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Seunggi for AnAn Magazine in Banana Yoshimoto novel

SO totally believable that Seunggi could live in a luxurious, posh place like this!!!
Still can’t believe how cool that famed novelist Banana Yoshimoto has been a hardcore Seunggi fan and chose him to star in her chapter series novel for AnAn Magazine!  Purely fiction of course… but with a tiny bit of reality, I’m sure!

Love the fashion photo spread…. super sophisticated and regal.  But can’t help but to always love the BTS stuffs—->>> Leeseunggi anan Making Movie is SO jjjjjangg!

Guys in suit, white shirt, tie = SO hot!  But white shirt with rolled up sleeves and loosened tie = even more HOT!  But Seunggi in slim-fitted white shirt would’ve been even WAY better!!!  huhu.  But all made up for with this………

Whoa~~~~  love the mirror gaze in stylish bathroom shot!

And Seunggi in white shirt…. in bed between crisp white sheets!  Soooooo lovely!!!

Our sophisticated, hard-working guy is also sensitive and thoughtful…..!!!!

And the stuffs I love~~~~~

Behind the scenes of the AnAn Magazine photoshoot.

Getting all dolled up and pretty.  THIS is how stylish permed hair should look!!!

All suited up in classic black.  THIS would’ve been perfect suit for the Cartier event!

Hehe.  I love this!!!  He’s like just let me be, let’s keep it simple!  *wave wave*

And my fave~~~~  At his natural best with his killer smile!!! *faints*

So nice that it deserves a play by play…………!!!!!

oooohhhhh.  such a luxurious bed.  perfect for LSG.

Aw…………. We can’t help but to heart LSG!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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2 Responses

  1. always love when SeungGi rolled his sleeves as he looks hot, manly, innocent, and relax whole together in one time. and SeungGi on the crisp white linens ahhhh soooo inviting …. sorry girls but my pervy brain just shoot to the sky looking at these pics … he really hot!!!

  2. I love love love the bathroom mirror shot too~
    And of course the making movie!!! <3 <3 <3
    Thank you Banana Yoshimoto and AnAn Magazine~

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