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3-piece blacksuit Seunggi at Zipel unveiling event [8.24.2011]

August 24, 2011.  Unveiling of the new Samsung Zipel 2012 kimchi fridge design.  Select press photos.  Seunggi’s Look:  Formal wear.  3-piece black suit.  Black dress shoes.  White shirt, skinny black tie.  And unfortunately, questionable hair. *Sigh*

The Look~

Looks appropriate and fine but then noticed the SLEEVES…

Woah, what is going on here?~~

Don’t know why Cody chose this modern, non-traditional extended winged double-sleeved jacket for an official formal event like this.  Seems a bit inappropriate for the occasion.  Whatever.  But more than that~ this is a an official event of the unveiling of a new product design by Samsung (um, the biggest company in Korea!) attracting a bunch of press…  and I utterly despise Cody/Hook for coming up with this hairstyle!

And I wasn’t the only one!  Korean fans were posting personal letters to Captain Hook and Cody, pleading to hairstyle Seunggi better for public events!  I know she’s done a lot for Seunggi, but she’s completely idiotic and lame in understanding anything fashion, style, and public relations.

Dear Hook, Seunggi (24 years old!) deserves better!  Please just acknowledge that you’re out of touch with stuff and just freaking hire some new people for Seunggi, to help you out and do the stuff that you’re not very good at.  And Cody, I DESPISE YOU!!!!

Seunggi always looking good in candids and on the move!~


Showing off the fridge~

What’s up with this (very shapely!) chick in her black evening gown and diamonds?

Seunggi during the official powerpoint presentation of the product

Aw, Seunggi looking like such a such an attentive student during this news clip of  the presentation session!  This yearly event is always a big deal so he must’ve been nervous.  He even mentioned the competitive kimchi fridge market~

LSG:  Even though this is my third year, every year I’m surprised by Samsung Zipel’s new design.  Personally, I understand and heard that there is fierce competition in the kimchi fridge marketplace this year.  This year as well, I believe that Samsung Zipel kimchi fridge is the again the best.  Thank you.

Video: leeseunggi01,  English: LSGfan

Come on all the women with money in Korea~~ How can you refuse this smile???

(Images: As labeled)

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2 Responses

  1. I totally agree. When I saw pictures of the event I feel like screaming my protests. These pictures are going to be around for some time, so they should at least don’t make his hair look like he just came back from a 1n2d recording.

  2. oh my gosh i totally agree with the disastrous hairstyle! I love the normal hairstyle he had on when he first joined 1n2d. his recent haircut when he debuted it last spring on 1n2d looked like he just lost battle with a runaway pair of scissors.

    Sigh, and the suit would have been great oh. those sleeves, and the pants too are a little too bulky, urgh. doesn’t he have the right to protest about his looks? i love his 1n2d getups, casual and cool. Thanks for the updates, as always.

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