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Hodong pressures Lee SeungGi-Moon ChaeWon into loveline

Ok, I’m posting the most accurate news article (which unfortunately doesn’t mean much!) of what went down during the SeungGi-ChaeWon reunion on Strong Heart.  At least it acknowledges Kang Ho Dong as the mastermind pressuring the two in order to create a loveline for the show!

Press loves to report on variety show aftermath with juicy, provocative stories, but usually with like no context whatsoever.  Just reading the titles (most using some variation of Lee Seung Gi tells Moon Chae Won, I love you to death!), you’d think Seunggi really confessed his undying love for Chaewon!  Especially since there’s no mention that Seunggi was simply quoting Daewoong’s famous line to Miho from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!  Ha. And, as expected, with such headlines, Moon Chae Won (and Lee Seung Gi earlier on) continue to be among the top online searches today…

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Pressured by Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi-Moon Chae Won ‘beaming love mode?’

Singer-Actor Lee Seung Gi confessed his love for actress Moon Chae Won?

On the November 30 broadcast of SBS variety show ‘Kang Shim Jang,’ MC Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won were reunited following their participation in last year’s popular SBS drama ‘Brilliant Legacy.’

On this day, the two greeted one another informally and the resulting awkwardness drew a lot of attention. Afterward, laughter ensued at MC Kang Ho Dong’s swift move to pressure the two into creating a beaming love line.

Kang Ho Dong asked Moon Chae Won, “Seeing Lee Seung Gi here like this, what do you think?” and she responded by saying, “I sense a manliness about him that is different from when he was acting” and added “We’ve only communicated by text message.”

Then Kang Ho Dong asked, “Is that why you wanted to see him even more?” and said “During 1 Night 2 Days filming, Lee Seung Gi said ‘Moon Chae Won is a good actress and is also pretty'” taking Lee Seung Gi by surprise.

Lee Seung Gi responded to Kang Ho Dong’s comment by saying, “I acknowledge that I said she was pretty. I love Moon Chae Won to death!” making the studio audience and guests burst out in laughter.

READ what really happened:  Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Nov 30, 2010).

WATCH the actual cut: SeungGi-Moon ChaeWon clear the air

(credit: LSGfan.wordpress.com via TV Report)

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7 Responses

  1. as hwansung shipper, I kind of jealous of this love line issue hehe..

  2. chaewon unnie hwaiting!! so happy to see her and seunggi oppa together again on kang shim jang!

  3. now I just wonder what hodong will dish out if HHJ comes on as a guest….Ke…ke….highly doubful it will happen soon though I would love to see her on SH.There will be lots of anticipation …..Ha..ha…

    • hi suncine! I’m wondering that too.. hahaa.. this couple is SO different from other. I know there are a lot of rumors between hyojoo and her costar actor, so does seunggi. but there is less news and gossip about this couple. seems like there’s a space between seunggi and hyojoo.

      I’m so curious as well as hopeless too in fan pairing this couple. hyojoo isn’t seunggi type, and seunggi seems not hyojoo type too.

      plus, there are many new shipper for this couple which has bigger fanbase. I’m so sad since I love seungjoo couple so bad XDD

  4. Hi MMM, totally agree with you about the medai giving them space…ke…ke….That is why it is so interesting if they appear together. Personally I feel that they complement each other both on and off screen. …Not just outwardly but also their temperaments….

    • the word should be” media”….

      The latest is KHJ thinks very highly of HHJ after watching her on Dongyi and hope to meet her and work with her soon in a drama. Also PHJ , her former costar wanted to meet up with her again.But there seem to be a media space where LSG and HHJ is together ha…ha

  5. omg hodong will totally die due to over excitement if hhj showed up on strong heart. i’d be worried for his heart, physically!

    i’m not sure if HHJ would be necessarily thrilled about KHJ wanting to act with her. no offense, but hhj’s typically worked with really strong top actors… the only exception may be daniel henny? never watched spring waltz. actually, now that i think about it i haven’t seen any of hhj’s dramas except BL!

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