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Lee Seung Gi rides… Vespa with Jung Yoomi vs. Harley with Moon Chaewon vs. Ducati as Daewoong

Miss the Hwan-Seungmi dynamic.  I hated her in Brilliant Legacy!  But came to really like Moon Chaewon.  Loved seeing them reunite on Strong Heart and at SBS Drama Awards.  Seunggi’s recent BTS photos from Heritory CF made me think of them.  Well, Jung Yoomi (28) has been pretty busy with the younger guys recently!!  Working with Seunggi (25) for Heritory CF, then with Yoochun (26) in drama Rooftop Prince, and Hyunjoong (26) for upcoming drama City Conquest.

Hwan and Seungmi look great on that Harley-Davidson!  I miss Hwan!

I think this is a Vespa… both LSG and JYM give off goofy vibe here!  So different from their serious shot at the top!  Hope this one’s only an outtake!

Another sorta awkward shot.  Hopefully doesn’t make it into the final cut either!

Can’t wait to see the final cut of the upcoming Heritory F/W CF!

How come only Jung Yoomi got to wear her outfit from the print ad below?!  I want to see Seunggi walking around in the upcoming Heritory CF in that awesome outfit below, with newsboy cap, and with that adorable cute dog!!!!

Really miss MGIAG too.  Seunggi’s ride~~~  Daewoong on super sweet Ducati~!!!

Miss the youthful, cute, sweet college student Woong-ah~~~~

Re-watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho episodes, and Hoi Couple Daewoong and Miho were really SO perfectly cute together!!  And gosh, Teacher Sunhee and Seunggi’s drama OST songs were so perfect for the drama.  Appreciate and love everything about MGIAG even more now!  LOLing while re-watching!  I think I lost my mind… la la la…

MGIAG Ep 1, part 1~~  Daewoong riding Ducati @4:55~~ hehe~~~~

(video: cevelyn91)

Images: DCLSG, Naver

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6 Responses

  1. Lol. Definitely know how you feel about rewatching MGIAG!! I recently discovered it on netflix and have been enjoying my Hoi Hoi couple all over again <3 I wish he dressed like Daewoong in real life!! I loved his outfits in that show ^.^

  2. Oooh, MGIAG is on netflix?! cool! I think LSG was totally right when he said in the DVD interview that MGIAG would be a drama that you’ll want to watch again and again! Hoi Couple will be remembered forever! And I forever love Minah for loving our Seunggi so much!

    omg, I totally forgot about Seunggi on his scooter in his cute helmet on 1N2D… i think that’s my fave, actually! and LOL at Hodong and Sugeun riding together! I’m so glad he had those special years of 1n2d. There will never be a group of guys who together give us so much laughs and tears and good feelings like Hodong, Kim C, Sugeun, Jiwon, Mong, Seunggi (and Na PD and crew!) did! or a show like that again…

  3. i love to come here whenever Moon Chae Won’s name is mentioned :) yah i guess i still miss their Hwan-Seungmi character…wish they can collaborate again someday be it in drama or for ad….i was so excited when they reunited again in SBS awards last year and Strong Heart in 2010… thank you for mentioning Moon Chae Won name in here once in a while :)

    • wait wait….i forgot, both SBS Awards and Strong Heart happened in 2010…meaning that it’s been almost 2 years….if not for you LSGfan, there will be no Moon Chae Won name mentioned together with Lee Seunggi…so i thank you again…you made my day today :D

    • Aw, you’re a MCW fan? there’s something about her I really like. (some of that may be b/c the K-netizens have been a bit hard on her; some think she’s snooty. I think she’s honest, and just shy talking in public.) And anyone who’s sweet to Seunggi is good in my book! Plus, I love that she, Seunggi, HHJ all had that amazing Brilliant Legacy experience together!

      I haven’t seen any of her dramas since BL, but glad she’s been doing great. hope she and LSG get to meet up again soon!

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