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“Sunny” actress Kang Sora on her Pyeongchang Water CF with Lee Seunggi and her JYP-dancing on Strong Heart

*** UPDATED with English-subbed video ****

(Video: Rapport2010)

I love how she was like~ I was on for 1 second!  Hahahaha.  Being a yoga fan, this was one of my fave shots in the CF!  I love Seunggi’s yoga relaxed wear!

I can’t believe Kang Sora is 21, that’s like 3 years younger than Seunggi!  She looks older than that.  She was so cool and laid back on Strong Heart.  Totally loved her!  It was her very first variety show appearance and she totally rocked it!  Everyone loved her!  She even talked about how she used to weigh a lot at one point but of course continues to struggle with dieting.  And that if she were not in the line of entertainment, she would probably not be as thin.

But what was really cool about her, is that when Teuk showed an old photo of her when she was very chubby, she was totally cool with it and didn’t bash up the photo like other actresses have!  She was like I’m not ashamed of that photo, and that personally she likes herself when she is not skin and bones.  And that she tends to go for guys that are a bit on the chubbier side.  Totally a free-spirited personality, the kind that both guys and girls like.  I would love to hang out with her!

She also has an amazing creative imagination.  She totally blew everyone away with her creative storytelling!  But this is Strong Heart… which means, actresses can only really solidify their star talent by performing a hot dance number!  LOL.  Check it out…

Kang Sora’s comical dance and sexy dance learned at JYP [07.05.2011]

[Sora had just finished wowing everyone by telling an awesome impromptu action storyline incorporating the guests that Hodong or Seunggi would point to.  And the 2 MCs and everyone were SO totally impressed!  Love her!  She then wowed again by doing her  “Bingle Bingle” dance from the movie Sunny and finished up with a super hot dance she learned over at JYP!  Hahaha!  She’s so cute and hilarious!  Dancing starts @1:15].

KHD: What were you trying to demonstrate through that dance?
Sora: People are probably tired, so for them to get a little break. [Hahaha]

KHD: Is your specialty comical or sexy dance?
Sora: Neither, I learned this at the JYP training place.
LSG: You learned this at JYP!
KHD: Why did you go to JYP?
Sora: To better my dancing.
KHD: People there taught you? [Sora: Yes] KHD: Who?
Sora: I met 2pm and Miss A there.
KHD: Who taught you this dance?
Sora: The choreography instructor.
KHD: What did the 2pm guys say after they saw this?
Sora: They didn’t say anything. [Hahaha]
KHD: Sora really is “ho-gam” (favorable).  This was the first time I’ve seen the female audience members get so excited watching a female dance performance.
LSG: I think she really has a lovely charm. (Awww!)

Video: strongheartsbs;  English: LSGfan

Kang Sora is SO jjang!  She looked A-MAZING!  And her mix of comical and sexy was totally cracking Seunggi and Hodong up!  Ha, love this stance/look…

I need to watch “Sunny”  I wasn’t interested before, even with Dramabeans’ glowing anticipation.  But I was impressed after the movie started killing it at the box office, breaking $2M in 2 weeks!  And after seeing Kang Sora on Strong Heart and these video clips, I’ll definitely have to check it out…

Sunny film stars sing “Bingle Bingle” from movie OST


Sunny (써니), Movie Trailer

(Video: minyamundo)

Even though the Pyeongchang Water CF is from a while back, it was one of my fave CFs!  The look, feel, and concept was perfect!  And Seunggi looked great!

And I thought it was sort of weird that parent company, Haitai Beverage, started having Seunggi do their Sunkist juice product CFs, and no longer had his picture on the water bottle.  Actually, a few months after the water CFs aired, it appears the company didn’t even really advertise Pyeongchang Water much (aside from a few radio ads) nor sign a new endorsement model.  Now I get why!…

Very cool video from KS: The Idea Company showcasing the Water CF, their concept, why they chose Seunggi, and beyond-expectations brand performance effect…

(Video: ksidea)

Haitai Beverage’s plan: It wants to change their GangWon Pyeongchang Water product into an exceptional brand like Jeju Samdah Water…

KSidea: Let’s make it a social issue and ask “Where did you come from?” directly to the water.

KSidea: Who would be a good person to ask this? How about the #1 ranked uhm-chin-ah preferred by housewives, Lee Seunggi?

2010 Gangwon Pyeongchang Water “Where did you come from?” Campaign

LSG: Where did you come from? (He asks each of the girls, well not really, he’s really asking the water that the girls are holding! But they think he’s asking them out!) Go ahead and ask your water.

Campaign Effect: Even though it wasn’t a big budget and the campaign only aired on cable tv, its effect was beyond expectations and was proven by the brand performance numbers.

Video:  KSidea;  English: LSGfan

(Images: Naver;  Videos: As indicated;  English: LSGfan)

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15 Responses

  1. LMAO! Go Kang So Ra!!! I want to watch Sunny now! Cute Seunggi when she was dancing over by him!!!! Go Lee Seung Gi!!!

  2. When Kang Sora was weaving her story on SH, you could see the admiration in SG’s eyes – pure heroine worship! SG just digs smarts and intelligence. (The SH graphics was first rate too, love it!)

    Agree with you that KSR seems to have everything – looks, brains, and that rare inner compass of self awareness and acceptance. Now, if SG were to date someone…

    • “SG just digs smarts and intelligence.” — True, but he definitely also digs PRETTY and HOT! hahahah. I do too… that is for guys! so I can’t really say anything! who doesn’t want the best of both worlds!

  3. ann thanks for the translation. I’ve only know/seen KSR now I didn’t know her really. She is really cute and adorable in her way. Even He’s wearing short & sleeveless shirt yet you cannot see some sensuality in her..She just like an adorable girl performing wholesomely.. lol

  4. i’ve seen her on wgm with leeteuk. wow. lee teuk with manners hold her cloth. kyaa. sweet couple.

    • LOL i was thinking the same thing, leeteuk holding her jacket for her and giving her the mic, he prob didnt know he would be meeting his future wife on strong heart :p its soo cute thou

  5. Does anyone know which episode this was? I really want to watch the whole thing! And are all of the clips from the same ep. or was she on two different times? Thanks!

  6. where can i watched strong heart ep 85 eng sub? can’t open viki. i search everywhere. if do not have eng sub, eng translation is enough for me. i want to know about story that kang sora told in strong heart… tqq

  7. where can i watch full episode of strong heart that kang sora in ?? so in luv with sora..she so adorable..

  8. I LOVE KANG SORA…she had my name too ^o^LOL…I don’t know about this girl but when i saw her in WGM, n she’s not hold her mout to relaxing her nervouse, i just love that, she so spontainious ‘merong’ just like any girl who get so much tention to meet some celebrities like leeteuk…she just adorable…n love her ‘sunny character’ too…(Don’t know why leeteuk prefer hyorin than SORA)SORA JJANG…and now i love to see her talent…she’s Brave…adorable (i said twice)…and talented….GO KANG SORA!!!

  9. she’s really adorable….

  10. con los lentes parecia la prota de coffe prince

  11. KANG SORA the best!!! really loved her :D btw , where can I watched Sunny? I really been finding for it with eng sub but doesn’t have TT plss reply :D Gomawo ♥

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