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2011 Seoul Drama Awards! Vote My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s Lee Seunggi, July 18~August 16!

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2011 Seoul Drama Awards will be broadcast live on August 31.  Seunggi is up for the People’s Choice Award (Netizen Appeal), and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho nominated for the Silver Bird Prize.  It is the ONLY ONLY one of two Korean dramas (the other is Dream High), out of a total of 17 nominated dramas in the Mini-Series division!  It’s also nominated for the Hallyu Drama Award.  Can’t believe it’s been a year since Seunggi won the online vote award representing Korea last year!  Stiff competition~~

As mentioned, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is also nominated for the the Silver Bird Prize, Mini-Series Drama (not for online voting).  I can’t remember if they announce the nominees for the other categories before the awards show or not.  With all the veteran actors out there, it’s pretty safe to assume Seunggi won’t be nominated in the other categories (maybe in the future!)…

2011 Seoul Drama Awards, All Categories

Golden Bird Prize
The prize is presented to a program selected as the world’s best drama 2010-2011.

Silver Bird Prize (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is nominated)
The prize is presented to a total of six programs – two dramas each per category – under three categories: TV Movie, Mini-series and Series Drama.

Special Prize
The prize is presented to a program that has contributed to improvement of TV dramas.

Best Director, Best Screenwriter, Best Actor, Best Actress
The prizes are presented to an individual per each category.

The Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year
The prize is presented to a foreign program that was the most popular and beloved in Korea 2010-2011.

People’s Choice (Lee Seunggi is nominated)
The prize is presented to five actors and/or actresses from Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong dramas 2010-2011 selected by world netizens via Yahoo online voting.

Representative Korean Drama Prize,
Representative Korean Leading Actor AND Actress,
Representative Korean Supporting Actor AND Actress
The prize is presented to a program or an individual per category from selected representative Korean dramas 2010-2011.


*** UPDATE ***

Okay, so now they’ve announced nominees for Hallyu Drama and also Actor and Actress nominees.  But I don’t know, it’s sort of a weird list.  Like, it makes me wonder what their criterion was here.  And I’m not just saying that because Seunggi IS NOT on the list of nominees!

I get a feeling that these nominees may be different from the above Representative Korean Drama, Actor/Actress, and Supporting Actor/Actress awards officially listed on the Seoul Drama Awards site.  I think these may all be considered a separate Hallyu category?  If so, I’m pretty shocked that Seunggi is NOT on the list.  I would’ve thought him over Kang Ji Hwan (although KJH is popular in Japan).

And also no Kim Hyunjoong?  But I’m thinking that’s do to the poor showing of Playful Kiss.  Also, super surprised that Han Hyojoo is not on the list too.  And Drama song nominees… um, no comment.  Is this why LSG’s fan votes are way lower than usual~ are Korean fans boycotting the Awards show?  I don’t really care about popularly award this year anyway, but I still want to see My Girlfriend is a Gumiho take home the Silver Bird prize the most~ pretty please!

Hallyu Drama nominees: 
(KBS) Sunkyunkwan Scandal, Baker King, Mary Stayed Out, Dream High, (MBC) Dong Yi, Queen of Reversals, My Prince, Kim Suro, (SBS) Giant, Athena, Secret Garden, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Male Actor nominees:
Jang Geun Suk, Park Yoo Chun, Song Seung Hun, Hyun Bin, Kang Ji Hwan

Female Actress nominees:
Park Min Young, Moon Geun Young, Kim Tae Hee, Lee Yo Won, Ha Ji Won

Drama song nominees:
JYJ, Jang Geun Suk, Jung Yup, Baek Ji Young, Lee Seung Chul


Silver Bird Prize nominees

A total of 6 prizes will be given out, 2 dramas for each division (TV Movie, Mini-Series, Series).  My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s nominee pool has the most competition (way more nominees than the other divisions).  I’m surprised Secret Garden, Baker King and some other big hit dramas aren’t on the list.  I’m thinking Secret Garden and some of the others will be up for the Representative Korean Drama Prize.  I really really really want My Girlfriend is a Gumiho to win for this category!~~

Loving all the love for Seunggi and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!

Also, they have some snippets from last year’s winners.  OMG on Seunggi’s excerpt quote!  I know it’s a total Korean thing, but come on, less of this at awards show from now on, okay Seunggi?  You deserve it and you worked hard for it!  Compare/contrast to Jang Hyuk!  I think what he said actually got lost in translation!  LOL.  I liked his confident and thankful approach.  Would love to see more of this from Seunggi!

Okay Airens~~~  Get ready to vote (again!) for one month! 

VOTE for Seunggi!~ Yahoo 2011 Seoul Drama Awards!

Check out Real-time vote rankings

Read more over at the Seoul Drama Awards site

See details over at Tryp96.wordpress.com Step By Step Voting Guide!

(Source/Images: Seoul Drama Awards, Star Today/Nate, LSGfan)

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14 Responses

  1. hi guys!!! i got the best way of voting Lee Seung Gi repeatedly…

    1st.. open you yahoo account.
    2nd.. open the site http://kr.promotion.yahoo.com/sda2011/vote_actress_en.html###

    then vote for him the usual ways…
    after that close the voting site and sign out to your yahoo account..
    then sign in again to your account and open the voting site then you can vote again… (you can use a fake name and account while voting..)

    admin please repost…

  2. Will vote it seriously! Thank you for posting this,dear!

  3. Seriously! We need to get everyone to vote! Hey Airens out there~~ is everyone voting???

    Actually since Seunggi won this last year for Brilliant Legacy, I don’t care as much if he doesn’t win it this year. Are Korean fans looking at it that way too? because his votes are pretty low for his usual voting related stuff for fans.

    I REALLY want My Girlfriend is a Gumiho to be one of the 2 winners in the Mini-series category! I want that more! Please let it happen Seoul Drama Award judges!

    • Do you think this is rigged? I just refuse to believe SG’s votes increased hardly at all over two days! Something is not right here. How do we know our votes have been counted???

      • Okay long comment…

        Just my 2 cents~ with online voting stuff for awards, if a k-pop idol is included, they’ll get the most votes primarily b/c that’s the nature of idol fans… super fervent, passionate, and persistent! And whoever gets the headstart when it starts, they pretty much take the lead from thereon.

        not to say LSG’s fans are not like that, but his management (Hook) seems to always market him NOT to that audience. I could be wrong, since i’m not involved in that kind of fan stuff, but based on reading posts in his fansites in Korea, his fans skew older (thus, not a lot of them are going to be voting multiple times at university computer labs!).

        Plus, while Seunggi is liked and admired by practically everyone in Korea, I think he has a smaller base of fervent fans (that is, compared to kpop idols) that spread the fandom; whereas, with kpop idols, you usually a larger spread of fans to do the work.

        I think his K-fans are not as concerned about him winning this year since he won last year. Like there’s barely been any mention about the SDA voting on dcLSG and one fan noted it almost has a feel of a boycott there. But still, seriously~~~ people should still vote! I mean, hello… fans if they care should give him a decent showing of votes, even if not in the top 3! Like he’s not even in the top 10 of all countries votes!

        But whatever…popularity votes are great, but I’m always pulling for actual skill-related awards more! Totally surprised that Lee Minho and Kim Hyunjoong were not nominated, 2 guys that are definitely in the next wave of hallyu stars too. So, I’d say this SDA vote isn’t too big of a deal. I just really want My Girlfriend is a Gumiho as a drama to be recognized! I realize more and more how awesome the drama is when I re-watch it!

  4. I am baffled by this as well. Normally I don’t participate in voting as I feel most of them are marketing gimmicks or some such. But I really want MGIG and SG get their well deserved recognition and reward! I hope fans everywhere, not just those in Korea, vote for SG! Go vote, guys!

  5. You can vote many times a day if you clear browsing data/ recent history on web browser, refresh it and vote again. Should choose another real email. Let’s prove Airen’s strength again. Really want to see uri Seung Gi win this year!

  6. Yessss~! I cleared browsing data and managed to vote again! Seung Gi is currently rather low in ranking :(

  7. will vote

  8. OMG! Why didn’t I Know about this???

    Going off to vote ^^

  9. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for the explanation. As you can see, I have been very frustrated by not seeing our lovely SG’s face on the top of the chart! Especially when I feel he is so worthy of it!
    Okay, take a deep breath and calm down. I will just look at his NZ sighting pictures and imagine happier things…
    (but I will continue to vote!)

  10. if you have htc or iphone you can vote many times everyday.
    1-after you voted from the phone
    2-go to SETTING and click application and click MANAGE APPLICATION and find the internet or the browser icon .
    3-after you find it click CLEAR DATA,
    4-and go back and cote again and do the samething as before.
    you do not need real email.

  11. I don’t know what’s happening. voting speed is too slow,we can’t access to that page

  12. hi guys!!! i got the best way of voting Lee Seung Gi repeatedly…actually doing to vote repeatedly..

    1st.. open you yahoo account.
    2nd.. open the site http://kr.promotion.yahoo.com/sda2011/vote_actress_en.html###

    then vote for her the usual ways…
    after that close the voting site and sign out to your yahoo account..
    then sign in again to your account and open the voting site then you can vote again… (you can use a fake name and account while voting..)

    admin please repost…

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