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Lee SeungGi – Shin MinAh synergy?

Now that we’ve gotten through the crazy press release day of Shin MinAh being cast as SeungGi’s gumiho girlfriend, it’s now time to start analyzing the LSG-SMA chemistry potential and whether LSG will be able to achieve high ratings with this drama as he has done with his other dramas and variety shows! 

I guess reporters have to keep busy until the drama airs in August… you know, so that they can keep me busy and away from writing my research papers!  :)

But seriously, do we have to already start piling on the pressure already and  is LSG the only one responsible for the forthcoming ratings?  Like I thought Hong Sisters dramas typically don’t have top-notch tv ratings despite the avid and cult-like fanbase following.  And how about SMA?  This is her return to kdrama in 3 years so she should have a part too in this…

Well, it looks like MKnews is already at the job!  According to their highly read news article yesterday, it looks like the Gumiho drama is headed for success. 

They write that “40% Ratings Guy” Lee SeungGi finally has a partner in Shin MinAh.  Up to this point, there had been various actresses rumored to be considered for LSG’s drama “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho,” particularly Shin Se Kyung who became a star through MBC sitcom “Highkick through the Roof.” But in the end, “S-line” Shin MinAh was finalized as the female lead. Reps with the drama had indicated early on that they were looking to cast an A-lister actress.

The LSG-SMA Wednesday/Thursday drama will start airing on SBS in early August. And people are already thinking about the potential chemistry and synergy between LSG and SMA.

According to one broadcast company rep, the drama will probably be very successful, noting that all of LSG’s broadcasts have been known to have high ratings so that alone gives the drama promise.  And then when you consider all of LSG’s CFs, you already have a lot of support for the drama.  And then to have a sexy, top star like SMA be involved in the drama, that says something about the drama project itself.

Per another advertisement rep, it looks like the production team probably made quite a bit of effort to get SMA, seeing that she has quite a bit of films and dramas under her belt.  And that although she may not be ranked among the top 5 CF models like SeungGi, MinAh is ranked in the top 10. 

The article mentioned that based on the data from website TVcf.co.kr, as of today, LSG is ranked at #2 with 21 CFs having been aired in the past 12 months, and SMA is ranked #5 with 14 CFs during the same time.  And that this alone says a lot about the positive image of both LSG and SMA.  (I’ve got the TVcf rankings link up on the blog).

Filming for this romantic-fantasy is expected to start at the end of June or early July.

Some plot and background info about the drama…
(unless things have changed since a few months back)

The story features Lee Seung-gi as a somewhat wimpy dude who falls in love with a gumiho, which is a classic character in Korean folklore who looks human but eats organs to stay alive. He therefore lives in fear that she will steal his liver, unable to share his worries with his friends who all think he’s the luckiest guy alive to have such a gorgeous girlfriend. 

(via DramaBeans)

About the characters – SeungGi’s character, Cha DaeUng, is in his early 20s. His dream is to become an action star, and he’s currently a college student in the drama and film department. His mom is strongly opposed to him becoming an action star, but can never win any of their arguments. He is very immature, but is kind-hearted. He is also headstrong, but likes to meddle in other people’s business. He is very good at acting, especially when he needs to get his mom to pity him and empty her wallet out for him.

The gumiho is over 500 years old. When DaeUng accidentally found out that she’s a nine-tailed fox, she ordered him to keep it a secret. But she couldn’t trust him because of his immaturity, and was afraid that he would still tell his friends her secret. So to make sure that he keeps his promise, she starts to follow him around, or even lives with him. 

(via leeseungki.com; English subs: tryp96 @soompi)

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The two big news items to drop – Shin MinAh casting news and the Kim Yuna world cup CF – such a contrast between the images of model s-line SMA and ice queen KYA!  or maybe not that different… ie, KYA’s charismatic james bond skate program!  Kind of shows in this sceen cap from the LSG-KYA world cup CF…

Sort of doesn’t seem THAT different from SMA!  :) 

Can’t wait to see the first photos of LSG and SMA together in person!  Seriously, what is it with SeungGi always being photo composite shown with female celebs and not meeting in person until much later!!!!  Also, fangirls don’t need to worry… LSG-KYA definitely come off more like siblings and LSG-SMA look to have amazing onscreen chemistry, but don’t see anything outside of that!  :)

6 Responses

  1. yeh, me too can’t wait to see the pictures of them (LSG and SMA) together in person and then later their drama….

    LSGfan.wordpress.com, this seem that you will be busy from now on. Thank you in advance. :)

    LSG and SMA Fight!!!!!
    LSGfan.wordpress.com Fight!!!!!
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Fight!!!!!

  2. I can imagine SGi comical actions even before they start filming…hahaha…. i believe his time spent with Su Geun & Ho Dong in 1N2D will improve his comical timing….keke…

    i can imagine SMA following SGi around, in the classroom, toilet(hahaha) and in his room sleeping?(keke)… oh…was SMA character visible to others? if yes, then not possible for her to be in the same room(classroom or bedroom) as SGi…

    whatever, i’m looking so forward to this drama!!!!

    but i hope the reporter don’t expect high rating on a wed/thur drama… weekdays drama don’t really have high rating of over 40%…i think even IRIS only managed 30plus but not over 40% yet)….

  3. After watching Seung Gi on Famous Princess, I thought that Seung Gi would be good in a light comedy drama and here he is doing one soon. Just perfect. I believe he will do great. He has the cuteness and the tinge of funniness to pull it off perfectly.

  4. fight fight! Hoi couple!!!
    LSG and SMA : best couple of the year!!!
    I just love them so much!!!!!

  5. I love this HOI couple!They really look go0d 2gether!I wish LSG will court SMA and she’l say YES!!and even n0t N0W OR IN D NXT FEW YEARS,the m0st imp0rtant to me is THEY’L END UP TO MARRIAGE TOGETHER.

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