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Brilliant Legacy, SBS 20th Anniversary special [ENG]

Video ~ Seunggi’s commentary + related BL cuts [ENG]

(credit: rapport2010)

Video ~ Introducing Lee Seung Gi as Sun Woo Hwan
Best fanmade Seunggi – Sun Woo Hwan MV ever, re-uploaded!
Thanks Rapport for uploading these last videos for me!  We’ll all miss you lots!

(credit: Rapport2010; DCbrilliantlegacy)

Seunggi hosted the Brilliant Legacy 1-hour special on Wednesday as part of the SBS 20th Anniversary celebration of the top 20 dramas chosen by tv viewers. This drama will be a classic for years to come! I’m so happy for everyone involved.  And all the actors and the PD continue to be SO successful…

It’s pretty amazing how Seunggi and Hyojoo and the others continue to be so popular and loved more than a year after the drama has wrapped; again, pretty rare in fickle Korean entertainment industry!

Comments from the other actors (not in the above clip)…

Han Hyo Joo: Having played the role of Eunsung in Brilliant Legacy, I’m Han Hyo Joo. For me, this is also the #1 drama that I would want to see again. First of all, we had a great time filming. And everyone involved was really great- the director, the writers, actors, staff. Because everything was so wonderful and not one single thing was missing, it was a very happy filming.

Bae Soo Bin: There were many popular dramas, so to be included in this top 10 and to personally participate in such a drama is very much an honor. I didn’t think viewers would love the drama this much, but as the ratings continued to rise past the 30% mark, I started to think that I must be involved in a special project.

Yoo Ji In: If we didn’t have the viewers’ love, we wouldn’t be here now. I hope other dramas like that of Brilliant Legacy will come out and receive a lot of love from you again.

English translation: LSGfan

By the way, what is BSB wearing?! He’s always in some very avant garde outfit! Looks like they were all interviewed separately. We need a Brilliant Legacy reunion!

And I’m SO missing Hwan’s look, both hair wise and fashion wise! Like, really! Would it be a total crime for Seunggi’s cody to style him like Hwan just once in a while?! Maybe it’s because I first got to know Seunggi through Brilliant Legacy, but despite fans liking his current haircut (that unfortunately, I still can’t seem to get over!), I feel like fans are just pleading with his Cody to outfit him more stylishly.

But Hook seems to only listen to the comments of the older ajumma fans, whom I love dearly, but seem to see Seunggi more like their son and think everything he wears and how he is styled is JUST perfect all the time. OMG, please. Hope seeing Seunggi as Hwan in this Brilliant Legacy special makes Hook rethink some of their upcoming style choices!

Screencap spam from the BL special

(credit: screencaps~ Nani’s blog)

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10 Responses

  1. Dear Ann,

    When I saw the raw cut, and SG’s drab sweater, I thought oh no, Ann is going to have a fit. And you did not disappoint me!

    Love Hwan’s everything…his initial spoilt brat (the clothes were esp. fine), his brooding, his sneaking peeks at ES, his gradual revealing of a golden heart…

    Also I never get tired of watching Hwan and ES fight. Their lines are one of the best ever written. So fitting and revealing. And the two played it like a perfectly matched tango.

  2. LOL on Would it be such a crime for Hook to dress SG like hwan!

    don’t think it’s happening any time soon Ann. hope it doesn’t make you go crazy! ke ke ke ke ke.

    love SG as Hwan so much. miss him.

  3. Ditto to a BL reunion Ann!!
    and whoa..BSB looks like he got in a fight with a meringue pie and lost lolols..

  4. Ann Thank you for “a big cyber Airen hug!” ^^

  5. Ann thanks for everything about Brilliant Legacy…..I still Love Seung gi and Hyo joo

  6. *CYBER HUG FOR rapport2010 for subbing and Ann for translating*

    *small aside* sorry Ann, thanks for deleting the 1st part of my previous post – got a little annoyed and carried away. Won’t happen again.

    • please make sure you comment like that again and again. I love your comments! the only reason i deleted part of it was b/c i was deleting the other person’s comment altogether. :)

      I just can’t help but to love BL even more. Loved it from the start but seeing it again now, you just realize what an amazing drama it was. and so happy that all the actors are still enjoying success! HHJ and LSG were really great together.

      now i’m on the fence about HwanSung or Hoi Couple! i’m sort of annoyed that Hook did not promote Seunggi and MGIG after the drama wrapped. like, hello, every other freaking actor/actress did a follow up interview after their dramas except seunggi. Hook’s concept of PR still amazes me.

      • XDD Oh you’ll be reading lots of random comments from me depending on how tired i am or how much caffeine i’ve had LOLS.

        Seeing this special definitely makes me want to go re-watch BL. I really hope you do get the dvd set Ann- its SO worth it!!

        I love HwanSung for their bickering and I love Hoi Couple for their dimpled cuteness! I can’t choose aha..I’m also surprised that there wasn’t an interview from Seung Gi…Rep Kwon really needs to get her PR act together!! You know what else I’d love? A special like BL’s YSMM BL cast special..now for MGIAG? THAT would be awesomeness in a can.

  7. omg thank you so much for posting the Hwan video! I really miss seunggi and hyojoo together! I hope they do another drama together!

  8. One drama I can watch a million times and will not get tired of it. It is so easy to connect to the story line, it everyday happening. The characters are so alive everywhere. My liking for Han and Seungi comes from BL. The grandmother, Enuwoo the autistic, he was convincing with that role, the Bad step mother and step sister, Enusung’s loyal friend and backstabbers, Bae soo bin’s nice guy character. Everything about that drama and the choice of the actors was simply awesome. I wont forget the hilarious two – mother and daughter-Hwan’s mother and sister. There should be a sequel. BL is a pleasure to watch, no pressure, no anxiety. The writer of the script deserves an award. I recommend it for all parents and children too. So much to learn about life and child upbringing.

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