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Anticipating the Reunion of Lee Seunggi & Moon Chaewon and Their Film ‘Today’s Love’

Love this Today’s Love poster!! Made by a DCLSG fan (As labeled), it’s even better much bigger at DCLSG.  I really hope Seunggi gets styled preppy-casual.  I’m assuming his character Junsu is a super nice guy, so I’m expecting a super nice look.  And lots of Junsu smiling and laughing please!  oh and of course, hurt, disappointment, and some heartbreak.  Seunggi’s awesome at that.

I haven’t been following Moon Chaewon and I’ve only seen her in Brilliant Legacy.  But I like her and the idea of she and Seunggi reuniting on this project.  I think, together, they’ll be able to show what a great Korean romantic-comedy looks like.

They also seem to have real respect for one another.  Hwan and Brilliant Legacy was how I got to first know Seunggi, and I SO hated Seungmi, Chaewon’s character… so this reunion feels special  (as would a future Seunggi and Hyojoo reunion too^^)

Very excited to see what their characters, Junsu and Hyunwoo, will be like…

We have a strong director and writer on board.  Seunggi always considered projects primarily based on those two things, more so the director.  Actors aside, many people say the writer/script quality plays a huge role in the outcome of a Kdrama; whereas, with films/movies, a good director is the key.  So we’re in great shape.

Also glad to see CJ Entertainment is distributing Today’s Love.

Now, we just need some filming pics, please!!!!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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