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Gumiho casting is over, let’s move on

(clockwise: Shin Se Kyung, Sandara Park, Jun Ji Hyun, Shin Min Ah)

So in addition to now analyzing SeungGi-MinAh chemistry, seems that some still can’t move on from the final actress casting decision.  Based on early response, looks like most fans and even the press are expecting success for the LSG-SMA pair, but there seems to be a few doubters… actually, not really doubters, more like we-wanted-Shin Se Kyung-instead feeling people!

There’s a mediaus article up on nate questioning whether Shin MinAh is the best choice as SeungGi’s partner, and it’s already got SMA fans riled up because based on the way the reporter’s written about both SMA and SSK, it’s sort of obvious that s/he wanted SSK instead for the Gumiho role.

But the reporter is smart enough to end the article by saying that s/he hopes for overall success for the drama and LSG-SMA; probably to fend off any antis and hate mail!

And nate’s got a poll up with the article…

Poll Question:  Who is the best match for Lee SeungGi’s gumiho?

  • Sandara Park = 9%
  • Shin Min Ah = 52%
  • Shin Se Kyung = 32%
  • Jun Ji Hyun = 3%
  • Another actress = 4%

Based on the 2984 votes thus far, looks like the reporter’s SSK preference is of the minority.  I’m okay with people honestly comparing the pros and cons of any actor/actress but at least try to be fair and not so totally obvious about your personal preferences by writing glowingly about one person but disparagingly about the other.

Also, totally lame to continue to bring in 2ne1’s Sandara Park into the mix just to stir things up when it’s already been confirmed early on that this match was not deeply considered.  People should just leave Dara alone.

As for Jun Ji Hyun, there was serious rumoring that she was debating between SeungGi’s Gumiho versus Rain’s Fugitive.  But it was confirmed yesterday that she won’t be making a drama comeback this year altogether.

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8 Responses

  1. This really very silly of SSK camp to do this sort of thing. Using such tactic will backfire on them. For this I would not trust the polls as well. Just make me recall it is this sort of malicious tactic used in east of eden shit stirring to bring out the anger in LDH fanbase with nonsense write up. They always try to end it with the hope it will be a success thing at the end to hide their intention. I bet this will not end here, there will be more when the drama started. They did this to win in east of eden with their choice.. Just this time we have to not let them succeed.They have to be stop and loudly told this is not acceptable and right.

  2. I don’t think this is necessarily coming from SSK’s camp. this article is def more about the reporter writing a totally unbalanced article. so i wouldn’t take it out on SSK’s ppl. plus, i feel really bad for her b/c the press was rumoring her name all the time… she didn’t necessarily ask for it. Also, you can’t take what the reporters write too seriously… LSG-SMA are going to be fine. and SSK is going to be fine too. :)

    As for Lee Da Hae with East of Eden… I totally understand why she pulled out. i loved the Eden drama, but LDH’s character was really poorly developed later on… esp after rumors that the PDs and wrtiers were trying to give a bigger part ot Lee Yeon Hee b/c of her chemistry with Song Seung Hyun.

    And LDH was supposed to be the main lead but her character was starting to make no sense and LDH said it was hard for her to act/play a character well when she herself couldn’t understand the actions…

    • Ya I definitely agree that ssk also got it rough too. But reporting such acticle is really resorting to a very low act. It is human to do this when the candidate you want so badly to be the one. In the EOE case, it is more than just the pDS, writers, it goes much more deeper which is not nice to write here. The show and the actress chosen should be given a fair chance to succeed.At the end, if history is correct, it will affect the names involved. Even SSK will not be spared if the camp is behind this.

  3. suncine445 – i think you’re being a bit overly dramatic. almost everyone seems to luv shin mina. and people still like sekyung. please don’t make this a bigger issue than it really is. i agree with LSGfan that everything is going to be fine.

  4. I just read the actual article in korean and all the feedbacks .My advice still stands…

  5. i love SMA so much!!!!!…

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