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Han Hyo Joo talks about her friend Seunggi [Article]

Brilliant Legacy Hwan-Sung fans don’t faint!  Han Hyo Joo just wrapped filming of super long saguek drama Dong Yi and she sat down for some press interviews on October 20th.  Among the many things she discussed, she shares her thoughts on staying in touch with Seunggi ~ His encouraging words ~ Getting his phone call ~ Watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho kiss scenes ~ Seunggi as friend and his textbook advice ~ Preferring actor Ji Jin Hee sunbae ~ thoughts on actor-singer Seunggi…

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[These are excerpts pertaining to what HyoJoo said about SeungGi from various articles; this is not one seamless interview.  Only select excerpts are translated]…

Her gratitude towards same-aged friend Lee Seung Gi’s advice

Whether it was due to being able to relax or because of body aches, after completing filming for “Dong Yi,” Han Hyo Joo revealed “I feel as if I’ve overcome a big mountain in which there seemed to be no end in sight.”  In particular, she aroused a lot of curiosity when she said “There were times when things were so hard I wanted to give up, but Lee Seung Gi’s advice helped me.”

Han Hyo Joo said “I still keep in touch with Seung Gi every now and then.  And seeing that I got a phone call right at a time when things were really tough for me, I complained to him that things were difficult.  At that time Seung Gi was able to clearly pinpoint my problem.  Seung Gi said  ‘If you say it’s hard once, then things really start to get difficult’ and I was really able to identify with that statement.”  She said  “After that, I never once let out that things were hard.”

Same age peers, Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi were perfectly matched in 40% viewership ratings popular drama Brilliant Legacy.”

Getting a phone call from Seunggi after Dong Yi ended

Actress Han Hyo Joo talks about her ongoing connection to singer-actor Lee Seung Gi after their well matched chemistry shown in last year’s SBS drama Brilliant Legacy.

She revealed “Whether I’m starting a project or wrapping up one, I am in contact with Lee Seung Gi every now and then.” She added “Somehow he knew about the final episode broadcast of Dong Yi. Afterwards I heard from him and he said ‘You did a good job. Let’s meet up once before the end of the year.’ I was really thankful.” She said with a laugh, “I know very well how Seunggi lives his life.”

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Seunggi’s kiss scenes, Shin Min Ah

When asked whether she had watched Lee Seung Gi’s drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, she said “Ironically, each time I tuned in, they were all kiss scenes” and added with a laugh, “he did better job compared to Brilliant Legacy.”  She shared, I had already received a text message from the Brilliant Legacy PD earlier on saying ‘He’s doing a better job than when he did the kiss scene with you.’ (laughter) I’m not jealous.  The drama’s storyline is fun, and Seunggi also did a good acting job.”

“Shin Min Ah was so pretty.  I was a big Shin Min Ah fan early on.  Soon, after meeting up with Seunggi first, it would be great to see Shin Min Ah too. (chuckles)  Now that I’m finished with filming, I plan to watch My Girlfiriend is a Gumiho from the start.”

Seunggi as a friend and his textbook advice

“I am in contact with Seunggi every now and then, and we also text. Seunggi is like… how would I describe him? He is a very upright friend. From the first time I met him until now, he has not changed; he is a good friend. He says a lot of things to me that give me strength and encouragement.”

However, there were flaws even for “upright guy” Lee Seung Gi. “He definitely gives me advice, but the problem is that it is really formal. (chuckles) I give out non-textbook advice, but that friend always gives textbook example advice. Even still, I think that he is a really good friend. However, next time I would be thankful if he gave me some more varied and different advice. (laughter)”

Then does that mean Lee Seung Gi regularly monitored Dong Yi? “I often monitored My Girlfriend is a Gumiho as well, and Seunggi monitored Dong Yi too. Because he is an actor associated with a very good, memorable, and well-matched previous project, we both had high hopes of wanting the best for our individual projects.”  She said “The Brilliant Legacy team recently met up for dinner but due to the final filming for Dong Yi, I was unable to attend.”

Preferring Ji Jin Hee over Lee Seung Gi

However, the actor she boasted about was Ji Jin Hee, a perfect match able to go beyond Lee Seung Gi. “Even still, it was more fun with Ji Jin Hee sunbae. You say that Seunggi may feel hurt? He has Shin Min Ah, you know. (chuckles) Do you know what a great person Ssunbae is? Even though there is a big age gap, it felt comfortable.”

Seeing Seunggi more as an actor than a singer

“While working with Seunggi, I wasn’t cognizant of him as a singer. For some reason, he didn’t seem like a singer. For me, he is simply an actor.”  She continued, “I don’t at all mean that he isn’t like that of a singer. You cannot misunderstand what I said.”

She emphasized “It’s because I first met him when I was 19 years old on MBC sitcom Nonstop and even then he was a peer actor to me. That’s why him as an actor has a stronger impression,” she explained with a laugh. She added, “Actually it’s also because I haven’t really seen him singing upfront.” She expressed, “For me, Seunggi is a good actor colleague.”

She said, “I see Seunggi more as an actor than a singer. Even though he’s a friend, he also motivates me in a big way. For me, acting alone can be too much, so I respect Seunggi’s ability to handle acting and singing, all things perfectly.”

Thoughts on Seunggi’s music

When asked about her taste in music, she said that she liked indie bands.  She added “I like popular music too” adding “I like YoungWoong JaeJoong’s song.”  She indicated that she came to value TVXQ’s music while filming Telecinema’s Heaven’s Postman with YoungWoong JaeJoong.  However, after hesitating when asked how she felt about Lee Seung Gi’s music, she said in a shaky voice with a chuckle, “I like Seunggi’s music too.”  She said “Although I don’t have the skills to put out a song, if the opportunity presents itself, I would like to perform in a play or musical.”

Sources:  Sports Khan; Asia Today; Star News; DongA; TV Daily; FNN; Sports Chosun

Interesting that the articles were so curious about her relationship and thoughts on Seunggi, even though Brilliant Legacy was more than a year and both have been involved in other dramas since.

HyoJoo’s public relations blitz today following her wrap of drama Dong Yi was almost identical to MinAh’s interview spam following the end of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  And both times, Seunggi’s name rose to the top of the online search items along with each of the actresses.  As usual, where is Hook and Lee Seung Gi interviews?!

Comparing the excerpts from Hyojoo’s interview to MinAh’s recent interview ~ very different in some ways.  Hyojoo is obviously way more extroverted and bubbly while MinAh has a more reserved temperament.  I thought I preferred Hyojoo’s personality, but I think I like Minah’s approach more… has a more mature and deeper feel…

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33 Responses

  1. ommo ommo.. they are still in touch even after their drama has long ended!. im really going to faint now.. :D i hope they end up together soon (in real life).. and would also love to see them together in a drama.. keke.. hwansung fighting! :)

  2. hahaha.. hyo joo watched seung gi MGIG drama too.
    she also saw the kissing?
    how did she feel? lolz!!!

  3. “Same age peers, Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi were perfectly matched in 40% viewership ratings popular drama Brilliant Legacy.”

    yes, I agree with that.

    I always love seeing them together. It seems both are really comfortable with each other. :)

    though, their interaction seems to be more like BFF rather than a boy and a girl..

  4. this news makes my day,:)…but its too bad that HHJ already have a BF…don’t not know if they broke up already, I saw an article saying this in hancinema…its true that their relationship is more like BFF…but I wish that HHJ is the one who would call LSG once in a while…hehe

  5. Wow, what perfect timing! Right after Gumiho’s ending…of course it would be weird if they published it when GUmiho was still on air lol. Wow, Seunggi is really so mature…he gives useful and really good advice…he is so amazing!

  6. Thanks Ann. Love this. Nice to know that Seung Gi has time for friends and not just work and studies.

  7. @chessy03:
    That report was deemed to be just a rumor by Hyo Joo herself last year. lol So she doesn’t have a boyfriend as of now :)

  8. I really like this couple ………^^

  9. I really really like Hyo Joo, and I adore their couple in BL, but right now all my love is for Min Ah ^^ and I want to see Seung Gi and Min Ah together sooo bad ^^

    Seung Gi is such a good guy, he is full of life and soul by the side of many other shoubiz people ^^

  10. i seriously never get the vibe they’re comfortable around each other like this. i havent watched that many bts of BL, now my curiosity shot up lol. they really look like good friends!

    thanks Ann for the translation ^o^

  11. LSG really is a great guy and friend to have!!!!!! Is it just me or is HHJ hinting at something regarding SMA and LSG!! I’m joking, I know she’s just teasing ;)

  12. this article is really perfect. i am sure all LSG♥HHJ fan are super happy right now~ including me!!!

    by the way, i want to hear an advice from seung gi too…

  13. Ann, I do agreed with you on HHJ and SMA approach. SMA is definitely more mature and deeper. I think it got alot to do with personality. Some fans are not happy that she only has good things to say about LSG at the same time killing it.

  14. thank you lsgfan for all your effort to spread LeeSeungGi love. :)

    I didn’t know that LSG is really amazing and so loved by Korean. I thought LeeSeungGi was not that popular. But I was wrong! He is so… wonderful.

    I’m wondering, why there’re always a lot of news from other Kcelebs no matter whether the news is interesting or not.
    But Lee Seung Gi’s is so silence. I rarely found LSG’s news in other Kentertainment portal sites. Whereas I’ve found so many great news about him in here, especially his achievement. etc.

    now about the interview. besides they definitely have different personality, I think SMA is older than HJ. Although I don’t think age can measure someone’s maturity, but that can be a reason why SMA is more mature and deeper than HHJ.

    and the last, I agree with you lsgfan, where is Lee Seung Gi interviews?

  15. Oh My God,this is the best news! Ihad a dream this morning,and in my dream,Seung Gi and HHJ are a couple!and now this news show up,I’m too happy!it’s really rare to see 2 people from the showbitz really close to each other to the extend of giving a call or text to each other,and more than that,they’re monitoring each other’s drama!!It’s not that I don’t like SMA,I really enjoy MGIG,but I will never get over Hwansung couple,they will be always my all time favorite!hahaha…I just love seeing LSG and HHJ together..it will be better if they’re really together in the real life!!hahahaa…

  16. it seems like Hyo joo had a crush on Seung gi,
    since Seung gi gave her a call ^^ hahaha..

  17. seung gi is always a very nice guy [ I personally dont know him ] but that can be misunderstood for his concerned to his co-stars and the people around him and his fans …..let’s not jumped into conclusion without a solid stand cos this might make him very uncomfortable to approach his female friends.

  18. i love seungjoo couple very much…..
    really glad to read the news…

    thank you..

  19. yep… “HwanSung” hardcore fan here just died!

    there…died again… and again…

    ok…gotta go watch Brilliant Legacy to stop myself my dying over and over… thank you!

    • hahaha.. reading your comment along with thay really makes me smile.. that’s beco’z me too im a solid Hwansung couple shipper..and I knew other one her name is haart, she maybe not here to comment but i know how happy she’ll be after she read this article.

      yeah, i never get tired watchiing BL that i already lost count how many times i’ve re-watched it.hehehe

      Ann, thanks for the article

      • count me in!!

        I don’t know which one I love the most, hwansung couple or seungjoo couple ha.. :D

        But, I’m sure that I like them very much both on & off screen.

    Hope see unnie hhj n oppa lsg in next new drama…
    na nomu nomu nomu chuae seungjoo ever =)
    saranghaeyo brilliant legacy

  21. Im so Glad after Read this news =) Hope lee seung gi oppa n han hyo joo unnie have a dating..and be real couple ever..amin^^

  22. oohh.. love them both.. wish they invite han hyo joo to guest in strong heart..

  23. I’m so glad after read the news about HHJ N LSG …….Hope they will be a nice couple in a real life…………

  24. pls update us about lee seung gi and han hyo joo..

  25. seung gi hyo joo……forever……

  26. noooo i think lee seung ki and shin min ah is a real couple immmm forever for seung min [lee seung ki and shin min ah

  27. huhu.. i also follow there trend of there love story
    seung gi hyun and han jo noona …for ever…

  28. Hi Han Hyo Joo You Are The Best…

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