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SeungGi-Moon ChaeWon clear the air [Strong Heart cuts]

*** UPDATED with English-subbed video ***

LSG cuts from Nov 30, 2010 Strong Heart episode:
(English subs: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010, tryp96, leeseunggiworld)

Omg, so much hoopla over Moon Chae Won and Seunggi among netizens and fans following Strong Heart’s Part 1 episode!  I’m with everyone who wants to see a Hwan-Sung couple reunion as well on Strong Heart!  But, probably won’t happen until Hyojoo does an SBS drama.  Would love to see Bae Soo Bin show up and greet Seunggi as JunSae and then admit text-messaging with Seunggi too!  Ha.

Video ~ Seunggi-Moon Chae Won cut [Eng]

Video ~ Mashup of MC Seunggi’s laughing cuts!

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  2. I think the only conclusion from all these co-worker turned fangirl/fanboy hooplas is that SG is a great person to work with and the experience is always a happy and lasting memory. Envy all of them!

  3. I do agree with SGi that MCW is really pretty.. at least i think she looks prettier than HHJ…

    SGi really daring to comment about someone beauty, not afraid of scandals…hahaha…

    I do hope both of them will work together in a future drama and will end up together… (BSB already managed to be together with HHJ in a small project-don’t think it’s a drama but some show…)

  4. @yon: hyojoo&BSB did vogue photoshoot with all BH entertainment artist. For BSB&hyojoo there’s a special photoshoot with “Love Actually” theme.

    Agree with lsgfan, I wanna know if BSB and seunggi are also texting each other too ha.. :D.

    and, yes,I wanna see seunggi & chaewon in a drama together or other project. I think that would be interesting..

    About which one is prettier, I think both hyojoo and chaewon are beautiful in different ways. But to me, hyojoo is more charming. As a girl, I envy of her beautiful smile. I know she may not that sexy, but seeing her smile can make me want to smile too. I have no doubt if there are SO many boys and girls love her, not because of her visual appearance but tend to like her because of her cheerful and light personality.

  5. Both HHJ and MCW are very pretty and refreshing but in a sexy way like SMA and chae yeon.

    HHJ is a natural beauty and I mean it natural all the way .Not outstanding at first sight but one who leaves a lasting impression ,Her CFs are good example.She can take a lot of different looks and even surprise us at times with her looks. She can be glamorous, sophisticated and sexy in one , a nerd in another and a cutie in the next. Her recent vogue magazine project with her management is one great example.:)

    • I feel too HHJ is a natural beauty in that she is not self conscious at all. When she was asked who was prettier in the BL Special, she pointed at MCW without any hesitation. I actually love her for that.

      I enjoy her quieter moments in BL – when she watched a sleeping Hwan and smiled, when she told Hwan he’s not an useless person and held him…Of course I would not miss a moment when the two fought…Ah, BL, love you forever!

  6. guys I think HHJ is really pretty too. as is MCW. as is SMA. Seunggi’s a VERY lucky guy to have worked with girls that are both gorgeous inside and out! and i love that they all want to remain friends afterwards too. a lot of time actors work together but don’t really have high respect for the other’s acting or person as a whole so I’m really glad there’s such great comraderie!

    I totally was not into Junse character at all. not my type. and Bae soo bin, although such a nice guy, not my type in real life too. but would LOVE to see seunggi and soobin hyung together again. Soobin, please come on strong heart!

  7. i like hhj and mcw. and they are friends too. mcw visited hhj and bsb during dong yi filming. i miss brilliant legacy drama. hope see everyone again soon.

    brilliant legacy FIGHTING!!!

  8. I miss LSG n HYJ…….in tnext drama…….!!! and when will HYJ be invited in SH???I always wait for that…….

  9. when HAN HYO JOO come too STRONG HEART >>> ? I WISH IT SO MUCH ^^

    • OMGGGG tytyjah shining:
      i was wondering the same question too !!!
      why ISNT she going on strong heart !?
      is it because her entertainment company is too high in like..profile or is it because she’s busy D:

  10. i love the adorable MCW. yoona snsd b** is totally out!!!!

  11. Hope to watch this video 😑 can’t find this episode on YouTube 😌 pls re upload? Thanks! 😊

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