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Remembering ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ Hoi Couple – Seunggi and Minah to both make drama comeback on MBC

Has it been THAT long since Hoi Hoi craze?!  It’s all so fresh in my memory.  I knew Hoi Couple would take on different partners, but I’m SO relieved both are returning to dramaland around the SAME time.  Then, they’re both in a “relationship” and not lonely…   Woong and Miho would be so sad and jealous otherwise!  Plus, both will be on the SAME channel (MBC)!  And both with top-notch partners (Ha Jiwon for Seunggi and Lee Junki for Minah).  Thankfully, Hoi Couple won’t compete against each other as King 2 Hearts will air first… at the much anticipated Wed-Thurs drama time slot!

Awesome fanmade MV of the best Hoi Couple – Daewoong & Miho scenes

(video: elyag22)

Seunggi sings ‘I love you from now on’ feat. Minah [HD]

(video: kayzkim)

2010 Hope Concert – Seunggi & Minah interview [HD]
See ENG-subbed at Hoi Couple performance + interview, Hope Concert [ENG]

(video: kayzkim)

So can we anticipate ONE or BOTH of these at the end of the year?

  1. Ha Ji Won guesting at Seunggi’s 2012 Hope Concert?!
  2. Hoi Couple reunion at the 2012 MBC Drama Awards

I nomu nomu can’t wait to see Seunggi return to dramaland… With PD Lee already emphasizing the sensual Kylie Minogue’s ‘2 Hearts’ as the King 2 Hearts tone, I think we’re going to see more intense versus cutesy kiss scenes later on (you know, the kind LSG said he prefers!  Ha.)  Which is good… He’s already done the cutesy with Daewoong, even while My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was sorta high-concept stuff.  Looking forward to more mature relationship, playboy-to-hero in King 2 Hearts!

Anticipate Actor Seunggi’s return as Prince-to-be-King Lee Jae Ha~~!!!

Images: DCLSG/As labeled

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9 Responses

  1. I think I’ve had enough with the cutey kiss too! So fake! And don’t get me started on a recent MV scene of kissing stuffed animals (or whatever that was)! Com’on, SG’s pent up passion needs a proper outlet! Miss Ha looks game. So, let’s have a go!

  2. it sure be a tough fight at the mbc year end drama awards…

    • Lee Junki 김수현 is gaining popular over this year drama… T_T
      i hope seung gi will win this year drama for sure!!
      you can join in MBC many times..
      I get to join in over 30 Ids on MBC site.

      • you are really a true fan of seunggi. fans like you make seunggi the megastar he is today. 30 ids.daebak! keep loving our seunggi.seunggi fighting!king2hearts fighting!

  3. All the current top young IT actors are doing dramas this year… last year was sorta blah comparatively (minus a few standouts). LSG’s like always in competitive situations… in dramas, variety, music, or CFs. like i’m glad he released his album last year at the same as all the top girl groups. it means more when you can succeed in competition vs when not so.

    Kdrama awards are sorta like that. depending on the competition or the stars or dramas on each channel, the SBS, KBS, MBC awards shows can have slim pickings to choose from… like some channels have had less popular dramas or top stars involved, in any given year.

    which is why I loved 2010 SBS Awards. SBS had big dramas that year and top stars. And i’m glad LSG was there, performed, and won along the likes of Daemul – Go Hyun Jung, Kwon Sang Woo, Secret Garden – Hyunbin, Ha Jiwon, Giant drama, and others…

    MBC by far has the hit drama of the year thus far. more pressure on King 2 Hearts, but as long as it’s a high quality drama, i think that’s what LSG is going for as an actor foremost, at this point in his career (of course, and tv ratings too!)

    All the wanted actors in their 20s (and older top stars) are in buzzed about dramas as lead roles on all the channels this year —

    MBC (Seunggi, Soohyun, Lee Junki, Song Seunghyun), SBS (Yoo AhIn, Yoochun, Jang Dong Gun, and maybe Lee Minho), KBS (Jang Geunsuk, Juwon).

    *actually, Seunggi, Soohyun, Ahin, Yoochun, Minho, Geunsuk, Juwon are all like the same age within like 12 months or less. Crazy! Can’t imagine them all leaving for military… huhuhu!

    It’s going to be a great year for Kdramas!

    ps- is it just me, but does the pool of good actresses in their 20s seem really small?! and they don’t even go to military. guess that’s why we have so many noona-dongseng pairings!!!

  4. it’s so sweet!

  5. Oh my … i have mixed feeling reading this.
    One thing for sure, I wishing them ALL THE BEST LUCK ~♥~
    Hoi-Hoi …

  6. I soo miss hoi hoi couple!!! huhuhu.. hope God hears my prayer that they’ll work together in a CF!! :)

  7. OMGGGGG!!! what do u mean by this ” they’re both in a “relationship” and not lonely…” ???!

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