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Seunggi as part man, part mythical creature for 2013 drama

Seunggi said he felt great after meeting with the upcoming drama PD and Writer.  I’m so anticipating this drama!  Show us  Seunggi as part-man, part mythical creature in uber serious, sword-wielding mode, like these AWE-some 1N2D moments!!!

Fan arts always so freaking awesome!  And sadly, often way more effective than the official production promotions stuffs!  I only have two simple demands at this point for the drama~~  1) that Seunggi be styled (and hairstyled!) and filmed like a freaking movie-star throughout the drama! 2) that his character be scripted with deserving characteristics, lines and scenes, worthy of Seunggi’s lead actor star status!

This kinda part man, part mythical creature (kitty cat?!) is cute too!  Hehe.

Image: DCLSG/As labeled

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  1. I’m gonna have a good sleep tonight and ready to take a Spanish quiz tomorrow thanks to that last gif :)

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