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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Oct 19, 2010): Seunggi, Gumiho’s Sung Dong Il on Win Win

October 19, 2010

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below.
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
9- SBS Strong Heart = 12.5% (8- Seoul = 14.8%)
10- KBS Win Win = 11.8% (11- Seoul = 12.4%)

TNS Media
7- SBS Strong Heart = 11.9% (5- Seoul = 12.4%)
9- KBS Win Win = 11.8% (7- Seoul = 11.8%)

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media)

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Okay, caught up on watching both Strong Heart AND Win Win online.

Ratings for Strong Heart were not so great for the second straight week.  As expected KBS Win Win’s part 2 interview with Kim Jae Dong drew in a lot of viewers again.  Also last week’s preview showed DJ Doc’s Lee Han Neul making a surprise visit, as well as MC Kim Seung Woo’s wife, actress Kim Nam Joo (her MBC drama Queen of Reversals just started; a follow-up to hit Queen of the Housewives)…

Ironically, Win Win’s latter half of Tuesday’s episode featured actor Sung Dong Il (aka Action School Director Ban from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)!  He’s currently in KBS drama Runaway, and is at the peak of his career, getting much love for his memorable characters as well as drama and film hits.

Sung Dong Il even showed up on Win Win as Action School Director Ban,  dressed in long trench coat, sunglasses and toothpick, and walked on to the set to the love theme music played whenever he and Daewoong’s aunt were together.  I wasn’t into his character but Sung Dong Il the person is very cool and super confident!

When asked, he said he was happy to be working with beautiful women like Lee Na Young and Shin Min Ah.  And he talked about their different personalities…

He said Lee Na Young from Runaway is very free-spirited and laid back even though her image tends to have a more regal feel; she’d come out and drink with the guys.  As for MinAh, he said she has an incredibly reserved personality and doesn’t tend to say much.  He joked that he thought she had some sort of speech disorder.  (I guess MinAh only showed her more extroverted free-spirited side around Seunggi!  Ha.)

Part 1 of the interview with Sung Dong Il was hilarious.  I wish they asked more questions about My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, but it’s KBS and he was there more so to promote drama Runaway. Would so love to see Seunggi and Sung Dong Il together on a variety show.  I can only imagine how much fun the 2 guys had filming…

Some speed round Q and As related to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Q: Which did you watch, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or Runaway?
A: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Q: Lee Young Sook (Daewoong’s aunt)…
A: Lovely.

Q:  It’s very likely that you’ll be up for awards at SBS and KBS, which will you attend?
A: Whichever pays me more money.
(When told that you don’t get paid to go, he joked he’ll go to neither).

Q: Show us your singing talent that can best Lee Seung Gi.
A: I can’t.

When pressed by the MCs about watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho over Runaway, Sung Dong Il said he had no choice!  He was with 100+ cast and crew at the wrap party to watch the final episode live.  He joked it’s not like he could stand up and switch the channel to Runaway!  He also said Rain called him during the wrap party, but Sung Dong Il told him it wasn’t a good time to talk!

Even though I’m still not wowed by KBS Win Win at all, particularly the MCs, I can see why actors might like going on this show.  It highlights the guest’s career via video montage (similar to Hodong’s Golden Fishery Kneecap Guru show) and focuses solely on that one guest.  I guess you could say it is the exact antithesis to rival show Strong Heart in that way.  The show is also not chaotic, loud, and showy like Strong Heart, so I can see why some viewers might gravitate towards Win Win.

One of the criticisms of Strong Heart has been its tendency to focus on a few guests while giving short shrift to the other guests.  Basically, too many guests.  Yes, that’s annoying too, bringing on guests that don’t even get a chance to talk.  But what really annoys me is the terrible, really bad editing of each episode and the parts of the show that feel more like freak show Star King and less talk show Strong Heart.

Okay with that said, a few Seunggi Strong Heart highlights…

Seunggi wants to be reborn as Lee Seung Gi or Leo DeCaprio?

Actor Jung Chan told a story about how he was mistaken for JYP (aka CEO to Wondergirls, 2pm, 2am, Miss A, etc).  He later ran into JYP at some event and told him about the mistaken identity incident thinking it was funny; however, JYP seemed surprised and not that impressed to be compared to Jung Chan!

Guests chime in, say that JYP is a super confident guy and he doesn’t necessarily think/realize that he’s not very good looking!  Seo In Young says that when she recorded Family Outing with JYP, he has so much self confidence that JYP thinks he’s like Leo DiCaprio!  That gets everyone laughing…

They start talking about various people they would be reborn as.  Seunggi asks Hodong whether he’d choose to be reborn as Jang Dong Gun or Hodong.  Hodong says he would still prefer to be reborn as himself, that he likes and is used to his small eyes and chubbiness!  Hodong asks Seunggi:  “Would you be reborn as Lee Seung Gi or Leo DiCaprio?”  Seunggi pauses.  Audience shouts out “Lee Seung Gi!”  To which Seunggi jokingly responds, “I’d like to consider Leo DiCaprio too.”

Seunggi admits to thinking about the 13.avi video!

Danny Ahn had told a story last week about how guest Lee Jung Jae whom he’s dong a musical together with, had saved a bunch of video files on his personal laptop.  Danny and another guy decided to look at folder because it was labeled as if they were language tutorial videos.  However, the files were in fact porn (which Korean celebs seem to love talking about on shows!)  So of course they watched the videos(!) and told an embarrassed Lee Jung Jae that 13.avi was the best.  Later, when Danny checked out the laptop again, all the other files except that one file had been deleted!

So on Tuesday’s ep, when Danny’s story was titled 19 something, Seunggi quickly asks if he needs to have his 19 age warning sign ready to which Danny said the story is actually about his mom.  Laughter.  Seunggi quickly apologizes with perfect timing.  Hodong jokes that Seunggi must have been thinking of something else, to which Seunggi admits he couldn’t help but think of 13.avi! Ha ha ha ha.

Next week’s Strong Heart…

Expect a preppy Seunggi outfitted in a light pink salmon hue sweater.  I’m liking it already.  But I’m still not into the trimmed short haircut at all!  I know I need to get over it, but it still kills me to think his Stylist preferred this blah short cut compared to a more grown out, wispy front side bangs style!  Seunggi’s hair seems to grow out fast, so I’m so waiting for that to happen!

Next week’s guests will include:  Psy, 2pm guys, 2ne1’s Dara and Park Bom, Brown Eyed Girls Gain, and others.  Looks to be pretty epic.  Strong Heart just loves bringing on idols; I think PD Park has some close ties to that based on his prior work.

It’ll be interesting to see if KBS Win Win’s ratings remain strong.   The show will be continuing its interview with Sung Dong Il.  Preview showed drama co-stars Rain, Lee Jung Jin, and Lee Na Young appearing on as surprise guests.

Criticism about last Tuesday’s Strong Heart…

Lots of fans were worried after a few critical articles came out following last week’s ratings and the heavy focus on Seunggi, mainly because it’s like super rare to see anything negative written or said about Seunggi, right?!  ^___^  But in reality, the articles and message board comments were mostly directed at the show, PD Park, and Hodong.  I just hope fanboys PD Park and Hodong take note!

Seunggi’s the youngest guy of the bunch; it’s not like he’s the type to argue against what his older sunbaes choose to do, especially with Hodong.  Typically, Seunggi really has no choice but to go along with the flow.  That’s why in earlier episode with veteran MC guests, they said they really empathized with Seunggi because working with Hodong takes a lot of energy.

Fan account about this episode’s recording…

Per DClsg fan account from last Thursday’s Strong Heart recording (set to broadcast next Tuesday), they said it really seemed like Seunggi and Hodong stayed to their scripted lines on their cue cards throughout the recording.   Also the filming was shorter than usual, and Seunggi did not do the gag joke corner.

More importantly, Seunggi was all smiles.

To celebrate Strong Heart’s one year anniversary, fans from SeungSun Love fan cafe prepared gifts and dinner for the all the staff and guests on this day…

Supposedly, there wasn’t a lot of attention on Seunggi stories during the recording, except for short congratulations for winning the KAA Best Advertising Model Award.  Fans in the audience yelled out congrats to him to get it started.  Just hope PD Park finds a good balance and doesn’t go the other extreme and totally edit out all things Seunggi now.  I probably wouldn’t watch Strong Heart if Seunggi wasn’t MCing.

Per usual, LSG screencap mashup from Nani’s blog…

Watch LSG video cuts from last week’s episode:

Read more about last week’s episode:

(credit: screencaps ~ Korean news sites; DClsg; SBS)

Ratings last week ~ October 12, 2010

AGB Nielsen
8- SBS Strong Heart = 13.0% (Seoul = 15.0%)
9- KBS Win Win = 12.3% (Seoul = 13.1%)

TNS Media
7- SBS Strong Heart = 11.9% (Seoul = 12.6%)
8- KBS Win Win = 10.4% (Seoul = 10.2%)

See all Strong Heart ratings at top tab.

15 Responses

  1. i love how you compare both show…
    nice reading this! well done!!!

  2. i totaly agree with you.the most annoying of the show is the editing,they make the guest look crazy.like laughing hilariously over something not that funny.
    i hope they cut off the number of the guests.now the show is over 1 year and it need a change.or find a way to balance between the guest because is not fair.
    about on seung gi i dont like it too(but i watch the show for him)but after all he is the host.i prefer watching his reactions and witty comments..
    i wish they find a way to improve the show.and the EDITING.

  3. producer want to have many guests on the show because
    he thought the rating would be 20%..
    it’s impossible..
    i hope the producer would reduce the guest..
    yesterday watching was very boring..
    i hope next week would be more fun.

  4. ann…
    I want to ask if seunggi is considered an idol singer or not? theres so many articles out there that puts him in the same category as an idol…I don’t think he is, but if yes, then rain also would be called an idol…LOL

  5. Dear Ann,

    Thanks for a lovely recap and insightful critique.

    Very interesting about a reserved SMA…makes her more likable in my book. She and Seung Gi do seem to click, don’t they?

    I watch SH for Seung Gi only. He is great at interacting with the guests. I only wish the guests themselves (and their stories) are more varied.

  6. in kpop “idol” seems to refer more to boybands and girlgroups with fanatic type followings. while soloists (even Rain) are not usually called idols. maybe in his younger days.

    press only uses idol for seunggi when they want to write an article lumping him in with other actor-singers or variety star peers! lsg really seems to have fans of all ages but i get the sense on korean sites like DClsg, that many of his deeply ardent fans are in their late 20s, and more in their 30s and 40s. not your typical idol fanbase, eh?!

    thankfully for seunggi that’s a really good thing…
    so many sad stories about once popular idols becoming unknowns. lifespan on idol fame is not long. which is why they say idols try to transition into acting early on. plus b/c there are so many boybands and girlgroups and so many individual members(!), it’s supposedly hard to get noticed once the group disbands.

    a lot of us lsg fans watch SH b/c of seunggi… so please PD Park, don’t edit out all the seunggi stories! we’ll be so sad! Just improve the show as a whole and things should be fine.

  7. thanks ann for the recap. i dont watch the show raw anymore. not understanding anything for a talkshow makes me frustrated. thank god we have you who are so kind to always share recap with us and even do translation and natt,tryp who share the video cuts and rapport who subs the videos. how lucky can we us fans get? i’m sooo thankful to you angels!

    and since i dont watch the whole show, cant comment anything about the editting etc. howevers, its very obvious though that the sequence of events doesnt look real n choppy. yes, i hope they dont completely edit out Seunggi. just improve the show by balancing everything better.

  8. thanks…to LSGfan.wordpress.com for the explaination.. it had been bothering me for some times about “idol” Seung gi and thankfully he do not fall into that category…the word “idol” never give me a good feeling in kpop…for some reasons it is not convenient to say out…

  9. to LSGfan.wordpress.com……I agreed he has fans of all ages cos I am a fan of LSG in my mid-fifty and a grandma. I bought his original CDs and watched most of his shows if I have a chance even my children exp. my son was puzzled but they always respect my hobby and my privacy.. in my family we will called LSG nickname..”tutor” cos of the drama..the Chill sisters or the 7 princessess… and now we stuck to it..

    • regina, this is so cute! hahaha. Seung Gi is like another member of your family! So cute.
      Wish I can share my ‘love’ for Seung Gi with my family members. They just dont understand what is so good, so special, so different about this guy. Sigh…
      ‘love’ is older sister love, of course! Haha

  10. THANK YOU ANN! for the recap, the explanation about idols in Korea. And also letting us know about Win Win.
    Getting rather nervous for Seung Gi bcos SH ratings are not what it used to be (15% – 16% right?)
    Nervous that the press will take the opportunity to blame the rating on Seung Gi, just to lace their story with something negative about Seung Gi for once?

  11. thanks..purple1n2d..for your thought…. it is very sweet of you..thank again.

    My son has very high praises for LSG for his talents..[mind you my son is 3yrs senior then LSG] and infact my son ordered online and paid for the CD and give me as a gift. Even my husband has very high respect for LSG. There is no words to describe him but LSG is just simply marvelous

    • Dear regina,
      Your family is lovely…I consider myself a (very) elder sister to SG but cannot share my love for him with my family. I think it’s a culture thing. You see we are not Koreans. However, I just feel a very strong affinity to all things Korean. Can’t explain why. Maybe I was a Korean in my previous life???

  12. to be honest, I’ll prefer LSG as the guest rather than the MC lol!!

    not because he is bad at emceeing, but his SH’s job seems to make him difficult to make an appearance in other show. I want to see him on other show like sketchbook, KimJungEun’s chocolate, etc, even in KBS Winwin.

    well, I think he’d better be an mc in other non-permanent emceeing show.

  13. thanks AnnMichelle…it very sweet of you… sorry for making you so uncomfortable with my side of story…..I am not a Korean but Chinese Asian [ not from China] but currently living in the US. You must loved and enjoyed what you have been doing now…to care and loved somebody..it can be anybody..it doesn’t matter…infact it take alot of courage and effort to care and love the person you admire..that make you a very beautiful lady…trust me and you can never go wrong..

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