Some people may find him too loud at times, but i find it acceptable. Sometimes when he is a bit childish, i will laugh. It’s not easy to create that kind of bonding… sob! sob!

    • And the last photo they showed from the actual Viewers’ Trip was of Ho-dong’s right? *1N2D fan hugs to all*

  5. i like the ‘Love Twist’ the most… can see all of them enjoying themselves. Initially i didn’t know that UTW cross-dress….hahaha.. but he wasn’t that shy and was professional.. they had so much fun during this segment..

    When they finally had to say goodbye, for the adults, they know that this is the last viewers trip, so i can understand if they break down and cried. But the little girl, the moment she started crying and looking for JHM, it’s like as if she lost someone close. For someone who is tough like JHM to shed tears on seeing the kids running towards him, i couldn’t control myself either.

    how i wish 1N2D can continue and we can have the 4th viewers trip, 5th viewers trip and so on…. but i think we can only do that in our dreams now.

    Actually, thinking back, KHD wanting to leave 1N2D (before the news of his tax evasion scandal) has got something to do with this case? That is, he want to leave before everyone knows about it, but it was leaked out by their tax department which resulted in him retiring suddenly.

    • KHD’s original decision to quit 1N2D has puzzled me still. Like you, at first I thought he was preempting the bad press. But then, why he just quit 1N2D (he’d said nothing about the other shows at that time). And later he agreed to let 1N2D live for a few more months.

      [Speculation alert] I think the rumored cable TV deal might not be rumors and had something to do with it. Maybe his new show there would have been in the same time slot as 1N2D.

      He looked a little dejected in this episode (the only 3rd viewers’ trip ep I watched with some concentration). I think he realized his popularity was not to be taken for granted (from the reactions to his quitting 1N2D). At times he was also clinging on his dongsaengs, maybe not just for the challenges shown on TV, but for the real life ones as well. Of course no one had any inkling what’s to come just days later.

      I sincerely hope his family & loved ones and his sportsman’s fighting spirits will help him get over this.

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