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Casting finalized for Kdrama Gumiho… OMG!!!

*** UPDATED with photos and tidbits ***


Actress Shin Min Ah will be joining Lee Seung Gi in the upcoming SBS Wednesday, Thursday drama “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.” It has been three years since her last tv drama. A representative with the drama spoke to Star News on the 26th and said,” Shin Min Ah was recently finalized as the lead actress.” (via Star News)

I love Shin Min Ah and can’t believe that she’s joining the drama!  I’m so excited!  Someone had posted on DClsg yesterday that there was a rumor that Shin Min Ah would be the female lead but no one believed it b/c there had been so many untrue rumors up to this point… and the post was eventually deleted.  Hmmmm, someone definitely had the inside track early on!  omg, SeungGi probably can’t believe that he’s going to be acting alongside Shin Min Ah… she is absolutely gorgoeus!

Lee Seung Gi~  Shin Min Ah~~ Fighting!!!!

This is real this time! The news has been confirmed by various news outlets!

Updates and Tidbits

btw, SMA is only 3 years older than LSG and she also attended Dongguk University, just like LSG.  But she studied drama, while our model student SeungGi studied global finance or something like that!  :)

re: filming and LSG’s crazy schedule of activities.  There was news yesterday that due to the upcoming World Cup that’s supposed to go on for about a month starting in mid-June through mid-July, Strong Heart might not be broadcast regularly during that month.  At first, I was really bummed about it but then realized this is great for LSG to focus on filming for his drama during that time.

omg, I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot more of LSG’s Because You’re My Woman… ha ha ha.

omg, their CF companies are going to be soooooo incredibly thrilled!  According to TVcf.co.kr rankings, both LSG and SMA have been in the top 10 for a very long time, in terms of the number of advertisements out within the past 12 months.

DramaBeans post: Shin Mina takes the lead role in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

Just looking at the news photos of LSG and SMA next to each other, I can totally seem them playing boyfriend-girlfriend in the drama.

Various news article photos…

26 Responses

  1. daebak!!!

  2. i don’t know how to react to this news..when they say SSK is going to be the lead female in Gumiho,I was fine with it,although it’s not really a good news, but Shin Min Ah?hmmm.. I watched her in A love to Kill,but I was never be able to finish that drama…is she look a little bit ‘noona’ to Seung Gi?because in my opinion,Seung Gi is better to be paired with someone who is younger or the same age with him in order to get the chemistry…but,let’s see whether SG and SMA can pull this off or not, I hope they could,..but honestly,i’m a little bit dissapointed with the lead female now,..maybe i can change my mind if SMA can pull this off,..

  3. but,I guess I have to thank the casting team to pair our SG with a senior actress, it means that SG can learn more acting skill if he’s paired with someone with a more experience in acting,.I guess I need to be positive on this one,hehe,..

  4. have to admit, i can’t remember SMA’s acting b/c it’s been such a long time. but she def looks the part of gumiho! but it should be about acting too, not just the looks.

    i’m not sure if i think she looks that much older than SSK. To me, SSK looked way older than her 20 yr age. Also i think it might fit better for the role of the gumiho to be a noona b/c LSG’s character falls totally in love with her and becomes sort of hapless around her. in that case, i think SMA fits the bill well.

    So far, looks like LSG fans in korea are totally thrilled. SMA is an A-lister in terms of star power so ppl seem totally shocked (in a good way).

    as for SSK, I feel sort of bad for her. But she lost out to SMA so she shouldn’t feel bad. plus, she’s still more a newbie so she has time.

  5. wow! the funny thing is LSG will now get to kiss Shin Min Ah, Rain’s leading lady when he had a passionate kiss which LSG envied a lot. Hehe

    • ha ha ha ha! omg, you’re so right! if someone has that video clip, let me know and I’ll do the Eng translation on that! :)

      SeungGi is probably totally freaking out! hope he won’t get too nervous around her… he’s said that he’s known to be a bit like that around beautiful women! ha ha ha.

      i’d be jealous but i love SMA, so i’m only happy for LSG.

      • i have the video clip of LSG and SMA NG kissing scene.. .. but has no english sub.. can you translate it?????..
        i love this HOI couple so much….

  6. WOW …. A very well made decision. Wonderful..Going to be one to look forward too in august.:)

  7. zara, i think about the same thing with you. In SH,Seung Gi mention that he wanted the PD’s number of ALTK drama,and now he’s going to be in the same scene with the lady,..I guess SG can learn a lot from her in term of acting (when they choose SSK,actually I have a doubt that SG can improve his acting skill since SSK is also a newbie)…hope it will be another drama success for our Seung Gi.

  8. I am so happy right now. They (actress) all are pretty but when it come to acting skill Shin Min Ah would be the perfect one.
    Can’t waiting to see them together.:)
    Seung GI & Shin Min Ah Fighting.

  9. I’m so glad it is not SSK (sorry SSK fan). I ‘ve tried to accept because of her beauty and age but after seeing photo of her as MC dream concert . She is so stift no facial expression at all. So I’m glad it is SMA although I was not able to finish Love to kill too.

  10. Ooooooooh….happy news!

  11. SSK must have felt dissapointed that she missed the chance to act alongside LSG…ive watched a love to kill till the end…n didnt like the ending…hope the drama will suceed….I know it will..

  12. LSG is so lucky to be working with top notch actress such as Shin Min Ah. I hope he’ll learn a lot from this production. Well, she’s also lucky o be paired with our seung gi.

  13. i am also so exciting to know it is shin min an.
    she is a def beauty and makes men even girls love her.
    also i think LSG likes her .
    and the most wonderful thing is that LSG can learn some acting skill from her.
    good for the production.
    i will have an exciting day.

  14. I like her, but well, havn’t got used to seeing her with Seunggi. I’m one of the most helpless victims of Hwansung effect, sorry >_<

    Hope they have great chemistry, and Shin Min Ah looks like a real gumiho :))

  15. @ha.art: it seems that I’m the same like you in term of being a helpless victims of Hwansung effect,hahaa,..I still don’t find any other female actress that can beat Han Hyo Joo as Seung Gi’s girl,they are both really match in every way,..

  16. i guess if SMA’s looks is exactly the same as the second picture above in Gumiho drama,people will certainly say that they are in the same age.so,i hope the make up team will make her like that to make her match with the younger seung gi.

  17. wow!!!!!!!!! that nice!! i was so excited about SSK….. but SMA, yeah!!!! She is much more experienced than SSK and will be able to lead our Seung Gi…!! even if there is kissing scenes, she will not be stiff like mad…hahaha…. (since she has kissed with Rain in her previous drama, you will know she is not stiff)..

    for anyone who wished to watch SMA’s drama, it is showing(repeat telecast) ‘The Lucifer’ on KBSWorld during weekdays at 11.10pm(Korea Time)

    I’m so looking forward to this drama now!!

  18. have to admit, i’m feeling more and more bad for SSK just b/c it’s looking more and more like she was the second option… which is fine, that happens all the time with drama casting. but all the rumoring was so public. :(

    but seriously, the actresses that were attached to this project as potentials… and for SMA to make her 3-year comeback to kdramas with this project says a lot about seunggi, and also the hong sisters.

    per what the hong sister said, i’m expecting this to be more melodrama-comedy, similar to that of kdrama My Girl and less over the top like kdrama You’re Beautiful — which makes me very happy! this allows the drama to be fun but also to be taken seriously as a real acting project!

  19. wohoo….
    I think SMA will capture the gumiho character perfectly. though she seems not a rating maker, but most of her dramas have unique plots and interesting to be watched…

    however, i dont really care about what will happen with the ratings, but I think this is the right time for LSG to show his superbly acting, not just a person who only stands behind his popularity…

    i will be very happy if he is being considered as one of the most promising actor because of his excellence in acting… not becoz of his popularity………^__^

  20. FYI – it looks like jun ji hyun didn’t pass up the gumiho role for rain’s fugitive drama. according to news reports this morning, she won’t be making a drama comeback this year. (via sports chosun)


  22. Please this couple gumiho season 2

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