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Seunggi and Lee Minjung: Entertainment Relay interview and chic stylish Fall 2011 Kolon Sport CF ads [ENG]

*** Updated with ENGLISH-subbed video ***

(Video: KBSworld)

(Video: Leeseunggiworld,  English text: LSGfan)

Entertainment Relay, 2011.09.10, Chuseok Special

Two stars receiving lots of love from people of all ages.  A lot of older people would say they are the #1 daughter or son in law to be.  Lee Seunggi and Lee Minjung.  We meet them at their CF shoot and see why they are so loved.

Korea’s representative guy and girl.  The heart fluttering encounter starts now.

MC: Entertainment’s IT male and female. Lee Seunggi and Lee Minjung! People will want to know why you’re together here?
LSG: We’re filming an outdoor clothing brand we’ve been doing together for 2 years.

MC: I think a lot of people would think you two are really close.
LMJ: At first, it was a little awkward. Not knowing how to address Seunggi…
MC: Seunggi is your sunbae, right?
LMJ: Most definitely. A sunbae by a lot! (LOL) Since I’m just a little older in age…
MC: Just a little?!~
LMJ: Why are you being like this!

MC: Seunggi, what was your first encounter like?
LSG: She’s pretty much the ideal for a lot of entertainers. (Aw, Minjung cracking up at Seunggi’s compliment!) So I was very excited upon hearing I’d be working with her. I called her “noona” for the first time at this meet-up.
MC: Does it mean you’ll drop your formal speak with him?
LMJ: I could end up trash talking if I drop formalities!

What were they like during the filming?~ It’s a scene where they run into each other by chance. It seems easy, but not really. More than that, it was a hot day.
LMJ: I don’t look cold, no?
LSG: More than Cold City Guy, I need to be cold.
The filming starts again. And it’s okay after one take. (PD: This take was great!)

MC: Are you the type~ I only wear clothes I endorse?
LMJ: Jacket with jeans and a white shirt can seem stylish but also keep you warm.
MC: You’re like a show host!
LSG: I’m always in full gear. Even if simply hiking, I’m decked out for the Himalayas!
MC: What if a renewal contract didn’t come in? Would you still be wearing this?
LSG: Hmmm (Ha, Seunggi thinks hard about it!)
LMJ: If they gave it to me, I’ll still wear it!
LSG: I’d have to stop hiking up the mountains for the time-being. (LOL)

MC: We tried hard to find a common connection between you two. And there was one person in common~ Um Taewoong.
(They did a movie together. She says he always has laughing eyes in front of women. She even perfectly imitates him! Ha! Seunggi so impressed with imitation too!)

LSG: He’s the type of guy that really loves dogs.
LMJ: So it’s clear, he’s the type of guy that likes women and dogs! (OMG, Minjung is too cute when laughing hard and hitting Seunggi! You know, because it’s a rule for Koreans that you must hit/slap people on the arm while you laugh!)
LSG: There’s one more thing. Women. Dogs. and Hodong hyung.

MC: Do you have goals for this year?
LMJ: I hope a lot of people watch my movie. Around Christmas. Called ‘Wonderful Radio.’ I hope it’ll be a heartwarming movie for all as we head into the new year.
LSG: My upcoming 5th album. And I’m preparing for my concert. I plan to be a little more active as a singer, showing new aspects of myself, so please anticipate this.

LMJ: Have a happy Chuseok and eat a lot of delicious food! (LSG is in la-la land! Ha!) You seem to really like that!
LSG: I was imagining…
LMJ: Eating delicious food…
LSG: Eating a lot of food! (or seeing Minjung eat a lot of food?!)

OMG, love everything about this video cut!!~~

Can’t wait for this CF!  Ne-yo’s ‘Because of You’ in the beginning!~  Love that song!  And Seunggi looked absolutely perfect!  Loved his hair and the Kolon Sport hoodie.  And his smile and laugh were natural and sweet as always!  Cody, please spare me heartache and just try to make this kind of thing happen more often!!!

And yay, finally a REAL interview (even if brief) with Seunggi (24) and Minjung (29).  A peek at how they get along.  Love the playfulness between them.  Minjung is so gorgeous but so laid back and free-spirited.  Just like the MC said~ Koreans of all ages can’t help but to love these two!

Wow, I would literally faint if Cody styled Seunggi like this regularly…
(Yeah right!!!~~ In my dreams! Hahahaha)~

So happy to see Seunggi in outfits from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection fashion show!

This is my fave Kolon Sport ad campaign thus far!  Very stylish. Chic!  Kolon Sport stepped it up, especially with the cut-throat competition going on in outdoor clothing brand marketing in Korea.  Eider just brought on Lee Minho and Yoona.  Northface has Big Bang and Lee Yeonhee.  K2 signed Wonbin to take Hyunbin’s place!

Can’t wait to see more images trickle out.  And can’t wait for the CF!

(Images: LSGfan, DCLSG, Kolon Sport, Seunggirin)

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3 Responses

  1. Not only adoring this collection, I was impressed by LMJ for the first time too. No question she was very pretty; but that classic beauty coupled with long hair did not speak active or outdoors to me at all. With the bob cut, she totally came alive! And this interview (and the NZ CF BTS) showed her playful and confident side to the fullest. Love when she jostled SG for positions during the shoot. Really great chemistry these two.

  2. Seung Gi oppa is always sooo cute! >.<
    Oppa FIGHTING!!! :)

  3. Yes Seunggi looks perfect here! I can’t get enough! I need to see the CF now!

    Totally agree – Minjung’s bob cut looks hot! Long hair is always sexy and glamorous but intermittent short cuts are always refreshing and cute and playful. I usually do bob cuts every other year or so.

    Love their chemistry. Minjung looks way younger and Seunggi looks sometimes older. not sure if i’d want to see them in a drama together yet though. So cute how he calls her noona now. I think if it’s only 2-3 yrs, like Minah, he wouldn’t.

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