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Stars wear summer essential hats~ fedoras and floppys, plus Seunggi’s obsessive fedora accessorizing on 1N2D

Style M feature on stars who stand out for regularly wearing hats.  Not surprisingly, Seunggi is NOT the only one attached to his fedoras!  It’s definitely the stylish hatwear of choice among stars, along with the summer essential broad-brimmed floppy…

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Gumiho casting is over, let’s move on

(clockwise: Shin Se Kyung, Sandara Park, Jun Ji Hyun, Shin Min Ah)

So in addition to now analyzing SeungGi-MinAh chemistry, seems that some still can’t move on from the final actress casting decision.  Based on early response, looks like most fans and even the press are expecting success for the LSG-SMA pair, but there seems to be a few doubters… actually, not really doubters, more like we-wanted-Shin Se Kyung-instead feeling people!

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Sandara Park favored to act opposite Lee SeungGi?

UPDATE 3 – SBS PD says that it will probably be Lee Min Jung, Shin Se Kyung, or Jun Ji Hyun.  Read more in updated post.

UPDATE 2 – Dara-favored-as-Seunggi’s-Gumiho-girlfriend vs. Dara-as-girlfriend-rumor-is-totally-groundless.  Read more in updated post.  Also includes LSG-2ne1 video clips from Strong Heart.

UPDATE 1 — Gumiho production rep says that Dara Park being favored for the role is “news to him.”  Read more in updated post.

According to Asiae, Sandara Park is being favored to act opposite Lee SeungGi in upcoming drama “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.”  I’d like to know the source…

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LSG fans wait for Gumiho lead actress

(cr: DClsg)

There’s still a lot of anticipation for the the upcoming Hong Sister’s kdrama.  But also a lot of rumors about the casting of the actress, and some miscommunications about production-writer collaborations and broadcast rights.  Seunggi as the male lead has been pretty much the only definitive thing from the start.  So as LSG fans wait in anticipation for things to get finalized, fanmade photoshopped Gumiho posters are surfacing… I kind of like the ghost-like, airy feel; not sure who the girl is.

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Latest rumors about Kdrama “Gumiho”

Here’s the latest scoop about Seunggi’s Gumiho kdrama —
(Thanks tryp for letting me post your blurb here!) :)

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