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[ENG] 7.21.2015 KBS Morning News: Lee Seunggi Cast As Renown Saju Expert Male Lead in Movie ‘Goong Hap’

Read English translation…

July 21, 2015 – KBS Morning Entertainment News
English: LSGfan, Video: ashoka1006

Singer and Actor Lee Seunggi has been cast for the movie ‘Goong Hap.’

‘Goong Hap’ comes from the production team behind movie ‘Face Reader’ and is the second project in their three-movie series.

Taking on the role of Seo Do Hyun, renown for his talented expertise in saju (four pillars that are said to influence your destiny/fortune), Lee Seunggi plans to showcase acting overflowing with charisma.

Joining Lee Seunggi is Shim Eunkyung, confirmed as the female lead, making us anticipate this all the more.

Lee Seunggi, having received a lot of love across many dramas, we expect to see your good side showcased in your second screen project ‘Goong Hap.’

3 Responses

  1. Hopefully you can be more active in translating any news regarding lsg like you used to be in the pasts. Bcs I love your blog so much but if u are too busy to update its okay I can understand. I just want to tell you there will be always people want to read your blog. Your translations are amazing and I appreciate all your hard work so much. :))

  2. Hi. I have a huge favor. If you have any spare time, could you please post your fashion commentary about handsome Seunggi’s tailor-fit suit from last night’s I Am Korea? I fall in love over and over again. How can this guy exist? :D Or anything about his New Journey to the West filming / your personal opinions.

    Missing your witty post. Thank you so much in advance.

  3. Hi guys~~~ yeah I miss blogging about Seunggi but I haven’t really posted regularly for the past year and half. Busy. And just because. But as you guys know, I’m on twitter ^^ Thankfully we have amazing Korean and International Airens who formally blog and tweet about our #1 guy! #ThankYou #Airens

    As for NJttW — I had/have some reservations… but whatever projects Seunggi chooses to do, I want to support him. most ppl who follow this blog know that NO POST usually sums up my opinion^^

    Seunggi has always done things a little differently, his own way/path, from other actor/singer/variety peers. so no matter how lame Hook continues to be, just want to support him because I think he still has a lot to show and offer. and he’s such a rarity in K-entertainment. the industry needs people like him to represent the good that celebs can do and be^^

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