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A busy night for Presenter-Singer-Winner Seunggi, LSG + Hoi Couple cuts [2010 SBS Drama Awards]

*** UPDATED with English-subbed videos ***

Congrats again for Multi-entertainer Seunggi’s 3 awards at SBS Drama Awards!  And he was a busy guy~ He also presented an award with Brilliant Legacy’s Moon Chae Won, sang a duet (sort of) with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s Shin Min Ah, and mentioned Ha Ji Won during a brief pre-show interview on the red carpet…

(English: LSGfan; Video credits: Rapport2010; tryp96; leeseunggiworld)
Major thanks to you all 3 for working extra hard during awards season!

Hoi Couple Duet & Best Couple Award interview, LSG-SMA cuts [ENG]

BTS fancam of Hoi Couple’s duet

(video: leeseungg01)

First off, Seunggi sounded amazing live! And to perform like that live in front of all the older, veteran actor sunbaenims! So proud of Seunggi! And Minah looked SO nervous, and kudos to Seunggi for really supporting her. (It was like deja-vu of his duet last year with Han Hyo Joo!) He was SO trying to create an emotional vibe per the song’s lyrics but MinAh seemed way too nervous to sing live AND try to create chemistry at the same time! But you could see her getting into the song while singing “saranghae” to Seunggi! Hahaha.

Again, for a notoriously shy Minah to even do this kind of thing says a lot about Seunggi! It’s not easy to duet with a trained singer, so good job Minah! And woah, what she said about seeing Seunggi as a guy from the start so forthrightly and publicly like that~ his confidence level just shot up ten-fold at that moment! And Minah is well-known for being straight forward and not mincing her words! This is why Seunggi fans can’t help but to like Minah! It’s pretty clear that the two have become good friends. Hope they continue to support one another’s careers!


Seunggi wants to work with Ha Ji Won [ENG]

I love Ha Ji Won! Haven’t watched Secret Garden, but plan to. I really hope HJW sees this clip and that she and Seunggi get to work together someday! I wonder if he got to meet her at the Awards show. Hope so. She looked amazing by the way, so elegant! They were also both in the winners group photo at the 2010 Baeksang Awards.


Seunggi and Moon Chae Won present award [ENG]

Also see ~ SBS Facebook BTS fancam of Seunggi-ChaeWon

This was totally unexpected. Did not anticipate Moon Chaewon at the Awards show or her presenting together with Seunggi. Glad they were able to laugh off the recent Kang Shim Jang episode with Chaewon that made headlines all day! So happy to see all the Brilliant Legacy stars staying in touch and succeeding! And Chaewon looked gorgeous. She really is pretty.  And loved the camera flashes to MinAh and JiWon!.


Seunggi wins a Top 10 Star Award, LSG cuts [ENG]

Also see ~ SBS Facebook BTS fancam of the Top 10 Stars awards

Also, am I the only one that thinks MinAh is probably sick and tired of being asked about how she feels about being a noona to Seunggi?!  Seriously, she is like only 3 years older!  Definitely, a lot has to do with Seunggi’s reputation as nation’s younger brother and his noona song, but still, sheesh!  Minah has made it clear on several occasions that she does not see Seunggi as a dongseng, including that day on live tv at the SBS Drama Awards!!

Just loved how Go Hyun Jung (Daesang winner!) pulled Seunggi over while they were getting their awards~ so older sister-like of her!  Hope they got to catch up later that night like they did at the Baeksang Awards earlier this year. I just love these old pictures of her and Seunggi when she was still with Hook and he was just debuting…


LSG & SMA win Excellence in Acting Awards for Special Drama [ENG]

Also see ~ SBS Facebook BTS fancam of Seunggi winning award

Yes, in typical fashion, all the actors talked about being “lacking as an actor” and feeling “embarrassed to win against such great sunbaenims.”  SO Korean! But I really think they mean it.  And it wasn’t only LSG and SMA.  Kwon Sang Woo, Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin, and others all were teary eyed as they said similar things.  Was especially moved by Hyun Bin and his informal teary goodbye speech as he plans for military enlistment later this year.  Boo hoo.  Compared to KBS and especially MBC this year, SBS dramas were definitely where the BIG stars were at, and so congrats to all the winners!

And Seunggi’s speech was so heartfelt and sincere.  Either he really means what he says about Captain Hook or he’s trying his utmost best to sell her to fans, especially LSGfan! [just joking!]  I never doubted Captain Hook’s love and fervor in helping Seunggi, but just can’t stand her majorly old school approach to entertainment public relations and marketing of Seunggi~ so annoying!  But, ok Seunggi, I’ll ease up on your “best dream team” in 2011!

Congrats again to Seunggi, Minah, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and all the winners!

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21 Responses

  1. Dear Ann,
    Thank you so much for all the hard work, on New Year’s Day too. If I knew Korean, I would gladly offer myself to help. (My new year resolution is to learn Korean!)
    Yes, I love SMA’s agreeing to do the duet. That’s really really brave and shows how much she values SG and MGIG. She fared a little better than HHJ I think. SG of course sounded great.
    Thanks again.

  2. Thank you so much ann for these translations and all other translations & photos that i didnt thank you before. you, tryp, rapport & natt make 2010 a great year for me along with other airens.

    i agree. i think that was his best performance of ILYFNO so far. cant stop rewatching it. and its kinda amazing thinking its when he’s in front of great people & seniors who are not his fans, and watching so close too.

    his speech is really heartfelt. i always know seunggi is what he is today thanks to them, and i’m really grateful to them for that but whenever fans complain means they care. like when Captain Hook tweeting, i know that was her way in trying to promote the drama, i know she worked so hard for MGIG but when the way she tweeted doesnt look right, why cant fans voice out their opinions? all in all, we just want the best for seunggi. same when i didnt like Seunggi’s hairstyle. should i praise it or just shut up because cody has worked hard for that style? then cody will keep that perm forever thinking fans like it.
    anyway, despite the complaints i never wish seunggi will be with a different agency. i know we have seunggi today because of them and seunggi loves working with them. they really seem more like a family compared with other celebrities. i’m glad seunggi has them behind him. he’s really blessed, getting to work with great & nice people & great projects too. like hodong, lee sun hee, and show like 1n2d, SH, BL, MGIG and the people behind it.

    one thing about acting, just my opinion, i think if one practice too hard, it may come out forced than natural which is why i think sometimes he overacts. he has the thing in becoming a really good actor which is his sincere heart & will to learn and improve. not often an actor can make me cry but he does many times. i think by working with experienced actors/actress he’ll get to learn alot. and Seunggi and Hajiwon? forget about my dream couple Seunggi-Minjung, i now hope some writers see the interview and are planning to get Seunggi & Jiwon together, Hajiwon please agree if that day will come!

    whoops, sorry for the long post ^^ thats why i rarely comment haha

  3. Dear Ann unnie,
    thanks a lot for all the translations!
    all of them make my day.
    you work hard even in a holiday like these.
    thank you again.

    so what do you think?
    which one do you prefer?
    Seung-Min duet or Seung-Joo duet? :)

    I noticed that Seunggi said her mom hasn’t been well, so sad to hear that. I hope she get well soon.
    It’s very nice of Seunggi to mention his family in more detailed way. For me, it’s the first time I heard him say such things in an award winning speech.
    Getting more in love with him by now.

    All thanks to you :)

  4. i had to comment thank you so much! I’m so happy reading these translations and understand what he said. seunggi-yah, congratulations!

    i’m so proud of him too. so many awards and so much success. I wish him more more more success in new year! Hwaiting Seunggi-yah!

    thanks so much Ann!

  5. AnnMich~ yep, i think LSG-SMA’s friendship is the real deal. it’s just totally apparent and i just heart minah for being such a seunggi fan! and to learn korean quickly, watch a lot of korean tv!

    ashiya~ SMA that said her mom wasn’t well, not seunggi. i like both duets. LSG-HHJ duet had more chemistry! but LSG-SMA together is just hard not to love. and ppl love them more in person b/c it’s obvious they admire and support each other. was sad to see them standing so far apart and stuff, but i think SMA was really nervous.

    same thing with LSG-HHJ… ppl can’t help but to love these two. i think everyone in korea would cheer if LSG-HHJ got married in real life! LOL.

    fiey~ omg, you and i are always on the same page! i LOVE your long posts and thoughts! totally agree with everything you said. and even as a fan, i hope Capt Hook and acting teachers also help him to approach acting with more natural ease/prep and less rote memorization in the new year. he’s going to only get better! and let’s hope ha ji won hears seunggi’s wish! ha ha ha.

    annonymous~ ditto! daebak 2011 for seunggi too! amazing that he was able to match and do even better than his 2009 success also in 2010!

    • seeing SG sing that song I hope he was thinking about HHJ kekeekee.

      ann, i’m not korean, but i hope one day they will get married, really lovesssssssssssss this couple.

      and one more ann, could you please make recap for 1n2d ep.183, really want to know what SG and other hyungs say to HHJ on the phone, during the filming, worried KBSW will not aired this part…..

      Thanks ann >33<

    • it seems SMA also knew hyun bin, during the couple award, they were talking with each other…and LSG went and also talks to him while bowing…through SMA, its good that LSG will get more celebrity acquaintance..or is it he’s jealous? hahahaha~just me imagining things…lol~

  6. OMG. fool out of myself.
    so it was SMA ^^;;;

    btw, please let me comment about the hair.
    I love it! I like to see his forehead again after a very long time. it’s so stylish and high-class :D
    But I’m not so into the first style though, I prefer the second style, the one he sported in SBS Drama Award.

    anyway, do you think the cody really lurks on this blog?
    the way he/she did the hair do for the second event,
    I think it is exactly like you hoped for, Ann unnie. kkk~

  7. How come I feel so tried with New Year Celebration (w/family and friends) more than I was working?

    So done only this vid /w sub for tonight.

    [Eng] 101231 Lee Seung Gi – Drama Awards Red carpet http://bit.ly/ewtnha , Cr.Vid: tryp96, Eng Tran: LSGfan
    Enjoy :)

  8. “Also, am I the only one that thinks MinAh is probably sick and tired of being asked about how she feels about being a noona to Seunggi?! ”
    –> Me too. I hate the way MC always ask them about what they intend to call, why they emphazise so much on the different age b/w Gi and Min ah. They look so cute together and I personnally think Seung Gi does not want to call Min ah as “noona” and Min ah too. Those questions just make them feel more uncomfortable to talk to each other. Being one of hoi hoi fan, hoping they will be real couple, love them so much.

  9. HJW is an ideal partner for his next project. maybe in a historical drama with martial arts .That will be exciting…Happy New Year to all,Thanks Ann for a wonderful ride here.Looking to more this year…cheers:)

  10. SMA looks very nervous on the duet, but SG is trying to embrace her very well, showing her that it’s very comfortable to sing on stage…aw, Seung Gi yah, you’re so kind hearted…. ^^

  11. Dear Ann,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and I wish you success in whatever you are doing and plan to do in year 2011.

    And I hope that one of your plan to is to update more news and translation on your blog (haha! just joking) I think everyone of here has to agree that you are certainly doing a great job now.

  12. helo ann,
    ive been reading your blod ever since i watched mgiag since ive become a seunggi fan as well!
    you helped us new fans alot to catch up with seunggi

    plus hoi hoi couple’s goodies. ^^
    thank you for giving nice words to Minah too! ^^
    and its nice to see hoi hoi couple talking during the awards show. haha. ^^ and it made me smile when minah mentioned that she doesnt see seunggi as a dongsaeng at all! because seunggi had kind of “oh yes!!” pout, when minah said that. haha.,i believe all his male co-workers(including ksj’s pdnim) are very envious of seunggi since he had worked with minah. haha although this might be the last “confirmed”schedule for them to meet, i believe theyll still see and great each other in the future.

    also, i love it how the female actress plus the host had kind of fan girling moment when they saw seunggi. haha. ^^

    totally looking forward to what our SUPERMAN SEUNGGI will bring us this 2011~ and looking forward to his next DRAMA and to the new couple id probably ship. hmmmm~~~~~~. :))

  13. you guys been watching Secret Garden drama? the second female lead was the ‘noona’ in the ‘Because You’re My Woman’ vid. LOL.

  14. wow, another reunion for seunggi-chaewon. I like moon chae won there. she looks beautiful and sexy. That would be good if someday they play in a drama together as a couple.

    personally, the hoi performance didn’t thrill me. seunggi always looked like a gentleman, and minah seemed really nervous (like hyojoo when hwansung duet performance @ SBS drama awards last year). but I can’t feel the chemistry between seunggi-minah. hwansung performance had more chemistry. (I feel seunggi seemed more gentle to hyojoo last year than with minAh. I saw seunggi tried to reach hyojoo to make her stand close with him). The point plus is that minAh voice was so much better than hyojoo’s voice.

    btw, although seunggi is younger than MinAh, but his attitude is really like a real man toward a girl. no wonder if MinAh has a “feeling” toward seunggi. (just my personal thought) kekeke..

    lastly, I know it’s too late, but I want to say congratulation to seunggi for winning many awards this year. so proud of him really very much!!

    • i know.. i like Han hyo joo more than shin Min ah..
      Seung gi doesn’t talk with Shin min ah at all.
      Shin min ah always look at Hyun bin.

      I notice.. Seung gi and moon chae won matches
      the most.. their height is good..

      Seung gi likes sexy woman..
      he choosed Chae won over Hyo joo.. hahaha

  15. min ah ftw .. hahaha

  16. please do an eng sub for 1n2d ep 183. I would really like to know what was said to hhj on the phone by the guys.

  17. I would like to know where to watch the BTS of the last scene in Brillant Legacy. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I so adore LSG and HHJ together hope they make it real.

  18. ,,..hoi hoi couple were really great!! xuper kilig!!…

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