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2011 Seoul Drama Awards: Last year’s winner Lee Seunggi and Min Hyorin present Netizen Popularity Awards [ENG]

August 31, 2011.  Seoul, Korea.  A sharp dressed, wavy, well-coiffed Seunggi showed up at the Seoul Drama Awards as a presenter.  Different vibe compared to last year’s clean-cut, flat-iron hairstyle when he won the 2010 Netizen Popularity AwardFor this year’s award, when it was clear early on that Yoochun (winner) and Jang Geunsuk fans planned to all-out vote battle for first place, Seunggi fans in Korea were practical and didn’t do a voting drive since he won the award last year.  And as a presenter, Seunggi was great!  Very tall, at ease, confident, and articulate!  Such a pro!~

But “Sunny” actress Min Hyorin (25) seemed so nervous!  Very cute when she looked up at Seunggi in angst when the Yahoo Korea Executive nervously flubbed his lines!  And Seunggi looked back at her and smiled, reassuring her like~ don’t worry, it’s okay.  Aw Seunggi, why you have to be so cute and awesome!  And now we know he definitely goes to the theater to watch movies and has interest in doing films later on!  I’m still totally girl-crushing on “Sunny” actress Kang Sora!

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was nominated for two awards but didn’t win.  But just happy to see it included in the competitive category for the Silver Bird Prize!  It and Dream High were the only 2 kdramas in that group of 17 nominees.

Non-Korean productions picked up most of the awards, while the deserving kdrama Secret Garden swept a bunch of  top awards.  Loved the clip they showed of the drama  nominees~ the Hoi Couple kiss and Seunggi’s song!

Regarding the Hallyu awards segment- It’s like the Seoul Drama Awards wants to be taken seriously, but not sure if this category with unclear criteria helps their cause.  In general, it’s hard to take most Korean awards shows seriously!  But they do still matter, and we fans love to follow the award shows, so congrats to everyone there!

As for the HAIR!~ I prefer flat-iron vs wavy hair Seunggi, but it looked pretty stylish tonight.  But I still don’t get why Hook doesn’t just go the classical, clean-cut, slightly gelled straight hair for big events like this!  Hello, this is a world stage!  Ugh!  I’m convinced Cody and Hairstylist are antis!  (as are most Codys of K-celebs!)  Or just idiotic!  Omg, it’s all just so incredibly annoying!

But it was better than the Zipel event hair!  And WAY better thanrecent fanphotos of orange shirt Seunggi with terrible I-just-woke-up hair posing with fans!  Seunggi is SO obviously NOT your typical Korean crazed selca photo-taker!  We regular selca’ers should give him some tips since he’s photographed so much!   The best angle, pout, and V-sign poses! (aw, but this all makes Seunggi even more endearing!)

(Images: DCLSG)

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11 Responses

  1. Hi Ann, just sent you an email. ^^
    I’m hoping that the cody and the hairstylist are neglecting their jobs right now only because they are racking their brains to come up with the most amazing styles for the album promotion.

  2. I thought i was the only one who doesn’t like the latest look in his ZipeL event… So as for 2011 SDA i don’t dig for curly hair ever since and I love the flat iron hair style of his last year. I agree all the way with you Ann..

    and let me say it again. The best look for Seunggi ever was during the late year of 2009 after Brilliant legacy..After He recovered from H1N1..The Hope concert 2009 he looks really awesome..
    Sorry if i said it a thousand times already.. but i really want my Seunggi look that way.. Cody please let it back Seunggi (2009)

    • how does that 2009 hairstyle looks like?

      • @threshold you can check the shadow album, the Hope 2009 Concert & the year end special from 3 TV stations MBC. SBS & KBS.

    • Amen Jude! I think almost everyone loved his 2009 concert style and physique the best! he lost so much weight after H1N1, but he looked really good! all singers lose weight or get in shape before album promos… so I’m really hoping to see a more slim-fashionable Seunggi too for the 5th album! Please Hook!

  3. I sent you an email, too, Ann ^ ^

  4. Please allow me to sidestep the hairstyle issue for now and touch on something else. This was the first time I witnessed the (insane) power of fervent fans – I mean those of this year’s winner’s. Wow! So I guess it’s okay we let them get their way and not start an all-out war. I just wish I knew this earlier – it’d save me some major distress over the voting.

    I remember that guy said in some earlier interview that he admired SG (as an actor) too. From his pictures he looks decent and honest. (What about his HAIR? Were his fans all going berserk about it?) I like his homage to SG much better than that from JGS (cannot stand him!).

    Okay, now back to you to the best hair of Lee Seung Gi.

  5. But I love the photos of orange shirt Seung Gi with his fans. His beautiful smile was all I notice actually….I thought he looked really great !

  6. his hair looks messy and “old”…
    hopefully hook will give him new clean,smart,younger looking hairstyle…
    but the photos of orange shirts in 1n2d was amazing!!!!!

  7. Seunggi’s look in recent episode of 2D1N (the orange shirt one) is, I feel one of the best. Top-to-toe and all.

  8. am i the minority here.. since i quite like his hair in this ceremony.. =X but probably because i just became a fan and did not see much of his previous image.. but i have to agree.. the zipel event hair is really =.= cmi.. makes him look a whole lot older..

    but! he’s still cute! that awesome smile ranks no. 2 in my heart (no. 1 is someone i’m super biased to so cannot compare)

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