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2010 Seoul Drama Awards, Seunggi cut [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed video and Seunggi’s tweet ***

(cr: rapport2011; tryp96 tumblr) thx rapport for encoding; thx tryp for uploading!

You could tell the MCs were very impressed with our Seunggi too!
Celebs can’t be liked by everyone all the time, but really…
As we always say… Who can’t help but to admire our Seunggi?!

Congrats Seunggi!!

Congrats to all the fans who voted!!!

BTW, out of all the people for Seunggi to receive the award from… it had to be the woman who decided to leave part of her dress at home!  Due to that crazy revealing outfit, Lee Chae Young has topped the online search engines in Korea!  I seriously think the Yahoo Korea president was trying so hard not to look at her.

I’m a girl and I couldn’t help but to stare you know where when she was presenting!  Funny thing is… Lee Chae Young was one of the guests on the Strong Heart episode that featured Rain! I wonder if she made small talk with Seunggi afterwards. Ha. That dress was seriously crazy!

Seunggi’s tweet to fans following the awards ceremony:

I have no time to write on computer, so I’ll leave a tweet to express my thanks! ^^* Receiving the award today was possible because of our fans’ voting, because of everyone’s efforts! Thanks to all the fans for voting day and night in front of the computers^^!!

컴터쓸시간이없어서 트윗에감사인사남깁니다!^^*오늘 수상은 우리팬분들의투표로받은상인만큼 여러분들덕입니다!자나깨나컴터앞에서 열투해주신 모든팬분께 감사^^!!

English: Tryp96

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14 Responses

  1. I feel bad for the 2 other ladies with him. They got ignored while they interviewed LSG.

    Congratz to LSG!! I am hooked on his latest drama, both of them are so cute.

  2. untoldsorrow, it can’t really be help.. they were interviewed by the host before SGi.. but either they were given the questions beforehand or if you noticed, there was an earpiece in the 2 ladies’ ears which i think there is a translator at the sound control room doing the translation of the question….

    they don’t ignored them for purpose… it’s better than trying to ask questions when they don’t really understand the language.. the hosts may be seen as trying to make things difficult for them.. moreover, i’m sure the 2 female stars are not very familiar with the koreans.

  3. Actually, I don’t think this is a straight cut, is it? haven’t checked out the entire show yet… but it seems like the DClsg fan only compiled the interview parts that involved Seunggi into this clip.

    btw, there was a 4th winner (a guy) but he didn’t come to the awards, so it looks like they didn’t recognize him. that seems kind of lame on the part of the Awards ppl, no? But Seunggi had so many vote compared to the others… it was hard not to notice the difference.

  4. oh, the 4th winner is Vic Zhou from Taiwan…. not sure why he didn’t attend..maybe he is busy with filming or already have other schedules which he can’t give up.

  5. Wow, thanks for the translation! He is always humble, he always gives credit to the people behind him…even the president said that he is beloved by everyone! Yes, Seunggi, are you convinced now, that you are loved beyond Korea? This is an international award ok?! And we voted for you, because you really, really deserve it!

  6. He always put a smile on my face every time I read the way he answer question. How come a 23 years old can be so eloquent, sensible, humble, smart, diligent in whatever he do. Well I can go on and on… And I’m very convince that he will be able to make it to the top if you put him in the corporate world. Hwanting LSG! so proud of you!

  7. omg the gathering of my favourite actors/actresses!!! watched all their dramas!! SEUNG GI YAH! You’d better admit that you’re one of the leading hallyu stars!! You’re well-loved beyond Korea! From variety to dramas to albums, your charms have really caught the eyes of the many people around the world. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK but i hope he won’t overwork himself (like he always does) :(

  8. Wow!!! ann , you are the best….:)
    The translation is out already. ^o^

    And you know what!!!
    So is the video w/ sub ^^

    Congrats LSG !!
    And Congrats Airen too!!!

  9. as usual, you’re amazing Rapport! you’re always so precise and accurate… loves it! :) thx a bunch again!

  10. Congrats Seung Gi! I am so very proud of you. God bless you and your family always.

    As always, this young man is so humble.

    I could hardly contain my happiness watching Seung Gi receiving his award (even just on this vid)! I’m just like a mom who is so proud of her son’s achievement :-). I’m not alone though…watch the male MC…he could hardly hide his happiness for Lee Seung Gi! He loves mentioning Seung Gi’s name…and with his smile, he’s just like a proud brother or father of his brother or son’s achievement!!!

    Thank you so much Ann and rapport2010 for the Eng translation and sub. You are the best!

    Congrats to all of us who voted for LSG!

  11. Rapport & Ann, both of you ROCK! A million thanks for the sub video. Lightning fast!

    So happy to have played a part in this award that he received. Brimming with pride & joy when watchign him receive the award. He is so humble, as always.

    The Lee CY was the one who presented SG with the BS award the last time too. Then, she was all covered up in ajumma fashion. Guess this time she decided to show off her asset.

  12. seunggi-sshi congrats!!! i’m so proud of you! you truly deserve the award! btw, he looks gorgeous as always! kekeke! seunggi-sshi fighting! ^_^


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