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Is 2010 SBS Drama Awards hinting at potential winners?

2010 SBS Drama Awards preview screencap.  Is SBS trying to tell us something?!

Funny preview for the 2010 SBS Drama Awards

(video: tryp96)  You can also watch the preview at~ DClsg post.

Preview basically highlights 4 dramas:  Daring Woman, DaeMul, Giant, and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  And ends with the screencap of the above 9 actors who starred in each of those 4 dramas.  Love how they played Seunggi’s OST song Losing My Mind during his clip!

Hm, is this what we think it means?  SBS better not be playing around or else fans are going to be VERY mad!

A good sign that all the 9 actors will be at the awards show!  So looking forward to seeing Seunggi and sunbae Go Hyun Jung catching up again like they did per fancams from the 2010 Baeksang Awards!  She looked so proud of Seunggi!

Really hope Seunggi gets to meet the other veteran sunbae actors during the awards show!  By the way, he’s the youngest person in the screencap!

And per DClsg, SBS decided to scrap the yearly Netizen Popularity Award that goes to one male or female actress. Netizen Popularity Award is back on.  And per earlier Popularity Award nominees post, Netizens Popularity Award, Best Couple Award and Most Popular Drama Award will be voted on by fans.

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