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Lee Seunggi in classic Ferragamo + Cartier for Esquire [ENG]

August 2013.  Love the Esquire online 12-page layout at imagazinekorea.com.  Yay for super-zoom!  So why the Honolulu, Hawaii location shoot…?  Well, it IS a gorgeous vacation spot!  And maybe Seunggi wanted to travel FAR away after Gu Family book filming wrapped…  (He deserves NOT to be on his knees for any of his next roles!!)

I love Cartier, so I was SO ecstatic that he showcased all these gorgeous timepieces and the “Love” jewelry.  Plus, love him in glasses~~!!!  And so handsome in all these classic looks, especially all the Ferragamo!!!  I translated the fashion and accessories specifications.  Since I love this kinda stuff!  Cartier (yes that is a $13,400 timepiece!) and Samsonite chose to also have the cost values be included…

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More intense, chic Seunggi and Samsonite for Esquire

Lee Seunggi’s Esquire photoshoot unpublished cut revealed!!!!
July 25, 2013
English: LSGfan via Samsonite blog: PR Coverage

A few days ago we revealed a few photos from Lee Seunggi’s Esquire photoshoot for the August issue and wow~~ there was such hot interest shown here, that we just had to say, “As expected, that is just like Lee Seunggi-nim.”  You’ve waited a long time, right!!!  As promised, we reveal the unpublished photos right now.  Lee Seunggi’s unpublished photos revealed for the first time here on the Samsonite blog. ★

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Seunggi and Samsonite are chic and sexy for Esquire

Lee Seunggi’s Esquire photoshoot in Hawaii revealed
July 22, 2013
English: LSGfan via Samsonite blog: PR Coverage

Finally, Lee Seunggi’s revealing Esquire photoshoot is revealed here at Samsonite!!!  Recently, after wrapping MBC drama “Gu Family Book,” Lee Seunggi, having departed to Hawaii for a photoshoot for fashion magazine, Esquire, transformed perfectly into a chic guy together with Samsonite.
So, shall we take a look together~?

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