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Recap of 1N2D Awards [2010 KBS Entertainment Awards]

Korea’s most popular variety show, 1 Night 2 Days, had a good showing at the 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards.  Four of its five members were nominated for awards, with three winning awards:  Best Entertainer Award (Eun Ji Won), Excellence in Entertainment Show (Lee Soo Geun), and the second highest award following the Daesang~ Best Excellence in Entertainment Show (Lee Seung Gi).

Happy Sunday programming of 1 Night 2 Days and Man’s Qualification won the Best Program Award for the third straight year.  And although nation’s MC Kang Ho Dong didn’t win the Daesang Award, he won the previous years in 2009 and 2008.

Awards aside, “nation’s variety show” 1N2D remains super popular and beloved, and consistently logs the highest viewership ratings among variety shows and continues to be among the top 3 most watched broadcast segments in Korea.  Congrats once again to 1N2D, its members, and production and crew!

1 Night 2 Days ~ Awards

Best Entertainer Award
2010 – Eun Ji Won, Park Myung Soo
2009 – Lee Ha Neul, Kim Sung Won, Kim Tae Won
2008 – Category did not exist (instead there was Popularity Award – Lee Seung Gi)

Excellence in Entertainment Show
2010 – (Male) Lee Soo Geun, (Female) Goo Hara
2009 – Lee Soo Geun, Shin Bong Sun
2008 – Shin Bong Sun

Best Excellence in Entertainment Show
2010 – (Male) Lee Seung Gi, (Female) Hwang Soo Kyung
2009 – Park Mi Sun
2008 – Jung Eun Ah

Watch Seunggi’s acceptance speech –
2010 KBS Entertainment Awards Best Excellence in Show winner Lee Seung Gi!

Aw, the 1N2D hyungs are so sweet and I love Hodong’s excitement…

Aw, MC Yoo Jae Suk really loves SeungGi even outside of Happy Together…

Best Program Award
2010 – Happy Sunday (1 Night 2 Days; Man’s Qualifications)
2009 – Happy Sunday (1 Night 2 Days; Man’s Qualifications)
2008 – Happy Sunday

And as mentioned previously, although Kang Ho Dong did not win the 2010 Daesang, he won the award the previous two years for 2009 and 2008.  2010 Daesang Award winner Lee Kyung Gyu won for his MC role on Happy Sunday’s Man’s Qualifications.  And he got major well-deserved respect from all the hoobae (junior) entertainers.

Other highlights

Kim Seung Woo from KBS Win Win got a warm greeting from Tuesday night rival show MCs Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi, who helm SBS Strong Heart, but were representing KBS 1 Night 2 Days on this evening.  Could’ve been awkward but consummate pro HoDong enthusiastically presented Kim Seung Woo with the Rookie Award later on.  Ironically, Kim Seung Woo, who was looking uncomfortable, presented SeungGi with the Best Excellence in Entertainment Show Award.

And Gag Concert’s infamous Wang BiHo (also a member of Happy Sunday’s Man’s Qualifications), notorious for roasting celebs and kpop idols in particular showed up.  Feared for his hilarious yet brutally truthful depictions and commentaries while his victims are seated before him in the audience, Wang BiHo showed a lot of love for SeungGi!  Yet showed no mercy to MCs Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Shin Dong Yeop, Lee Kyung Gyu, and Kang Ho Dong!  This chracter is so freaking hilarious, and they say you’ve really hit the big leagues once Wang BiHo gets to you!

And SeungGi was all laughs during Wang BiHo’s corner, giving him the thumbs up…

VIDEO ~ Gag Concert Wang BiHo – SeungGi cut [ENG]

(credit: ENGrapport; EngTrans: LSGfan)

[Not in the clip~ Later Wang BiHo compliments HoDong and then in his usual way roasts him immediately afterward! Aw, I really hope people stop with this SeungGi and HoDong thing!]

(Images: As Labeled, Seunggilin, Prella;  Awards information: KBS )

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7 Responses

  1. omg…thank u sooo much…i really wantd to kno wat was being said in the gag show part…btw this is like a side note…i was just wondering if you will be recapping the 1n2d shows anymore…its a request coz i kno how busy life can be but i really enjoyed your recaps…1n2d and esp. strong heart coz subbed episodes of the latter is soo hard to come by…but mainly i just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks at maintaining this wonderful site so that all lee seung gi fans can keep updated…

  2. Thanks Ann., Been dying to know what the two comedians said about Seung Gi.

  3. Sometimes I think a “roast” can go too far. Of course the target has to take it in stride. But mean and spiteful things can do some damage, or at least hurt feelings. I believe that HD and SG are made of stronger stuff and they would just laugh this off.

  4. I especially like the comradeshhip among all the members. Very warm and touching indeed,

  5. finished watching the awards show. thanks for the recap! kbs loves uri seunggi! lots of camera flashes to him during the show! and thanks so much for explanation of gag concert skits! congratulations to uri seunggi!

  6. just finished watching the whole event, after downloading it via torrent.. and i just wanna share some gif’s i made..

    isn’t he the cutest?! :D

  7. thx prella. very cute.

    ok, news out yesterday that “Wang Bi Ho” will be no more in the new year! Yoon Hyung Bin just recorded his last Gag Concert Wang Bi ho skit the other day. Glad that we got to see Wang Bi Ho – SeungGi before this crazy character is retired!

    Loving the video cut! it might seem a bit too much, but those familiar with the popular Gag Concert segment know that it’s all in the name of love and admiration. Kudos to nation’s MC Hodong and Seunggi for taking it in stride!

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