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MC Lee Seung Gi’s new Strong Heart begins: Preview [ENG]

(video: beedance07)

And Dear PD Park~  Please don’t put ALL the pressure on Seunggi.  That’s just unfair and lame.  You and your crew are the ones developing the show.  Plus, the show was originally premised on the polar opposite personalities of Seunggi and Hodong and their back and forth.  So for the time being, please tweak the show to match Seunggi’s personality.  And again, please also consider Seunggi’s future and what he wants, in addition to the future and needs of Strong Heart!~

And hope the PDs from BOTH Strong Heart and 1N2D never forget that Lee Seunggi IS very much an ACTOR and SINGER as well!!!!~~~

Lee Seung Gi~~  Strong Heart~~ Fighting!!!   

Awww~ hugs from Teuk and Eunhyuk!  I always thought Seunggi’s personality and clean-cut image fit well with SM artists the most (of course, that is, aside from Hook Ent!).  Always love the way Seunggi hugs people… so sweet!

OMG, I am dying to see this dance number from Seunggi with Teuk, Eunhyuk, and Shindong as back-up dancers!  Seunggi in hoodie is always LOVE!

(Images: DCLSG/As labeled, LSGfan)

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13 Responses

  1. Seunggi ahh.. you have our back… You can do it.. we’ll always be praying for you. Godbless you my dear.. Hwaiting.^^

  2. GO go go, Seung-gi! I’m sure all Airens are rooting for you.

  3. We love you SeungGi!!!! We’re with you no matter what!

  4. you’re never walk alone Seunggi…much love&support for you,,fighting^^


  6. All the best to you Sueng Gi! But I still hope u can do more shows and songs now.

  7. I wish you will have the cuts by the time it airs :)

  8. I fully agree with you on the matters about SH and 2D1N!
    They SHOULD NOT put too much pressure on Seung Gi oppa!
    He has many other things to do and wish to do, as a graduate student and as a star!

    Seung Gi oppa, if you wish for any changes, do say so and we are all behind you!!!
    Oppa FIGHTING!!! :)

  9. yeah fighting seung gi oppa you can do it i love best luck and please sh and 2d1n give oppa some slack

  10. Fighting Seunggi si!!! Support you all the way!!!

  11. i hope you help us with this episode’s full english sub too. :( thank you!

  12. Hi,

    If I were to buy just 1 CD of Lee Seung Gi,whch one will you recommend? I am planning to do this trip and I’m leaving next Monday for Seoul!

    I particularly like his “Losing My Mind” and “Noona, You’re My Woman” songs.

    Thank you for sharing! =)

    • Aw Mei, I’m really not a good person to ask. I only have his last album (Shadow) and don’t know a lot about his previous songs/albums (me = bad fan!) just more of a fan of him as actor than singer.

      omg, have a great time in Seoul! Fall in Korea is awesome!

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