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NJttW Press Conference – Lee Seunggi Snippets

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8.10.2015 ‘New Journey To The West’ Lee Seunggi and Hyungs Return to Korea + Public Context

(video: 아이폰 제작 영상)

8.10.2015 Press Video. New Journey To The West team arrives at Incheon Airport in Korea, returning from their 4 nights – 5 days filming trip to Xi’an, China.  Na PD looks exhausted and Seunggi looks radiant, per press headline and per usual lol.  Na PD said the guys and crew had a great time, as if time really hadn’t passed.  Aw.  And that ajusshi at 0:50~ finding his way to Seunggi to shake his hand in a job well done and pat him on the back^^

Seunggi seems like he had a great time filming!  Ya know, since our guy knows how to enjoy everything he does!  Thanks to all the amazing Airens who supported him while he was there. I’m sure Seunggi felt so touched and proud.  Plus, gave the rest of us 5 days of fun fanpic/fancam online stalking^^

So this is my first post for New Journey to the West – upcoming variety show, to be webcast on Naver in early September.

Some early thoughts — It will be interesting to see how they roll-out and promote the show, given the webcast format and public context surrounding the members:

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KBS World to upload original 1 Night 2 Days on Youtube! Hodong, Seunggi, Jiwon, Mong, Sugeun, Kim C~♥

* Update: KBS World uploaded videos posted at 1N2D: ENG-subbed Episodes

O.M.G.  Everyone LIKE the best-news-post-ever over at KBS World facebook.  (And can someone please inform the Admin to spell Seunggi’s name correctly?! They’ve been ENG-subbing his name for only 5 years!)  Our fave 6 guys again~ Hodong, Seunggi, Jiwon, Mong, Sugeun, Kim C~♥  And Sanggeun-ee!  And all the PDs and Crew!  And all the gorgeous lovely places in Korea!  Although KBS World versions leave some parts out or have weird English translation… but can’t complain at all!  Whoa~~ Santa is gifting early this year!  Seriously, it’s about time…

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[ENG] VIXX’s Hyuk sends role model Lee Seung Gi heartfelt video message, after Eun Ji Won notes resemblance

* UPDATE 2 – ENG-subbed video

(video: sgsairl) So cool~~ thx to sgsairl!  Seunggi fans~ jjjang!

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TVN 3 Idiots – 1N2D hyungs spazz over Seunggi-Suzy kiss


July 28, 2013 [TVN] 3 Idiots
Top Kiss Guy Capturing the Hearts of Women (Text Vote)

Gong Yoo (34%)
Lee Jinwook (10%)
Park Yoochun (14%)
Seo Inguk (12%)
Lee Seunggi (30%) ~ video cut @1:22

Omg, Jongmin going CRA-zy~~~
“Whoa~ Seunggi-ya~~! You’ve really become a man!”

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