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Best Couple Award SeungGi~HyoJoo, 2009 SBS Drama Awards [EngSubs]

2009 SBS Drama Awards ~ Best Couple
Seunggi and HyoJoo win the Best Couple Award, voted online and via text message by fans at the December 2009 SBS Drama Awards. Brilliant Legacy’s Hwan-Sung couple beat out the competition from some high-level drama couples (You’re Beautiful, City Hall, Star’s Lover, Cain and Abel, Smile You, etc.) Will we Seunggi as one half of the Best Couple Award again in December 2010?!

(cr: ENGrapport)

2009 SBS Drama Awards ~ Intro (Top 10 Stars; LSG-HHJ cuts)
Seunggi and Hyojoo looked so great walking in together! Loved all the clips they showed of Brilliant Legacy and Hwan-Sung! Watching these clips makes me sort of miss them Hwan and Eunsung together…

(cr: ENGrapport)

Seunggi and Hyojoo looked great winning the Best Couple Award!

They looked really great walking down the red carpet together…

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13 Responses

  1. i sooo love the HwanSung couple as much as i do the hoi hoi.. im betting that hoi hoi will win this year’s best couple award.. cant wait! :)

  2. love the last video too! it started and ended with HwanSung kissing.. :)

  3. ahhhhhhh. after brilliant legacy, i was shipping Hwansung couple. but after mgiag, i changed ship and it was Hoi Couple. but now seeing these vids and their kiss and with mgiag done, i might have to start shipping hwansung again. i love them seunggi and hyojoo both so much!

    • LOL.. one thing’s for sure.. we all love Seung Gi whoever his partner may be.. :) love HwanSung (miss them badly.. :( ) and love hoi hoi too.. :)

      HwanSung couple is cute and sweet while Hoi hoi couple is cute and funny! Good job Seung Gi! you never fail to bring the best out of you partners which made us love them too! :)

  4. i ship both seunggi couples! I ship Hoi Couple but i dont like seunggi and shin mina in real life together.

    i ship HwanSung couple but i think i ship seunggi-han hyo joo real life couple! does hyo joo like seunggi? they look so happy during japan trip.

  5. i’m probably one of a few that’s not hot on the idea of Hoi Couple as real life couple. I adore Hoi Couple and love shin min ah, but something about seunggi with minah in real life is eh… i’m not sure why. and it’s not because i’m jealous of SMA! ha ha ha ha.

    but seunggi and hyojoo seems ok. maybe b/c HHJ has a more outgoing personality than the more reserved SMA. I feel like seunggi would have to do too much of the work in getting SMA to laugh and talk, like he’d have to more of the work – whereas with HHJ, she would be the bubbly one and bring out all the laughs in seunggi and vice versa.

    plus, seunggi has just way too many reserved women in his life! hope he gets to be with someone more outgoing and free/liberated than him. actually, how about we have him be with no one! Ha!

    • Thanks Ann for the videos down memory lane of sbs drama award 2009.I do admire SMA as an actress.She is sexy and beautiful but I tend to feel that LSG seems to have to work harder to draw SMA out of her shelf too.She is far too quiet and cautious. While with HHJ maybe because of her personality there is a natural bonding and kinship whenever they are together and the vibe is always cheerful and fun. It is good therapy for him with the long hours of work .LSG seems to be carefree and laugh alot whenever he is with her from the BTS of BL and Japan promotion BTS .Even HHJ too. They seem to complement each other and both of their careers seem to take off well after their encounter.It is not often you have such positive vibes between 2 actors.This is just of the one factor why BL is a sucess even though both their actings during BL were good but not that good to be at the same professional level as the other seasoned actors.Ther was room for improvement.They have since improved a lot from Dongyi and MGIG respectively.

  6. wow………they’re wonderfull……..I really love them…….in Brilliant legacy.Make them become a real couple……….and I wait the BL season 2………,Their chemistry in BL is relly really……wonderful…..They always remembered as endless love couple………

  7. Really miss Hwan Sung couple……….!!!

  8. Love Seung Gi ang Han hyoJoo………………………

  9. Hwang Sung forever! even though seung gi is dating yoona,i’ll always ship for seung-joo couple.love both seung gi-hyo joo as persons and as a couple.seung-joo fighting!

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