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SeungGi’s melting narration voice, Strong Heart cuts

*** UPDATED with Eng subbed/encoded videos ***

LSG video cuts from Tuesday’s (5/25) Strong Heart episode:
English translation: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010; tryp96

Video clip: LSG’s narration voice is to die for!
[Hilarious old video clip had just been shown of SG Wannabe member trying to recite their song lyrics in a serious tone without laughing; then Park Hyun Bin recited the lyrics of his hilarious trot song in a serious tone cracking everyone up.]

omg, SeungGi seriously needs to do a documentary narration project next!  His acting is great… getting more and more excited about Gumiho drama comeback!

Video clip: LSG still has to work a lot harder to be like Jo In Sung
[Kara’s JiYoung had just finished telling a story about how students gather around her at school to get her autograph, but say mean things when she doesn’t sign for them; and that this was only b/c the teacher told her not to sign for students during school.]

So cute the way LSG spoke to JiYoung.  B/c she’s Kara’s maknae, when he called on her to share her story, he referred to her as the Kara’s cute maknae and how the title of her story written on her board in itself was very cute.  Awwww!

Video clip: Kim Tae Hyun is envious of LSG’s SBS Drama Award
[Kim Tae Hyun had just finished telling a story about his ups and downs in acting and that with his recent success, he learned that he has to conintually be “envious” not in a bad way, but in the good kind of way to keep aiming higher to succeed.]

Video clip: LSG’s embarrasingly, purposely not funny, cute hudang jokes

KHD: Ok it’s time for LSG’s hudang jokes.
LSG: Um, these days it feels like the jokes have been okay! [laughter b/c the point of LSG’s jokes is to be not very funny, but cute.] So everyone please laugh out loud please!  How about we go simple today?! [ok, I totally didn’t get the Harry Potter joke but the little animation LSG w/ harry potter glasses cracked me up!  anyway of course the response from everyone: omg, you didn’t just tell a joke like that! LOL!]
LSG: ok, that one was a little too much. ok… “I can’t ride a bike.”  How do you say that in English? [no one knows the answer].  moh-tah-cy-cle. [I can’t ride a cycle – play on word “motorcycle.”  Laughter…  omg, someone please make SeungGi stop with the hudang jokes!!!!]

And because a lot of fans seem to be missing Hwan-Sung couple quite a bit…

2009 SBS Drama Awards, LSG-HHJ song duet

 (cr: doyong0521)

And full versions of LSG’s Because You’re my Woman…

LSG’s debut song “Because you’re my woman” MV, 2004

(cr: darkmafiaguy)

Because you’re my woman live performance, 2010

(cr: leeseunggi01)

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  1. This is my take on the Harry Potter joke:

    해 (sun) 리포터 (reporter)

    SeungGi is always so cute telling his heodang jokes! ^^

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