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Hoi Couple performance + interview, Hope Concert [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***

[Original post, Nov. 22, 2010] Hoi Couple reunites at Seunggi’s Nov. 21, 2010 Hope Concert.  Seunggi sings I love you from Now On, from the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST with footage of the Hoi couple playing on the jumbo screen.  Seeing those clips while Seunggi sang made me miss the drama and Hoi Couple all over again!  And then out of nowhere, surprising all the fans, Miho (aka MinAh) showed up on stage and Daewoong (aka Seunggi) serenaded her!  Watch and weep!

Seunggi-Minah interview, the hoi~hoi, intro of drama cast [ENG]

(video: Rapport2010)

Aw, Seunggi is such a sweetie, and so MC-like of him to make sure the guest (aka SMA) feels welcomed.  And kudos to the Airens, Seunggi fans, for showing a lot of love for Minah, despite being incredibly jealous with envy!  Ha.  Minah’s so sweet to Seunggi, fans can’t help but to like her.

Awesome BTS footage, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho filming [ENG]

Seunggi filming, thinking, reflecting, smiling! These cuts better show up in the MGIG DVD! Omg, at the scene where Daewoong grabs the Vet instead of Miho! Love the Daewoong-Miho selca photo sessions! They chose some really great footage and definitely know that fans always love a smiling and laughing Seunggi the most!

(video: Rapport2010)

Ok MGIG and Hoi Couple fans ~ Can we please get some overseas promotion of the drama in Japan and China early next year?!  I want to see the return of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho drama in the news!

Plus, MGIG and its ratings seem even more impressive now, seeing how some of the other current high profile dramas are struggling ratings-wise even without a big ratings goliath like drama Baker King around!  I’m just loving the continued critical praise and public love for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and the Hoi Couple!  Now, let’s just get it the full attention it deserves with overseas promotion please!

Hoi Hoi…  ha ha ha ha…

(image: DClsg)

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17 Responses

  1. thanks for always translating the videos, Ann! you and Natt are always my number 1 sources of everything Lee Seung Gi!

    and yeah! MGIG would definitely be a big hit overseas! can’t wait to have it shown here.. :D

  2. Dear Ann,

    Love you and love you love MGIG.

    SMA really pulled off a feat here. As THE GUY’s girl (ex or not), crashed into his party full of screaming, hot blooded, thousands and thousands other girls…Wow, it’s like dancing with wolves or swimming with sharks (no offence, girls, please. If only I could go, I would gladly be a wolf/shark.).

    SG behaved like a perfect gentleman. A gentleman with a great voice.

    I think this clip will tide me over until the promised DVD comes out.

  3. Like the others, I just can’t wait for the DVD to come out. BTW how long does it take and where can I get it as I am not from Korea?
    Wouldn’t it be nice to see them not just reel couples but real couples?
    Hope to see more videos and photos.
    What will Hodong comment on Strong Heart? That is soemthing worth waiting for.
    More power to whoever is responsible for this site.

  4. Ann, Thank you so very much for the translation and for sharing. :)

    This make me want to watch MGIG again. Oh, I just love this Hoi Couple! They are so cute together!

  5. Ann,

    Thanks so much for translating and sharing this for us MGIG fans. We sure love and thanked LSG for sharing his concert stage for the couple reunion since their drama ended. He sure made up for not giving post-MGIG interview back in October even if Minah gave one. I just love their mutual respect and admiration for each other that’s why up to now the overflowing love of the fans is really awesome.

  6. Ann, thank you for the translation!!

  7. The dvd is coming out? Is it confirmed? I have to get this!!!

    I wish I was there for the concert, I would be such a screaming fanboy, haha.

    • I certainly hope so. Read on the China SG Cafe site that it is promised. Also saw at least 4 SBS broadcast vans in fan photos. Surely they would not let this come to waste. Even if they just package part of the concert in MGIG DVD I would be happy.

  8. hello ann!
    ive been following your blog, or like been visiting your blog ever since i’ve watched MGIAG.
    but really, i became a fan of seunggi after watching the drama. and Minah too. :)) but i know them a long time ago. anyways


  9. ann, thank you very much, i really love this video. :)
    MGIG won’t be replaced, forever…

  10. hi.. I really want to watch this video but it’s not available anymore. where can I watch this? please and thanks =D

  11. OMG!!! Thank you so much, Rapport and Ann!!!

  12. hoi hoi couple… so adorable!!
    big thanks to Rapport and Ann :)

  13. hoi hoi so cute love it……..so so so so much i really love them i really want them to be the real couple. It’s impossible but am hoping :) thanks so so so much Miss ann wonderful posts.. youe make smile :) thank you..

  14. you guys…remember the cutest scene ever in MGIG??for me..it would be totally when Miho was at Daewoong house, enjoying luch with aunty and grandpa when aunty ask minah to taste other food beside meat…hoi couple looks the cutest and real ever…like it when miho spoon-feed daewoong..haha..luv them so much!!

  15. hai ann,,
    i really love Hoi Hoi couple.. now i watch MGIG on 8tv malaysia..

  16. Love this drama and they are so perfect & cute together …. Love them muaxxx

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