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8.10.2015 ‘New Journey To The West’ Lee Seunggi and Hyungs Return to Korea + Public Context

(video: 아이폰 제작 영상)

8.10.2015 Press Video. New Journey To The West team arrives at Incheon Airport in Korea, returning from their 4 nights – 5 days filming trip to Xi’an, China.  Na PD looks exhausted and Seunggi looks radiant, per press headline and per usual lol.  Na PD said the guys and crew had a great time, as if time really hadn’t passed.  Aw.  And that ajusshi at 0:50~ finding his way to Seunggi to shake his hand in a job well done and pat him on the back^^

Seunggi seems like he had a great time filming!  Ya know, since our guy knows how to enjoy everything he does!  Thanks to all the amazing Airens who supported him while he was there. I’m sure Seunggi felt so touched and proud.  Plus, gave the rest of us 5 days of fun fanpic/fancam online stalking^^

So this is my first post for New Journey to the West – upcoming variety show, to be webcast on Naver in early September.

Some early thoughts — It will be interesting to see how they roll-out and promote the show, given the webcast format and public context surrounding the members:

Hodong – past tax evasion.  He returned to TV but his programs haven’t fared too well.  Sugeun – gambling.  This is his very first return after leaving the industry.  The public reception so far, unfortunately, though hasn’t been too positive.  Jiwon – he’s been on a lot of variety programs since 1n2d but some have called out recent/past inappropriate behavior.  And there’s his divorce, which is seriously no one else’s business.  EVERYONE deserves a second chance, so I hope especially Sugeun finds a good balance of not being too over-the-top, his tendency since 1n2d days.

For Seunggi, as everyone knows, he still enjoys a high degree of public favorability.  The main thing some people (and Antis) knock him on is when he will do his military service.  That is, despite other actors and entertainers older than him or same age as him, not serving yet.  On top of that, the public expects him to serve in the Marines, which is considered the most rigorous of the military service divisions.  Again, despite other celebs serving in other units, and some not participating in ‘active duty’ miltary service.  Expectations… what to do?  I guess, it’s something to be thankful for?^^

Also, as is quite evident now, his public status and image took a bit of a hit, or moreso, became far less idealized by the public after Jan 2014 up through now.  But knowing Seunggi – who has a very realistic and disciplined mentality about the K-entertainment industry, just like Airens! – he’ll definitely be A-okay fine^^  Which is why grounding and love/support from parents, family, mentors, close friends is like EVERYTHING.  And of course super supportive fans^^

tvN is a notorious promotion machine, sometimes to a fault.  They promoted Noonas Over Flowers early on, but that wasn’t too hard since it involved a beloved group of 4 actress noonas and Seunggi.  However, given the public sentiment toward some of the NJttW guys, tvN seems to be treading pretty carefully for now.

Through all this, hope Seunggi gets to remain and come out just Seunggi^^  And frankly, all I ask is fair editing of the footage/episodes and related promotions.

Hard to believe we’re a few weeks away!  It’s going to be fun!!!  Some links for now~~

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This is where the NJttW spoiler pics commentary were posted.
I’m assuming they’ll post mere here since NJttW will be webcast on Naver.

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7 Responses

  1. Thank you for this post. Honestly I didn’t want Seunggi to get involved but it’s PD Na and his beloved 1n2d brothers so I respect and support his decision. Seeing them especially Seunggi had a great time filming is priceless, I know he made the right choice. Public backslash is inevitable, but like you said, everyone deserves a second chance.

    Surprised public expect Seunggi to enlist in the navy (marine?). I know they have very high expectation, but never imagined it’d be as pressurized as this.

  2. One of the bad stuff that comes with image is high expectations. I just hope SeungGi does what he feels like doing and not just to please the public.
    For this show, I have a full trust in Na PD. He emphasized heartwarming brotherhood between the members, and I’m ready to shed some tears.

  3. I very like romance and treatment of members in 1 night 2 day team. Very warm, emotion, fun. Have a great succes

  4. I like to think that this is Seunggi’s way of helping n re-paying his hyungs back for all the sacrifices they made back in the 1n2d days, where they supported him n made him look good- just like he wrote in his letter on the waterfall special of 1n2d. And he wrote tt he would like to be the flame that lights someone’s candle.
    I think he’s willing to sacrifice his reputation a little to help his hyungs get back on their feet.

  5. Its so funny..i miss them..theyre so natural

  6. I hope it will also be broadcsted on channelM…im sure it will be a great show for all of them..seunggi is so humble..so perfect to be a husband…goodluck to all of you…

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