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Jun Ji Hyun: Rain’s Fugitive or SeungGi’s Gumiho?

Despite the good pre-buzz and excitement about upcoming Korean drama Gumiho, there’s also been too much “drama” particularly around which actress will play Seunggi’s girlfriend.  And I’ve been trying really hard not to post too many rumored press articles, especially since they seem to front a different female actress every couple weeks!!  But as we get closer to what should be the start of filming, I’m feeling that the rumors aren’t too off now at this point, and it very well might be down to Shin Se Kyung and Jun Ji Hyun

But with your name out there in the public like that without anything being finalized, who wants to be the one that doesn’t get the part?  Or the one that got the part because the other person turned it down.  It happens all the time in casting, but with this being top star JJH who hasn’t been in a kdrama for a really long time and newbie but current “it” star SSK… it makes it even more awkward!

So about two weeks ago, it seemed pretty clear that Dara Park was out of the picture and 3 actresses came to the forefront: Shin Se Kyung, Lee Min Jung, and Jun Ji Hyun.  Just a few days ago, the press was promoting SSK as considering the project.  However, this weekend, JJH is making top news with the press reporting that she’s trying to decide between the Hong Sisters’ My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or Rain’s drama comeback in Fugitive to be directed by the Chuno PD.  okay, so who to believe?

JJH news is interesting because her name was floated early on in the project after SeungGi signed on and I thought she would be too busy trying to make it into hollywood and filming in China, to consider this drama.  But with news (rumored news) that she’s considering Rain’s upcoming drama Fugitive and Gumiho, I can totally see her considering Gumiho too.

But I’m still pulling for SSK.  I think she’s a better fit for the Gumiho drama and a better match for SeungGi.  Anyway, I think JJH was doing martial arts training stuff for a movie a while back and I believe Fugitive is supposed to be an action drama – if so, with Fugitive involving the PD from the recent blockbuster drama Chuno and Rain making a drama comeback as well, I think she might see that as a better match.

I wonder what Seunggi is thinking?  He’s probably thinking wow, what guy wouldn’t kill to be in my shoes: Jun Ji Hyun or Shin Se Kyung! ha ha ha ha.  Anyway, all joking aside, this needs to be finalized soon for the good of everyone!  Also, now the idea of Lee Min Jung as the girlfriend isn’t too far off for me… if neither JJH or SSK work out, LMJ would be a good comparable choice and plus she and LSG already are CF partners; plus, heard she’s a good actress in addition to being pretty. :)

4 Responses

  1. i hate reading those article..
    hong sisters is very slow of choosing actress.. hong sisters only choose 3 actress for seung gi.. there’s no one else decide it yet.. im so irritated. when are you filming gumiho drama? ><

  2. will gumiho boardcasting on Augest for sure? >< cause i cant wait

  3. yea, too many rumors…
    and i’m really sick of how slowly they make a choice!
    i hope you will get all the best for your upcoming drama, seunggi oppa!

  4. Weird that the production team cannot make-up their mind and make a decision. And it is bad that some actresses’ names are being dragged into this and sounds like being used.
    I just hope that they will finally make the formal announcement.
    May the best girl be chosen… Lee Seung Gi deserves it…

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