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2010 Rocker LSG vs 2009 Acoustic LSG [Concert promo pix]

(Concert promotion photos: 2010 vs 2009)

New promo photos for Seunggi’s upcoming concert.  Seems different concept-wise, compared to earlier release of 2010 Hope Concert annoucement and video, and also different from last year’s promo shots.  Seunggi with guitar in both, but it’s like 2010 Rocker Seunggi versus 2009 Acoustic Seunggi?  Is Hook going to let him return to his rocker roots at this year’s concert?!  I wasn’t in love with the 2009 pix, but they seem to better match Seunggi’s music style moreso than the 2010 ones?  I think I’d prefer the rocker photos more as a fashion shoot rather than actual concert promos…

2009 promotion photos…

Loved these shots, especially the jacket, accessorized with plaid shirt!

And totally LOVED this look so much! Made me want to snuggle with him! Ha!

Did not like the scarf thing. Maybe it has more to do with the weird awkward pose…

2010 promotion photos

Still not thrilled about the new short cut, but am so happy Stylist actually styled and teased his hair this time! I can’t believe she really used gel/mousse this time!  Yay!

If Seunggi’s going to be doing all pop stuff and ballads, don’t get why Hook put out promos of a Rocker Seunggi…  Hope Seunggi actually gets a chance to rock it out for a few numbers and that these aren’t just merely promo photos.  Hope there are some good surprises planned.  Everyone says nothing beats seeing Seunggi in person.  So to see him + hear him sing live ~ I totally envy you guys!  ^___^

(photo credits: DClsg; Naver blog)

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10 Responses

  1. these photos make me wanna fly to seoul now! XD

  2. did he wear the same boots from last year concert photo?
    im confused.

  3. I like last year’s pictures more, just because it seems a little more Seunggi-like, but I’m not gonna protest ANY of these(:

  4. aaahhh..
    me too so envious to those who can watch him in person and sing live!!!
    I wish i have a lot of money,so that can fly to korea anytime=)))

  5. been wanting to see him perform live, so m hoping for a miracle and someone would join me from phils..

    i sooo want to see him perform live, if not
    HOPE THEY RELEASE A CONCERT DVD, please please!!!!

  6. yep.. Concert DVD is a MUST.
    Can’t we do something like sending request to Hook so that 2009 Hope Concert DVD is released?

    • me too, I really really wanna have Concert DVD, hope that someday I can fly to Korea to see Seunggi’s Concert ^^

  7. i’ll definitely let you guys know how is it. as i’m actually going to go for it.
    just hope i don’t get my lost in seoul getting there.
    its my motivation to try and study for my finals

  8. ohhh good !! cute boy thanks !

  9. ohmagah!
    love love love~~~~~
    i hope i can meet seunggi in indonesia -_______-”’

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