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Popularity Award nominees, 2010 SBS Drama Awards

*** UPDATED with more netizen award categories and nominees ***

The 2010 SBS Drama Awards is scheduled for Friday, December 31, 2010.  Yay!  This will be daytime in the United States, meaning I can catch the 2010 awards show I’m most dying to see Seunggi at in the morning, and then still party and ring in 2011 later that night!  Come on SBS, please grant LSGfan a good new year’s eve!

Fan can vote in 3 award categories – Netizen’s Popularity Award, Best Couple Award and Popular Drama Award.   Awards are based on online votes (aka, fans organizing to vote!)

Netizen Popularity Award

SBS only chose 5 nominees for each male and female category, and these are some pretty big heavy hitters, veteran and much older.  But this is the popularity award, so let’s see which fans will work tirelessly to vote!

Last year, at the 2009 SBS Drama Awards, Seunggi was up for both the Best Couple Award (with Han Hyo Joo) and this Netizen Popularity Award.  In the end, You’re Beautiful’s Jang Geun Suk fan votes slightly edged out Seunggi’s votes.

However, Seunggi and Hyojoo won the Best Couple Award, beating out Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye.  I think that was way more meaningful.  HwanSung deserved it together!  But would love to see Seunggi score in both netizen categories this year!  It’s very possible.  And more importantly, I want to see him win another acting award this year!  Come on SBS, let’s make it happen!

As for the male nominees here~ I used to be a huge Kwon Sang Woo and Hyun Bin fan, and still like them both.  But definitely want to see Seunggi get this!  As for the female nominees, MinAh’s chances of beating out the other ladies look pretty good!

Best Couple Award ~ Nominees

Brilliant Legacy’s Hwansung couple won the 2009 SBS Drama Best Couple Award, and Seunggi may win again.  My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s Hoi Couple is probably the top contender this year, as this is solely based on fan voting!  Hopefully fans of Shin Min Ah will also organize and vote so that all the burden doesn’t fall on Seunggi’s Airen fans.

But, the couple from Life Is Beautiful is giving Hoi Couple a run for their money.  The drama was highly controversial but also very beloved for portraying a gay couple front and center.

Netizen’s Most Popular Drama Award

All SBS dramas this past year are included as nominees. Daemul, Secret Garden, and Giant will probably get a lot of attention at the awards show since all three recorded high tv ratings and starred older, veteran actors (ie, Go Hyun Jung, Kwon Sang Woo, Cha In Pyo, Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin, Lee Bum Soo).  As expected, these dramas and actors were highlighted in the recently released 2010 SBS Drama Awards video preview.

I’ve been way busy, but plan to watch Secret Garden and probably Daemul.  Heard awesome things about both.  Plus, I still love Hyun Bin from My Name is Kim Sam Soon, and still am a Kim Sun Ah fan due to that drama!  I even watched non-nonsensical drama Snow Queen because of him!

All three dramas also aired more recently, and similar to the awards shows in the United States, it’s no secret that the more high profile dramas are scheduled for the latter part of the year.  They are simply remembered more readily that way.

Who knows what would have been if My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was scheduled for a different time slot other than rival to this year’s surprise hit and highest watched drama Baker King that closed with 50% tv ratings?  But good thing people remember My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s impressive ratings and popularity despite mammoth Baker King ratings, especially since that can’t really be said for the other dramas going up against rival high viewership dramas, particularly targeted trendy dramas!

And all these popularity awards are great, but I am dying to see Seunggi win another Actor Award this year despite the stiff competition!  That would make my new year!

Congrats to Seunggi and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho for these nominations thus far!

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16 Responses

  1. Go seunggi!!!! Hope you win! And can’t wait for hoi couple together again at the awards show!

    hope seunggi win best couple award and netizen popularity award! and actor award!!!!

    spazzzing! seunggi fighting! mgiag fighting!

  2. I hope Seung Gi win all awards he’s nominated in. And doing hoi-hoi with Min Ah after giving their speech as the best couple.^^

  3. I registered in SBS to vote, but I still havent received my confirmation email :(

  4. hohoho~
    I can’t wait to watch the SBS award live
    anyone know where I can watch it live from sbs?

  5. how about non-polling awards? are Lee Seung Gi&MGIG nominated also?

  6. i hope HJW N HB WINNNERRR

    • I am rooting for the hoi hoi couple, they are really so cute together and have left deep impressions on viewers. It will really be a good year-end present for me.

  7. This year has been a successful year for SBS in terms of quality dramas and very good actors fronting its sceen time.Giant, Daemul and secret garden are very well written with excellent actings.MGIG though not there in term of plot and storyline is still enjoyable.

    While it is true that Secret Garden has the advantage of still being shown , the PD team and the writer have to be given credit for coming up with a fresh approach the plots of Kdramas. The actors made it happen too. Daemul is without dount very professional with top notch actings from all the main stars. They are just very professional.HB and HJW on screen compatibility is very natural and the storyline makes it better.They have more acting expereince though and clearly this is the major deciding factor .The BTs scene is warm,fun and relaxing and this helps in the whole production of this drama.

    Giant without doubt deserve to have the high rating it so deserved for good plot and acting.

    While LSG still a new horse when comparing to these veteran actors deserved credit for succeeding in bring the character of DW clearly in MGIG,He has done well though there is always room for future improvement. He has come far as a very talented actor. It is good to see SMA after a long absence in Kdrama, And hopefully we can see more of her too next year.

    Good luck to all and may the most deserving one win for its own merit. Good luck LSG hope you bag one or more home again this year.:)

  8. Secret Garden is one tough opponent.

    • as long as the fans(LSG & SMA) are united and vote for them, nothing is impossible.

      Overseas fans should try to register and vote for them as well..!

  9. i have registered in SBS website early last week too but did not receive any confirmation e-mail from them yet. Where should we write to?

    • I registered long time ago so I can’t remember the details. just checked SBS and it’s hard to understand the fineprint; you have to go through a process to submit a question for help.

      maybe you can ask the resident korean-english DClsg rep – DC_SeungGall twitter about it.

  10. LSG&SMA couple are the only one who looks happy in the pics….everyone is so chick…they’re the only one who looks like a cute couple…ha

  11. I already registered, sent my ID image but still has not received confirmation from SBS, hic. Hope Hoi Hoi will win best couple, miss them so much <3

  12. for the overseas fans, SMA overseas fans are voting really hard for this as well. ^^

  13. plus the minah fans in korea are voting hard as well!
    hoping the best for HOI HOI couple.

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